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Seed Oils for Better Health: Which Oil is Right for Me? [Quiz]

Seeds are amazing storehouses of powerful nutrition. If you think about it, the potential for hundreds, thousands, even millions of plants exists within each single seed. Just as the leaves and flowers of plants have their own individual benefits for your health, so too can the seeds.

Getting the benefits out of those seeds, however, poses a complex problem. Their small size and hard exterior shells make them difficult to digest. Grinding the seeds can make this easier, but it can also damage the fatty acid chains within the seeds, making them less nutritious and, in some cases, even harmful. For some people, with some seeds, the fiber content can even cause digestive problems if they are eaten whole or ground.

Pressing the seeds — provided it is done with exceptional care — can produce a nutritious, concentrated and easy to absorb oil that you can take as a supplement or incorporate into your diet (or both).

Our proprietary Perfect Press Technology is like no other pressing process in the world. Imagine ‘cold pressed’ but even more precise, deliberate and protective. Our seed oils are as pure and undamaged as seed oils can be.

We produce many seed oils, but which one is right for you? We’ve created a short quiz to help you answer that question. It features four of our most popular oils.

Take the quiz!




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