Sunburns and Bug Bites: How to Soothe Summer Skin


Ahhhh, summer. The much anticipated time of year when you can soak up the sun and enjoy the heat while relaxing poolside, hitting the beach, enjoying a backyard bbq or canoeing across a pristine lake.

Like every season, though, summer has its downsides. Sunburns and bug bites can really put a damper on the festivities. Sometimes there can even be serious consequences.


Dark Side of the Sun

There is nothing quite like feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin and feeling your mood improve as you soak up some natural vitamin D. When you’re out there this summer enjoying the beautiful weather, be sure to take precautions. Sunshine can be great for your health, but too much of it on unprotected skin can have critical consequences.

A sunburn is a common enough occurrence, but they can get pretty severe. A first-degree sunburn is easy enough to treat at home, but second and third-degree sunburns may necessitate a trip to the ER. Not only that, but your skin doesn’t even have to get burned to suffer long-term damage from the sun. In an article on sun safety, notes that “Sunburn is an inflammation of the skin caused by overexposure to the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun—in particular UVB, or ultraviolet B, radiation. UVA, or ultraviolet A, penetrates more deeply than UVB but is less likely to cause an immediate burn. Rather, it causes wrinkling and leathering, damages connective tissue, and may be crucial in the development of melanoma, the most deadly of skin cancers.

You can see why protecting your skin with sunscreens (or natural protection like coconut oil) is extremely important. Sunburns do happen, though; sometimes we forget to put our sunscreen on or don’t reapply often enough. So what can you do to get relief from your burns?  

Some treatments include the use of cold water, salves or lotions. Many people use the gel-like substance inside of aloe stalks to soothe a sunburn, with great results. As with anything you put on or in your body, you should check to see what’s inside any lotions or creams. After-sun products may contain harmful chemicals and fragrances.

A simple, natural way to get relief is with EASE. EASE Magnesium is a pure magnesium solution that you spray onto your skin. It takes about 90 seconds to be absorbed and then it travels through your bloodstream to where it’s needed. When applied to sunburned skin EASE has an instant cooling effect, which is very soothing. Plus, because you can’t overdose on magnesium, you can keep reapplying it as often as you want. What I like most is that it isn’t sticky or greasy, unlike a lot of after-sun lotions and gels.

Topical magnesium won’t just help alleviate your initial pain symptoms, though, it can also help your skin to heal. As notes, “Magnesium is necessary for the enzymes that regulate DNA replication and repair. Without it, the skin is subject to a host of harmful free radical damage and inflammation….skin cells grown without magnesium [a]re twice as likely to suffer attacks from free radicals [according to a study].” Spraying EASE on your skin after a sunburn will help your skin cells to regenerate properly, preventing dryness and wrinkles and ensuring healthy skin growth.

In addition, vitamin D, which our bodies make when our skin is exposed to the sun, helps us to properly absorb and utilize magnesium. Lori, of, writes that: “Studies have even shown that vitamin D containing supplements like cod liver oil, while they are fantastic supplements to take on a regular basis, won’t help you nearly as much as sunlight will in the area of magnesium absorption.” If you’ll be spending time in the sun and increasing your vitamin D stores, what a great time to also ensure your body is getting plenty of magnesium.

To discover the many benefits of magnesium, check out this recent blog post.


Bug Bite Smackdown

Mosquito bites are one of the worst things about summer. You want to enjoy the campfire with friends, the bbq with your family or your day out on the lake fishing, but you’re constantly swatting at tiny, blood-thirsty pests buzzing by your ears.

You can try deterring them with repellents (we recommend a chemical-free variety…see below for a free recipe) but at some point in the season, you’re likely to be dealing with a bite or two.

We generally know what to do to prevent getting bitten, but what do you when you inevitably feel the itch?

EASE to the rescue, again! When you spray EASE Magnesium on a bug bite you will likely feel some stinging at first. This is because the magnesium is killing off any bacteria from the bite itself or from scratching it. The stinging sensation, short-lived as it is, usually replaces the itch, which is the most frustrating part of a bug bite. The itch is basically your body having an allergic reaction to the mosquito’s saliva, which is injected into your skin when you get bitten.

Shruti Goenka, at, notes that “Magnesium has the capacity to detoxify the epidermis and cleanse the skin. It is all the more effective in treating or relieving those areas of the skin that are prone to allergic reactions.

After dealing with the itch, your body will then absorb the magnesium and benefit from the healing effects of this powerful mineral.

Before You Go

Protect yourself! Make sure you are taking precautionary measures to protect from sunburns and bug bites. But when they do happen, be prepared to soothe your skin and heal from them fast.

Add EASE Magnesium to your beach bag, your road trip kit and your camping gear — FREE for a limited time — and make the most of the season.

P.S. EASE also comes in a convenient travel size if you’re looking to stock up on minis to keep every-which-where, from the cottage to your car to your backpack.




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