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Panaseeda Oil: One-of-a-Kind Blend for Health

Ian Clark, Founder of Activation Products on May 16, 2013

Ian Clark

Panaseeda OilIt seems like every week a new health oil hits the market, each one supposedly trumping the health benefits of the last. By the time you get to the health food store, your mind might be swimming in an effort to keep up with which oil is supposed to be the best. Wouldn’t you just love knowing that the oil you take contains all of the beneficial qualities you need for superior wellness and health? With PanaSeeda oil blend, you can!

Many people consume either omega 3 or omega 6 fatty acids, not realizing that it is more beneficial to consume both of these polyunsaturated fatty acids in combination with other nutrients. PanaSeeda oil contains a blend of five different oils known to promote amazing health and wellness. These oils include:

  • Sunflower: Contains omega 6 fatty acids and is also high in vitamin E, which can help keep those arteries clear and strong.
  • Flax: Contains both omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. According to the University of Maryland, flax can help promote heart health and protect the body against certain types of cancer.
  • Black sesame: Commonly used in Chinese medicine to help help ward off symptoms of aging. Who wouldn’t want to have less gray hair and wrinkles?
  • Coriander: Also known as cilantro and often used in Ayruvedic medicine, coriander can help soothe and calm any inflammation you have in your body and may also help lower your cholesterol.
  • Pumpkin seed juice: High in zinc and vitamin C, which can give your immune system a powerful boost and help you feel more energized throughout the day.

Don’t waste any more of your money filling your cabinets with bottle after bottle of the latest fad oil. PanaSeeda oil blend contains the five oils known throughout history to provide superior health and wellness. That is why the PanaSeeda Five Oil Blend is a one-of-a-kind superfood that should be taken daily to maintain your health and to help you feel more youthful and vibrant than you ever thought possible.

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