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Is Flaxseed Oil Dangerous?


“My lipid chemist tells me that most Flax Seed Oil goes rancid within 5 minutes of being pressed, and is like cancer in a can because of the rancidity factor.”

~ Susun Weed, Renowned Herbal Specialist

Some call it one of the most powerful foods on the planet.

Flaxseed, in its whole organic form, possesses incredible nutritional qualities. Some unknown in any other food source. Unfortunately, flax oil can also sometimes pose a risk to your health.

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Poison Disguised as a Cure.

It starts with how it’s made. There are three main approaches to producing commercial flaxseed oil. They’re all problematic. 

Harmful pesticide residues, damaging high-pressure and high-heat processing destroy all of the nutrition contained within the seeds.

Plus, they all lead to rancidity.

This presents a serious problem. Not only does rancidity inhibit your digestion of the oils, but rancidity may actually be very harmful. Studies have shown that rancid oils can actually be lethal to rats.

4 disturbing facts about common flaxseed oils:

  • most flaxseed oils are heat- or friction-damaged (even those that are “cold-pressed”)
  • most flaxseed oils begin to go rancid within a few minutes, reaching as much as 70% rancidity by the time they reach the customer
  • most flaxseed oils are devoid of absorbable nutrients
  • most flaxseed oils contain harmful pesticides

There are natural antioxidants present in the whole, unpressed seeds that protect the oils from rancidity, but when you refine or otherwise damage these antioxidants, their protective qualities are lost and the oil begins to oxidize. Oxidation is what causes rancidity.

Sadly, most flaxseed oils become rancid as soon as the bottle is opened, if not before. As a result, most flaxseed oils are mostly, if not completely devoid of nutrition, and can even be flat-out harmful.

The amazing thing is that studies have found that consuming fresh, pure flax oil that is not rancid has the opposite effect, actually addressing the very issues that rancid oils cause.

Omega-3-Rich Flax: Nutritional Lifeline

Known for their unparalleled omega-3 fatty acid content, whole flaxseeds contribute to the health of your heart, skin, joints and cell membranes, and are excellent energy generators.

Flaxseeds are an incredible, natural and vegetarian source of omega 3 fatty acids, which are required for the health of almost all bodily systems. Also high in omega-6 and 9 essential fatty acids, B vitamins and minerals, flax is packed with nutrition. Most omega-3s sources come from fish and shellfish, so for vegetarians flax (and the lesser-known marine phytoplankton) is especially valuable since omega-3s are necessary for good health and cannot be made in the body.

Flax Oil Can Protect You from Serious Threats

Clinical studies suggest that flax oil may also be helpful when addressing a wide variety of health concerns. It’s an important component of the popular Budwig cure, is useful for treating menopausal symptoms and assists with a wide variety of other ailments affecting your heart, your digestion and more.

To learn more about the benefits of fresh, pure flax oil, check out our Top 10 Benefits of Flax post.

So how do you know whether your flax oil is going to protect your health or hurt it?


How to Tell if Your Oil is Rancid:

Ask yourself 2 questions:

  1. Was it refrigerated in the store? A fresh, rancidity-free flax oil never needs to be refrigerated before the bottle is opened.
  2. Did you smell and taste the oil before use? If it smells like varnish or leaves a scratchy sensation in the back of your throat, it is likely rancid. A.J Andrews, writer for SFGate.com, indicates other ways to identify rancidity by smell: “Rancid flaxseed oil has a burnt and bitter odor most people generally describe as ‘off’. ‘Cooked’ also describes the odor of rancid flaxseed oil, a smell similar to that of used frying oil.

Here’s what it takes to press pure flax oil without rancidity:

  1. Organic, high-quality flaxseeds. This guarantees zero pesticides.
  2. A proprietary pressing technology known as Perfect Press™. This is the ONLY tested & verified pressing technology that guarantees zero rancidity because it doesn’t damage the protective antioxidants contained in the seeds.
  3. Upon pressing, the oil is immediately sealed and stored in a UV-light protective container.  Light destroys nutrient properties and damages the structure of the oil. Oxygen also damages the oil, making a tight seal very important.

The Only Zero-Rancidity Flax Oil in the World

Although some companies do source high-quality seeds, numbers 2 and 3 above can only be found in ONE Flax Oil.

So deciding where to get your flax oil is easy…

Activation Products uses Perfect Press Technology™ to make pure, never-rancid, completely-intact flax oil.

Instantly sealed in a light-protective Miron glass bottle, our premium, one-of-a-kind Perfect Press® Flax Oil has an unparalleled 3-year shelf-life.


PLEASE don’t put any other flaxseed oils into your body! Capitalize on the amazing benefits that flax has to offer by enjoying Perfect Press® Flax Seed Oil.




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Get Your Free Flax Benefits Checklist
Click Here for the List!
We guarantee 100% privacy. Your information will not be shared.