Is Flaxseed Oil Dangerous?

Ian Clark, Founder of Activation Products on June 2, 2016

Ian Clark


“My lipid chemist tells me that most Flax Seed Oil goes rancid within 5 minutes of being pressed, and is like cancer in a can because of the rancidity factor.”

~ Susun Weed, Renowned Herbal Specialist

Some call it one of the most powerful foods on the planet.

Flaxseed, in its whole organic form, possesses incredible nutritional qualities. Some unknown in ANY other food source. Unfortunately, flax oil can also sometimes pose a risk to your health.

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Poison Disguised as a Cure.

It starts with how it’s made. The three main approaches to commercial flaxseed oil pressing result in various undesirable outcomes.

Harmful pesticide residues, damaging high-pressure and high-heat processing destroy all of the nutrition contained within the seeds.

Plus, they all lead to ONE toxic feature: rancidity.

All of the most common pressing techniques produce rancid oils to varying degrees.

This presents a serious problem, considering that rancidity not only inhibits your digestion of the oils, but rancidity may actually be very harmful indeed. Studies have shown that rancid oils can actually be lethal to rats.

4 disturbing facts about common flaxseed oils:

  • most flaxseed oils are heat- or friction-damaged (even those that are “cold-pressed”)
  • most flaxseed oils begin to go rancid within a few minutes, reaching as much as 70% rancidity by the time they reach the customer
  • most flaxseed oils are devoid of absorbable nutrients
  • most flaxseed oils contain harmful pesticides

Degenerative diseases can be caused by rancid oils, brought about by the destruction of vitamins E, F and A, both in the oil itself and in the body. There are natural antioxidants present in the whole, unpressed seeds that protect the oils from rancidity, but when you refine or otherwise damage these antioxidants, their protective qualities are lost and the oil begins to oxidize. Oxidation is what causes rancidity.

Sadly, most flaxseed oils become rancid as soon as the bottle is opened, if not before. As a result, most flaxseed oils are mostly, if not completely devoid of nutrition, and can even be flat-out harmful.

The amazing thing is that studies have found that consuming fresh, pure flax oil that is not rancid has the opposite effect, actually addressing the very issues that rancid oils cause.

Omega-3-Rich Flax: Nutritional Lifeline

Known for their unparalleled omega-3 fatty acid content, whole flaxseeds contribute to the health of your heart, skin, joints and cell membranes, and are excellent energy generators.

Flaxseeds are an incredible, natural and vegetarian source of omega 3 fatty acids, which are required for the health of almost all bodily systems. Also high in omega-6 and 9 essential fatty acids, B vitamins and minerals, flax is packed with nutrition. Most omega-3s sources come from fish and shellfish, so for vegetarians flax (and the lesser-known marine phytoplankton) is especially valuable since omega-3s are necessary for good health and cannot be made in the body.

Flax Oil Can Protect You from Serious Threats

Clinical studies suggest that flax oil may also be helpful when addressing a wide variety of health concerns. It’s an important component of the popular Budwig cure, is useful for treating menopausal symptoms and assists with a wide variety of other ailments affecting your heart, your digestion and more.

To learn more about the benefits of fresh, pure flax oil, check out our Top 10 Benefits of Flax post.

So how do you know whether your flax oil is going to protect your health or hurt it?


How to Tell if Your Oil is Rancid:

Ask yourself 2 questions:

  1. Was it refrigerated in the store? A fresh, rancidity-free flax oil never needs to be refrigerated before the bottle is opened.
  2. Did you smell and taste the oil before use? If it smells like varnish or leaves a scratchy sensation in the back of your throat, it is likely rancid. A.J Andrews, writer for SFGate.com, indicates other ways to identify rancidity by smell: “Rancid flaxseed oil has a burnt and bitter odor most people generally describe as ‘off’. ‘Cooked’ also describes the odor of rancid flaxseed oil, a smell similar to that of used frying oil.

Here’s what it takes to press pure flax oil without rancidity:

  1. Organic, high-quality flaxseeds. This guarantees zero pesticides.
  2. A proprietary pressing technology known as Perfect Press™. This is the ONLY tested & verified pressing technology that guarantees zero rancidity because it doesn’t damage the protective antioxidants contained in the seeds.
  3. Upon pressing, the oil is immediately sealed and stored in a UV-light protective container.  Light destroys nutrient properties and damages the structure of the oil. Oxygen also damages the oil, making a tight seal very important.

The Only Zero-Rancidity Flax Oil in the World

Although some companies do source high-quality seeds, numbers 2 and 3 above can only be found in ONE Flax Oil.


So deciding where to get your flax oil is easy…

Activation Products uses Perfect Press Technology™ to make pure, never-rancid, completely-intact flax oil.

Instantly sealed in a light-protective Miron glass bottle, our premium, one-of-a-kind Panaseeda Flax Oil has an unparalleled 3-year shelf-life.


PLEASE don’t put any other flaxseed oils into your body! Capitalize on the amazing benefits that flax has to offer by enjoying Panaseeda Flax Seed Oil.





40 thoughts on “Is Flaxseed Oil Dangerous?

  1. Melody Maze

    I would like to try your flax seed

  2. Mildred Kanning

    Are you sure of this? I have been buying Barlean’s Fresh Flax Oil (always refrigerated, packaged in dark glass bottles)having read that this is the “one” that is dependably fresh and pure. Are you implying that this is not true of Barlean’s?
    Is the Panseeda flax oil certified to be shelf-stable with no rancidity? I need to know in order to protect my family’s health.

    • Mildred Kanning

      I have posted my comment, and it comes up with the notation “Your comment is awaiting moderation. What kind of moderation?

      • Hi Mildred – the only reason for moderation is all the spam that blogs are subjected to. All legitimate posts are replied to and posted publicly.
        Thank-you for your concerns.

    • Hi Mildred,
      Please read some of the other replies to further clarify and answer your extremely valid question. Barlean’s oils are processed using the standard methods and their products require refrigeration to slow down the rancidity especially once you open their bottle. Manufacturers do everything possible to keep the oil from oxidizing but it is impossible once the oils are damaged from the mechanical grinding that takes place in the standard cold expeller press method. They even try to produce the oil in an oxygen starved environment and put nitrogen in the top of the bottle and also state that the product MUST be refrigerated.

      • Angela

        I don’t feel that you answered Mildred’s question – you touched on it and then mostly promoted yourself. Please answer with facts as to the type of Flaxoil that she asks about. Is the brand she mentioned safe within their conditions.

  3. Karin Wollis

    Hi Ian, I was wondering why you recommend that the other store bought flax seed oils may be rancid even if refrigerated. How is it possible to not refrigerate your oil after opening the sealed bottle and expect it to not get rancid? What about in the summer heat? Most homes are average temperatures but in Canada we heat our homes in the winter, so keeping the oil in the fridge keeps it cool but not frozen? Wouldn’t this be preferable?

    I have also just ordered some of your black cumin seed oil and am wondering why I should not keep it in the fridge after opening? Please explain thanks.


    • Manufacturers do everything possible to keep the oil from oxidizing but it is impossible once the oils are damaged from the mechanical grinding that takes place in the standard cold expeller press method. They produce in an oxygen starved environment and put nitrogen in the top of the bottle and also state that the product MUST be refrigerated. All these things are completely unnecessary when the oil is produced properly. There is no need for nitrogen in our products and the oil does not need to be refrigerated at any time. This is the entire issue with seed oils you find in the store. Who knows how long they have been sitting there and what the level of rancidity is? Other oils have to be refrigerated to slow down the spoiling. We simply don’t want any spoiling at all and we deliver truly raw, unadulterated, undamaged, pure organic life giving oils. We ask people to keep them out of direct sunlight as the black bottles attract heat in the summer time and direct sunlight will cause the bottle to heat up too much. Otherwise, hot summer days do nothing to harm the oils when they are on the counter out of direct sunlight.

  4. Olemara Peters

    Hello Ian,
    Thank you for this info about % rancidity. I’m still looking forward to knowing also — about each of the Panaseeda oils — the % of Omega 3’s, Omega 6’s, and Omega 9’s. I’ve been asking repeatedly for months…
    Olemara Peters

  5. martialjean fritz

    Please explain I have been taken omega =3 for the longest .Do you think That I have been poissenned Is the one you advertised is 100% a oked
    Please reply

    • Any rancid oils consumed are poison to the body and cause all kinds of unnecessary inflammation and protein binding issues in the brain.
      The main concern with Essential Fatty Acid products is they are damaged in process – especially when they are put through standard cold expeller pressing. This produces adulterated oils that have been damaged at the molecular level. This damaging process causes the molecules to be swollen/broken exposing them to the air and they quickly oxidize. Manufacturers do everything possible to keep the oil from oxidizing but it is impossible once the oils are damaged from the mechanical grinding that takes place in the standard cold expeller press method. They produce in an oxygen starved environment and put nitrogen in the top of the bottle and also state that the product MUST be refrigerated. All these things are completely unnecessary when the oil is produced properly. There is no need for nitrogen and the oil does not need to be refrigerated before opening.

  6. Pat

    Just thought I would let you know why I wanted to purchase from you and again .
    The reason is the product I bought called Black Cumin Oil and I don’t know how or why but – it is making me better but I am talking a lot of other things but the day or two I took I noticed some changes . My health problems are long and deep as is the road of recovery or 3r’s repair restore renew . I wouldn’t say anything but the damn stuff is actually doing something , and when I compare it to the myriad of other things that I thought were doing great things . Now that I look – the black cumin is about 3 to 5 times better at doing something . I will let you know if it was just a fleeting moment .
    anyway thanks and maybe all the other things over time loosed up whatever ailed me for a knock out punch .
    quality of product is very important

    • Hi Pat,
      I am very glad to hear you are getting fast results. This is exactly what happens with everyone who takes the Black Cumin consistently. What is very interesting about this product is that you can consume as much as you like. Of course, you want to start with moderation and build up but you can never overdose on this Black Cumin. All other black cumin oils on the market are pressed with old technology and causes the seeds to release the essential oils which are toxic. Our press tech produces 0% of the essential oils and only delivers the raw black cumin oil in it’s original form. This is very exciting to us because people can have much faster results and can even up the dose as high as they are comfortable with. I have personally consumed an entire bottle in one day. It made me go into a very deep healing sleep for 5 hours that afternoon and I felt incredibly good after that. I am NOT encouraging anyone to drink an entire bottle in one day, I just wanted to try it out for myself and it was really amazing to experience that first hand. Each of our oils that are pressed in the same manner all have different health attributes in the body over a long term. The Black Cumin is very powerful at going after mold/fungus issues that are primarily the root cause of most acute and chronic health issues. All the best to you as your body rejuvenates!

  7. Linda

    I saw an article about how Panaseeda was a great thing. This man was all but dead in the hopital, until someone brought Panaseeda to him and he got well and just up and walked out of the hospital. Well and healthly suddenly. So I ordered a bottle when it came and I opened the package the bottle was red hot and so was the oil, and no seal on the bottle lid. I called the people I ordered from and told the them the problems. I ask why it was so hot and not sealed. No explaination about the heat,but she made it clear they don’t seal their bottles. Remember when all bottles and packages were ordered to be sealed since the Tynenol (acetaminophen) killings, by someone they have never found, all they had to do in the store open and add the poisons. Please seal the bottles and do some about the heat. No it was not summer time.

    • Hi Linda,
      Sometimes, (rarely) the packages of oil delivered are put in a mailbox in direct sunlight and the product could heat up. To say they are red hot – I am sure they must have been pretty hot to give them that description. I have accidentally left the oil out in direct sunlight and the Miron Glass definitely attracts the heat from the sun. I was still able to use the oil as per normal and I am sorry you had this experience. It also sounds like the clients service personnel was not familiar enough to explain the seals. All of our Oils are carefully safety sealed to ensure purity. It is the black adhesive tab that goes between the cap and the bottle. When you twist the cap off, the small safety seal tears off so you know it is the first time the product has been opened. Any unsealed products you can return for either a refund or replacement. Give our client services a call about this and let me know if you have any further service issues.
      Thank-you for your patience.
      All the best to your health! Ian

  8. Rose

    Hi Ian, I hear what you are saying and if this is fact true about flaxseed oil and other omega3 oils becoming rancid, then the same would apply to your product. So I would then like to suggest that you consider producing and storing and selling your oils in smaller one-dosage type bottles/vials that are recyclable for easy and quick consumption and thereby avoiding chances of rancidity and spoilage. what say u.

    • Hi Rose,
      The whole point of our oils is that they are produced in a way that prevents damaging the molecules and therefore avoids oxidation/rancidity. The oil is completely stable at room temperature and the lids can be removed to dispense and the lids replaced with no issue of spoilage at room temperature.
      We have no need to package in mono dose packaging. The Miron Glass is the highest quality available internationally and we have gone to great lengths to put all of these crucial attributes together with the PanaSeeda oils.
      Thank-you for your suggestions and inquiry.

  9. Brian

    How much Panaseeda will a 180 lb man need to take to completely purge all of the bad oils and swap with good? What is the maintenance dose?

    • You are looking at 1 tablespoon twice a day for 90 days. Maintenance dose is 1 to 3 teaspoons per day.

  10. Ann

    I am concerned about ordering in Arizona where the ambient temp can be 120F and enclosed (i.e. shipping vehicles, mailboxes)can well exceed these temperatures? How long has the product sat in the truck/ super hot enviroment? and will it be good when it arrives? please reply to my email as well as posting on your site.

  11. amy

    What is INSTANT PRESS? Can you explain exactly HOW the seeds are pressed/processed vs. cold pressed?

    • Activation Products - Support Team

      We’re not releasing specific information about the press technology at this time, it is proprietary information. We will say that we do not use heat, hydraulics or mechanic means to press the seeds, the method we use does not damage the oils in any way.

  12. Helen E

    Hi Ian. Thanks for all the info. I wonder if you could please direct me to all the studies, scientific or otherwise, that have obviously been done on your product, in particular Panaseeda and Black Cumin. To date all I have seen is just word of mouth. I am assuming there has been some very thorough research done for you to be able to make the claims you do. Because I take my and my family’s health very seriously, I would like to see more evidence before I purchase please. Many thanks,

    • Activation Products - Support Team

      Currently we are looking at linking studies that have been done on the seed oils, on marine phytoplankton and on magnesium to our sales pages etc, however at this time you can find a multitude of information if you type ‘benefits of” and the product in question into PubMed or WebMD.

  13. Hello. I just ordered a botle of panaseeda just a couple days ago. I am waiting on the delivery. But in the mean time I checked back to look at something and then I saw this blog. I’m a little bit cofused though about what is the special on the flax oil as it says above. I have been lookig at allt he panaseeda oils for over the past month and the prices have not changed. Both the white and black sesame, and the flax oils are all marked at the same price of $29. If the flax oil was on special, I would imagine you would be knocking at least 25% of or something, right?

    Anyways also, as I see that Ian appears to be responding to most of these posts, I am wondering if you got my emails to you asking about whether you would consider reasearching the cultivation of Deinococcus Radiodurans for the possible radioprotective effects that could transfer to humans who consume it in quantity. Please check your email.

    Even after ordering my first bottle of panaseeda I must admit I still have a healthy degree of skepticism. I still want to really understand how this INSTANT PRESS® Technology is different from everything else. How can there really be zero damage to the oil molecules? You say it doesnt use heat, so does it use something like high frequency sound or vibration to release the oils instead? I just wish you would go into a little more depth of exlanation on that.

    Thank you.

    • Activation Products - Support Team

      Nichalus – the Flax, White Sesame and Black Sesame oils are now on sale for 50% off, when they are gone that’s it, we will no longer be pressing these oils.

      I have asked that Ian look for the email you refer to about your research request, he will get back to you via email when he has time to consider this.

      We are not making the press technology public at this time, it is proprietary information that the company is not prepared to divulge. I can tell you that we do not use heat, ultrasound, hydraulic or mechanical methods to press the seed oils but that they remain 100% undamaged. Skepticism is understandable under the circumstances, however you are welcome to have the oils tested, you will find that our claims concerning damage will hold up.

  14. Tatiana

    I press my own with a juicer attachment. Do you think the quality is still rancid?

    • Activation Products - Support Team

      Tatiana: no the seed oil would not be rancid if you press it yourself – the oils would be damaged, but it would still be beneficial for you to consume the oils when pressed with your juicer. Having said that, since the oils are damaged and are not stored the same way ours are packaged, it would be important to consume the oils quickly because they will start to go rancid very quickly and would be completely rancid within a day and a half.

  15. Ted Bissell

    Ian, great work all around. Thanks. I just listened to your interview on Ben Greenfield’s Podcast. The Marine Plankton process is super!!
    One small question from the above forum: What is the temperature at which your Flax Oil and your Cumin Oil do become Damaged or Rancid i.e. we should throw it out?

    • Activation Products - Support Team

      Thank you Ted!
      A specific temperature for the oils has not been defined, however there are simple guidelines I can offer you for storage: The Flax and Cumin oils do not need to be refrigerated before opening and should not be heated like food and not left in direct sunlight. The nutritional properties of the oils could be damaged in extreme heat but having them on a shelf in your cupboard is not a risk.

  16. Barbara Hall

    I wrote emails with questions but no response to either one so I will attempt here since finding this blog. Seems it is monitored for response instead of email. After applying Magnesium spray I itch, so apparently I am having some sort of reaction. Any suggestions. I wrote inquiring about returning the ones not opened, but no response. Thank you.

    • Activation Products - Support Team

      I apologize for the lack of response you received via email – that is very strange because our client loyalty team is usually very quick to answer emails etc. We have just hired a full team, so if you have questions or concerns going forward you should find that you get a fast response from them if you email them at support@activationproducts.com.
      Regarding the Magnesium Spray – itchiness is normal for the first minute or so while the magnesium is absorbing into your system (usually takes about 90 seconds). If the itchiness continues past that I would recommend washing off the excess magnesium 5 minutes after your initial application as your body has already absorbed what it needs. I did take your question directly to Ian Clark and he said that some people have dry skin which can sometimes be caused by bacterias which the magnesium will kill. When it kills the magnesium this can cause itchiness. Lastly, he suggests that you not massage the magnesium into your skin too much because that can cause irritation. If you spray it into your hand and then wipe it on it should absorb within 90 seconds.
      You can certainly return the bottles if you find you are not feeling a difference – we stand behind the products and offer a 60 day money back guarantee. You can find more information about the returns policy here:http://www.activationproducts.com/shipping-returns-policy/
      If you have any other questions or concerns please let us know!

  17. Sandra Zurawski

    Hi Ian,
    I have never purchased flaxseed that is in an oil form. I purchase Flax USA which is in a 3 lb resealable bag and ground by using the cold-millig process. Ingredients include organic whole milled golden flaxseed. Flax USA uses a unique cold-milled process which grinds the seed without significantly rasing the temperature. According to the company, this method preseves the nutrients, flavor and extends the shelf life to 22 months. Let me know your comments. Thanks.

    • Activation Products - Support Team

      Sandra – thanks for asking! I don’t know the company or the specifics of their pressing process, but I can tell you that generally the concern with most presses is that the process will damage the seeds either by heating or grinding them and can therefore cause oxidation and rancidity. Without knowing the specifics though, we’re unable to comment on the quality of the product you refer to. You should be able to get more detail from the company – if you check the packaging there is probably a customer service number or email listed that allows you to reach out to them and find out. I hope this helps! 🙂

  18. Graeme

    I am using a flax oil that is in a black plastic bottle, was stored in the refrigerator in the store, and it tastes fine. Wouldn’t I be able to taste it if it was a rancid oil?

  19. Gilbert Romero

    Hi Ian. Along with the Flax seed oil, I am putting a tablespoon of MCT oil in my coffee. Is this too much oil?i drink 3 cups a day with the oil.