Black Cumin: The Ancient Weight Loss Seed Celebrated by Cultures Around the World

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The internet is rife with articles and blog posts hyping the benefits of countless weight-loss remedies.

Anyone who is looking to lose weight safely, quickly and without the use of over-the-counter pills that might have negative effects on the body will be happy to learn that black cumin can help.

Black cumin is an ancient seed, prized by many cultures and religions for over 3,000 years. In the Islamic tradition, the Prophet Muhammad referred to black cumin as a seed that provided healing for every disease except death.

Black cumin is mentioned in the Bible too. In the Book of Isaiah, Isaiah refers to cumin as a precious spice, to be harvested differently than other grains.

The valuable healing properties of black cumin may have given it special status, which is why it was to be handled with more care.

The 1924 Assyrian Herbal Book by Reginald Campbell is full of detailed descriptions of powerful plant-based drugs used in that culture, including black cumin. Black cumin seeds were recommended as a remedy for all kinds of issues, from skin disorders to digestive challenges.

One Teaspoon of Black Cumin Seed Per Day Can Help You Lose Body Fat!

It didn’t take long for people to realize that it could be used for weight control. In recent years, researchers have learned more about the relationship between cumin and fat burning.

In a 2014 study of 88 overweight women at the Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences in Iran, researchers learned about the effects of cumin powder on weight loss.

The women were divided into two groups and studied over the course of three months. Both groups received the same nutritional counseling.

As part of their dietary changes for the study, the women were required to decrease their daily food intake by 500 calories and they ate yogurt at two meals each day.

The experimental group ate the yogurt mixed with 3g of cumin powder and the control group ate the yogurt without any cumin.

At the end of the study, the women in the experimental group had lost more weight, decreased their body fat percentages by nearly three times the amount lost by the control group and had lowered their bad cholesterol levels by ten points versus just half a point on average in the control group.

The only difference in the eating habits of the two groups was the fact that one group was consuming cumin powder on a daily basis while the other group was not.

So How Does Black Cumin Work Anyway?

Black cumin seeds contain high levels of phytosterols. Phytosterols are plant fats that resemble animal fat cholesterol. When ingested, phytosterols limit how much cholesterol is absorbed by the body.

Black cumin has also been proven to balance blood sugar levels. It does this by increasing how sensitive cells are to both insulin and glucose, thus ensuring that your body responds well to them.

Anyone who is diabetic is aware that low insulin levels create cravings for carbs and sweets and high insulin levels can cause nausea, extreme thirst and fatigue.

In addition to phytosterols, black cumin also contains CLA — conjugated linoleic acid. This fatty acid seems to speed up fat burning and appears to lower the melting point for fat.

Black cumin is especially effective because it combines phytosterols with CLA in one natural food source. Studies have shown that combining these things is effective for lowering body weight, even in extreme cases.

Simply by consuming black cumin regularly, you can balance your blood sugar, control your cravings and watch excess weight fall off. 

Please make sure that you consult with your physician if you are diabetic before starting a regimen that includes black cumin.

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The Best Way to Consume Black Cumin for Weight Loss

There are a few ways to take black cumin. As in the study mentioned above, you can try a loose powder. The challenge with powders is that they don’t always blend well with foods. You need to mix black cumin powder well as it is quite aromatic and has a peppery taste.

You can also take black cumin in pill form. There are lots of manufacturers that you can easily find online. The main problem with pills, however, is deliverability. Pills are made differently from company to company, with varying levels of purity and it’s not easy to adjust your dosage according to your body’s needs.

Probably the simplest and most concentrated way to take black cumin seed is in oil form. You can add the oil to a glass of water, sweeten it with honey, blend it into your salad dressing or add it to stir-fry meals after cooking. You can also drink it straight, though many find people find the flavor too intense for that.

Black cumin seed oil has many benefits for the human body and weight loss is among the more recently discovered ones.

Consuming the oil instead of a powder or pill will provide you with a potency that you can’t get in any other form.

Remember that any weight-loss plan should include regular exercise, plenty of water and nutritious food for overall health.

It is important to know that black cumin has been shown in some studies to lower blood sugar levels, so you should talk with your doctor before taking it.

Black cumin is a powerful antioxidant that can have also an effect on both your liver and your kidneys. Please keep these things in mind.

There are a lot of black cumin seed oils on the market, but very few of them meet the level of quality that you want. When choosing your black cumin oil, make sure that you get one that is extracted from Nigella Sativa (pure black cumin seeds) that are GMO-free and organic.

Most importantly, stay away from brands that extract their oils using heat. This damages the nutrients in the seed.

You only want seed oils that have been cold-pressed, meaning no heat was used to extract the oil. Even cold pressing involves friction that can damage the delicate nutrients, though. Only our Perfect Press Technology™ completely maintains the integrity of the black cumin seed’s nutritional components.

If you want to know more about the benefits of Panaseeda Perfectly Pressed™ organic black cumin seed oil, visit the link below. You’ll discover all the information you need to naturally boost the speed and effectiveness of your weight loss plan.

This Seed Oil Is Helping People Burn Fat and Maintain a Healthy Weight.

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