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Organic Food Supplements – Begin with Nature’s Top Nutrient

Ian Clark, Founder of Activation Products on April 9, 2013 0 Comments

Ian Clark

Organic Food SupplementsOrganic food supplements are crucial in today’s nutrient-starved Western world. Wait — did I just say that? Did I just say that people are nutrient-starved in the relatively well-off countries of the world? Yes.

When you go to the grocery store, where does most of the produce come from? Where are the ingredients in pre-made foods grown and harvested? What regulations (or lack thereof) are applied to food companies and farmers of the countries they originate in?

Practically no one can answer these questions for everything we buy, and certainly not your average citizen.

Some companies perform heavy genetic modification on their crops that make them look beautiful but perform horribly nutrition-wise. That’s why organic food supplements are so important to you and me: the common, everyday person who wants to live a healthy life without growing our own food full-time.

The nutrients contained in Oceans Alive should be a part of all of our diets – marine phytoplankton is such an essential part of the world’s ecosystem that we couldn’t live without it! With such a high level of importance attached to something so small by marine biologists the world over, it’s incredible what this nature’s top nutrient can do for your body!

For starters, marine phytoplankton can stimulate your body to create trillions of new cells, help you feel stronger and more energetic, and help you get more restful sleep at night (just for starters!). The beautiful part is that this isn’t some silly super-pill made in a lab that comes with side effects that are just as bad as the problem they were created to treat – it’s completely natural.

Organic food supplements like Ocean Alive don’t have all of the harmful substances you would find in chemically treated foods – just pure, fresh-harvested and stabilized marine phytoplankton. I challenge you to find another vendor that provides fresher, more nutrient-rich plankton anywhere in the entire world – you won’t be able to because we’re the only ones who have mastered this process!

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