An Exciting Introduction!

If you’re a regular reader here, you’re probably familiar with the Panaseeda family of seed oils. Well, today, we’ve got some exciting news!

We’re changing the brand name of our premium seed oil line from Panaseeda  to….


We always appreciate the loyalty of our customers and since you’ve been following our blog, we’re guessing that you may be a fan of our potent seed oils already. We wanted to make sure that you knew the change was coming so it wouldn’t catch you off-guard.

What does Perfect Press mean?

As you’re probably already aware, all of our seed oils are so much more than just ‘cold pressed’. The secret lies in our proprietary Perfect Press Technology™ for pressing organically grown, non-GMO seeds.

The Perfect Press method avoids high temperatures, as well as any grinding or friction that could damage the delicate fatty acids in these nutritional powerhouses.

Perfect Press Technology isn’t just about how we press the seeds — it’s also about the seeds we press. We carefully select our seeds, relying on 38 pieces of non-compromising criteria. Organic certification, air cleaning & sifting methods, and non-GMO certifications are all part of the non-negotiable checklist.

Once we’ve found the right seeds, we run test batches for quality. What this means is that everything from color, taste, smell and yield must meet our standards and expectations for product consistency.

We also make sure that when the seeds are delivered to us, they’re clean and undamaged.

Next, comes pressing, which is the heart of what Perfect Press is all about. Our proprietary presses are carefully designed to extract every drop of oil out of each seed without causing any damage to the fatty acid chains or any other nutritional compounds found inside. No one else has this technology.

Our seeds are so high-quality and our pressing process is so meticulous, you simply cannot hold a candle to the quality and nutritional potency of the oil contained in our bottles.

Speaking of bottles…

Another important feature of the Perfect Press brand is our bottles. We use only Miron Violet Glass bottles for our Perfect Press line. Each oil goes straight from the press to the bottle. This protects the oil from air and UV light, both of which can easily damage fragile fatty acids.

Finally, we test our oils for stability and quality to ensure that purity and shelf-life are what you would expect from a process so refined. Sealed in our special Miron bottles, our oils have an extraordinarily long shelf-life so that you can be sure you’re receiving a product unharmed by oxidation.

What does this mean for you?

Our new brand name is a better reflection of the exceptional nature of our pressed seed oils and the unique methods & technology we use to ensure that they are always of the highest quality possible.

We guarantee that all of our Perfect Press oils will be of the pure, premium quality you’ve come to expect.

You’ll always get the very best pressed oils, from the best seeds, in the best bottles so the product remains fresh and rancidity-free for years — as long as it’s a Perfect Press oil.

If you’re new here…

If this is your first time here, welcome! If you’re interested in discovering more about what our oils can do for you, this blog is the right place to be!

Whatever you’re looking for, we hope our products help you find better health. Thank you so much for being part of our community.

Oh, but wait, we’ve got one more piece of exciting news! We’ve still got bottles of oil that are wearing the old Panaseeda labels and we’re selling them off at prices you won’t believe.
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