Marine Phytoplankton: The Mother of All Superfoods

Marine phytoplankton is a microalgae found in oceans across the world. It’s also incredibly nutritious.

All marine wildlife depend on phytoplankton in some way. The phytoplankton feed the zooplankton and krill, which then feeds the fish and even the largest animal on Earth, the Blue Whale. 

But what can this superfood do for you?

How many of us resort to caffeine to wake up in the morning? The US government estimates that 80% of American adults caffeinate daily. Why is that? We need more and better sleep, for sure. But you’re probably also missing vital nutrients—fats, vitamins, and minerals. 

Even if you eat your fair share of fruits and veggies, you can still be short on the stuff you need to function at your best.

For one thing, modern, industrially-grown foods are severely lacking in nutrients; even fresh-from-the-ground foods don’t have as much nutritional value as they did years ago. We’ve over-farmed, we’ve used pesticides, we’ve forgotten about crop rotation and good farming practices. And now we’re living the consequences. 

Phytoplankton can fill in many of the gaps in your nutritional profile and restore optimal health.


What can Phytoplankton Do for Me?

You’ll feel the benefits of phytoplankton from one dose. But there are a bunch of long-term advantages too. 

That benefits list is a long one, but here are our top 10:

1. It’s better than an apple for keeping the doctor away:

Marine phytoplankton supports your immune system so that it can protect you from everything from the common cold to serious diseases and conditions. It’s not a cure-all, but it can give your system the boost that it needs to actively fight off illness. Kevin Gianni writes in Renegade Health that: “Those taking marine phytoplankton had higher measurements of CD3 in their blood—an indicator of T-lymphocytes, which are immune cells responsible for the elimination of viruses and bacteria from organic tissues—than those that didn’t take phytoplankton.

Is the taste of marine phytoplankton weakening your resolve to take it every morning? We created a handy checklist to remind you why it’s worth it! Click the button below to get your free copy.

2. It supports your natural detox system:

Phytoplankton is loaded with goodness, and we all know that the better the quality of the nutrition we put into our bodies, the better the results.

We hope your diet already includes lots of water, fresh fruit and veggies. But adding marine phytoplankton to our diets can support the internal organs that flush toxins from our systems. Your liver in particular will thank you for adding marine phytoplankton to your regular rotation.

Marine phytoplankton is also tiny—five times smaller than a red blood vessel. Your body absorbs it easily, and can put it straight to work.

Wellness Mama writes that: “Phytoplankton can be absorbed on a cellular level, so the body doesn’t have to rely on the digestive system or liver for processing. This not only helps the body obtain necessary nutrients when liver function is impaired, but can help restore liver health without taxing the body’s detoxification pathways.”

3. It supports your heart:

Marine phytoplankton can do wonders for your heart. How? well it’s got high levels of antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids. It can support healthy blood pressure levels and reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease.

Want to learn more about omega fatty acids and what they can do for your health? Check out our recent post. Marine phytoplankton has more omega-3s than fish or krill oil by weight and is vegetarian to boot.

4. It’s brain food:

Consuming phytoplankton can improve your mental clarity and focus, improve your mood and calm your nerves.

Healthy Eating, a blog dedicated to the benefits of eating raw and natural foods, maintains that it “aids in improving mental health by keeping at bay diseases such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Parkinson’s disease and dementia. Phenylalanine in Phytoplankton also boosts mental alertness through the activity of nucleic acids. These acids improve memory. It also contains a compound known as Proline which enhances learning.”

Phytoplankton offers hope to those who feel overwhelmed or anxious and to many parents hoping to see positive developmental results in their children.  It’s a ‘no-brainer’ for those who have a lot on the go and need to stay sharp.

5. It energizes you:

As I’ve already said, phytoplankton helps to fill in the gaps in your diet, which gives you more energy right off the bat.

On top of that, phytoplankton has even more to offer in terms of energy boosts, as the writers at Superfoods for Superhealth have noted: “marine microalgae is abundant in compounds referred to as nucleotides, cellular energy units that act as “biological batteries” that recharge the cells. Because its small size particles are readily assimilated upon intake, rather than having to go through the process of digestion, these nucleotides go directly into the cells for a quick energy uplift.”


6. It’s great for your eyes:

Phytoplankton contains beta-carotene, which helps to protect your corneas, and it has been found to be even more effective than lutein for improving vision.

7. It helps control symptoms of hypothyroidism:

Those suffering from hypothyroidism have troubles with sleep, weight loss, aches and pains and many other uncomfortable symptoms.

According to the writers at Find Home Remedies, marine phytoplankton can help with that. “This is mainly because; the nutrients and electrolytes contained in the phytoplankton help you to control your metabolic rate thereby reducing the effects of thyroid.” Even if hypothyroidism isn’t an issue for you, most of us can benefit from the balancing effects on the metabolism.

8. It promotes blood sugar balance:

Phytoplankton’s chromium content regulates blood sugar and helps insulin move glucose (sugar) so that it can be burned as energy. It can also assist with weight loss because it helps your body to metabolize carbs, fats and sugar.

This is obviously an important benefit for many people, but especially for those with blood sugar issues like diabetes.

9. It eases asthma symptoms:

Marine phytoplankton is responsible for producing more than half of the oxygen that sustains life on Earth, making it essential for all human and animal life.

That’s not the only way it can benefit your breathing, though. As a supplement, it can support your respiratory health. Preliminary research suggests that it can alleviate asthma symptoms and cleanse the airways.

If you are focused on getting healthy, if you want to improve your quality of life, adding phytoplankton to your diet is the smart way to get started.


At Activation Products, we’re concerned about the health of our oceans. The marine phytoplankton in Oceans Alive is grown in a sealed photobioreactor, and this keeps it pure and free of the contamination that plagues our marine ecosystems.

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