The Summer Travel Packing List

Summertime is all about getting away from it all. It doesn’t really matter where you go; cottage, beach, mountains, valleys, resorts, European adventures. What matters is it’s warm outside and we have been saving those vacation days.

But as we turn into summertime jet setters, we need our summer travel packing list. That kit includes everything you need to get you to and from your destination with minimal fuss and pain. You know that feeling when you arrive at the airport and realize you left your passport on the nightstand? That’s the feeling we’re looking to avoid.

Here’s what you need.


If you pack no other first-aid item, pack bandages. Not only will they come to your rescue after a paper cut or a skinned knee, they’re great to put on the backs of your heels when you get the inevitable hiking blisters.

An e-reader

I am an advocate for reading actual books made out of paper. But when it comes to travelling, you cannot beat the ease of an e-reader. You can’t beat carrying 30 books in your carry-on, and being able to pre-plan for any mood.


No one has time for a headache on a trip. But jet lag, many hours on planes and buses, altitude changes, weird sleep schedules…they’ll all come together to give you one. If you’re a menstruating female, consider swapping in Midol, because the crimson wave always shows up at the worst possible time.

Face wipes

Need to do a sponge bath in a roadside restroom? Use the wipes. Just finished a 12 hour flight and your makeup has migrated all over your face? Use the wipes. Just feeling plain gross? Wipe down and feel fresh again.

Safety pins

You never know when you’ll need to pin ripped clothing back together, or do an emergency repair on your luggage. In a pinch, you can also use these to pick out splinters or secure a billowy top to its hanger.

Dry shampoo

Travel makes you feel gross. There’s recycled air, there’s hot sun through car windows, there’s terrible bathroom options. So any quick, easy tools to help you feel like your regular self are worth their weight in gold. And when you haven’t had access to a shower for four days, dry shampoo is gold in a bottle.

Large scarf

A big scarf can be anything. It can be a blanket on a chilly plane, or a makeshift travel pillow. You can wrap your greasy hair up in it or wrap your lower half to turn your bathing suit into an almost-outfit. You can even use it to wrap up that very fragile souvenir you just had to buy so it doesn’t break on the way home.

Plastic bags

Sealable plastic bags whether they be Ziploc or some other brand, are the handiest things in the world. Use them to store wet clothes or leftover snacks. Afraid your shampoo bottle might leak? Put it in a bag. Can’t find a garbage can? Good thing you’ve got a bag.


We think we don’t need writing utensils anymore, because everything can be done on our phones. But at some point on your trip, you are going to need to fill out a form, and pens will not be provided. Or your phone will die, and you’ll still need to write down the address of your hotel. We still need pens, people.

Money belt

When roaming around unfamiliar streets, it’s good to keep your money close and inconspicuous, because there is nothing like having your wallet stolen to completely ruin a trip.

Flip flops

These take up basically no room in a suitcase and are great for both the beach and that kinda gross shower floor that you don’t want to step on in your bare feet.


Babies scream. Hotels turn out to be over top of popular bars. You’re seated next to a very chatty person on a plane. You just need a moment of Zen, of blocking out all the stimulus around you. Earplugs are there for you.

Emergency Contact info card

These are pretty easy to make on any old piece of paper. Jot down the names and numbers of family members, hotel addresses, and any pertinent medical information. If you need it, you’ll be glad you have it.

Travel Size EASE Magnesium

Muscle aches, joint pain, and trouble sleeping are all common travel afflictions. EASE Magnesium is here to help with all of that. EASE is a topical supplement you spray directly onto your skin. It goes to work in 90 seconds to rebalance your magnesium levels, easing pain and promoting calm. And this travel-sized bottle is fine to take on a plane and fits easily inside your carry on.

Make your next trip EASE-y with travel-sized magnesium!


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