What’s Your Sleep Score? [Quiz]

Plenty of good quality sleep is vital for maintaining your health. Period.

Even with a healthy, balanced diet and plenty of exercise, without sleep, your brain and your body cannot thrive.

You might think that you’re getting enough sleep, but even if you’re spending enough time in bed, are you getting good quality sleep?


HowSleepWorks.com says that “Experts differ on whether, in this caffeine-fuelled world of electric light and 24-hour supermarkets, home entertainment and Internet access, we are actually getting less sleep than we used to. But it does appear that adults, at least in Western societies, are sleeping at least an hour less on average than a hundred years ago, and possibly up to two or three hours less than prior to the availability of electric light. By some estimates, 80% of the world’s population now needs an alarm clock to wake up each morning.”

A variety of factors may contribute to your inability to get restorative sleep. For most people, a few simple changes could help improve your sleep experience.

What can happen if you don’t get enough sleep? There are plenty of consequences: weight gain, mood swings, an inability to focus or concentrate, a sluggish metabolism and premature aging can all be symptoms of poor sleep habits. 

On top of that, your immune system can become compromised, meaning that you suffer from more frequent illnesses and are at greater risk of disease in the long-term.

Want to find out where you fall on the sleep spectrum?

Find out what kind of sleeper you are by taking our quiz. At the end of the quiz, we’ll give you customized tips and tricks based on your sleep score to enhance your sleep and get you feeling your best.



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