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Colloidal vs. Ionic Silver Supplements

If you’ve been searching for natural ways to boost your immune system and stay healthy all year long, you may have come across the idea of silver supplements.

We know that silver has antibacterial properties, which sounds great. This could mean that silver could help heal wounds, give your immune system a boost if you’re feeling under the weather or even prevent you from getting sick in the future, among other things.

Of course, while there is plenty of evidence for silver as an antibacterial substance, you can’t just eat a bunch of silver in element form. 

This is where colloidal and ionic silver products come in.

You may have noticed that the information surrounding colloidal and ionic silver online can be tricky to navigate, both due to the confusion surrounding what colloidal silver really is and attempts by some manufacturers to pass off inferior products as more effective than they truly are. 

The first big problem is that the two most common ingestible silver types — ionic and colloidal — are often referred to interchangeably, when in fact they’re very different things.

If you’re considering giving silver a try, true colloidal silver is the only way to go. We say “true” because often, ionic silver is called colloidal silver but it isn’t. This makes it super tricky for a potential buyer to know what they’re getting and putting into their body.

We’ve broken down the differences to help you distinguish between the two so you can make a more informed decision for your health.

Ionic silver

Ionic silver is by far the most common type of silver supplement. It’s made of silver ions in solution, usually with water. A silver ion is an atom of silver that is missing one electron.

These ions are very small — so small that if an ionic solution is poured over a semi-permeable membrane, no residue or particulate will be left behind.

When these ions come into contact with cells, they have the ability to ‘steal’ an electron from those cells. This is theoretically a good thing because it means that cells that have an extra electron are destroyed. This is how ionic silver solutions kill bacteria and other pathogens.

The first area of difficulty when it comes to evaluating ionic silver is that there has never been a demonstration of ionic silver’s ability to kill these pathogens in the human body.

Many studies demonstrate ionic silver’s ability to kill bacteria on surfaces but not in human or animal bodies. In other words, there is no reason to believe that drinking it will do you any good at all.

Next, ionic silver poses a concern when it comes to safety. Because silver ions are extremely unstable, they are desperate to achieve an even number of electrons. This means that while, yes, they can steal electrons, they can also donate electrons.


In practical terms, what that means is that if you drink them, ionic silver solutions can be taken up by your protein and fat cells and left behind in your body.

This can lead to a condition known as argyria, which is when your skin turns blue-gray. It is irreversible.

The risk of this happening with any kind of silver product is very low and the amount of silver that you would need to ingest is very, very high, but studies have confirmed that it is, nonetheless a real risk with ionic silver supplements.

Colloidal silver

Colloidal silver describes a liquid that consists of silver nanoparticles, usually suspended in water. A silver nanoparticle has metallic properties and is composed of multiple silver atoms clustered together.

These nanoparticles must be at least one nanometre (nm) in diameter. Most colloidal silvers have particles that range from 1–100 nanometres in size (though they can technically be as large as 1000 nm in diameter).

While this is very small (a single strand of human hair is 80,000–100,000 nm wide), it is much larger than an ion.

The definition of a colloid (silver or otherwise) is that it will pass through a semi-permeable membrane but not completely.

In other words, if you pour a colloidal silver over a semi-permeable membrane, the liquid will mostly pass through, but particles will be left behind.

These particles, in addition to being larger than ions, are also much more stable. Unlike a silver ion, a metallic silver particle will not donate an electron. It will, however, steal electrons from bacterial and other harmful cells.

Unlike ionic silver, colloidal silver has been shown in studies to be effective both on surfaces and in the body. Plus, these particles are not metabolized by the body — they are completely excreted within 24 hours. This means that there is zero risk of accumulation — zero risk of turning blue.

How can you know what you’re getting?

This is probably the most frustrating part of trying to choose a silver supplement. With so many ionic silver products calling themselves colloidal, how are you supposed to tell a true colloidal silver from an ionic silver?

We’re guessing that you don’t have an easy-to-use semi-permeable membrane and a high-powered microscope just hanging around the house so that testing method is out.

Fortunately, there is a scientific phenomenon known as the Tyndall Effect that makes identifying true colloids quite easy. Thoughtco.com describes the Tyndall Effect as, “the scattering of light as a light beam passes through a colloid. The individual suspension particles scatter and reflect light, making the beam visible.”

What this means is that if you shine a flashlight through a colloidal silver, the liquid will light up like fog. If you try the same thing with an ionic silver solution, the beam of light will shine straight through.

Choosing the right colloidal silver for you

If you’ve decided to move forward with a silver product, colloidal silver is obviously the better option.

There are a number of true colloidal silver supplements on the market and any of them would be a safe choice (provided they are true colloids made to rigorous standards).

There is one colloidal silver supplement, though, that truly stands out above the rest — Panasilver.

In terms of both safety and effectiveness, Panasilver is made using the only technology that has been shown time and again to stand up to scientific testing.

In addition to being a true colloid, Panasilver’s metallic silver particles are also coated with silver oxide.

This means that, unlike your typical everyday colloidal silver, Panasilver’s coated particles can continue to work, even after the first electron is stolen, until they are excreted.

Other colloidal silvers are neutralized as soon as they gain that electron, making them much less effective. It’s like comparing a pistol to a machine gun.

More research is needed to conclude what specific benefits can be guaranteed, but the evidence for Panasilver’s use as a daily immune system supporter is already very strong.

Panasilver is made using advanced, patented technology that your body will be able to benefit from safely and immediately. You and your family deserve the best, you deserve Panasilver.

Discover more about this groundbreaking daily immune system supplement now!

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