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The Surprising Food That Can Boost Male Fertility

Welcome to Community Voices! With these special blog posts, we’re very excited to welcome a handful of health enthusiasts from the Activation Family to share their experiences and some of the discoveries they’ve made on their own personal journeys to better health. We hope you’ll be able to connect, relate and grow alongside our community writers.

I tend to think of myself as a family man. My wife and I have a daughter, who we adore and love spending time with (mostly, haha). Recently, we’ve been talking about expanding our family of three to four. Because of this, there have been a lot of conversations about fertility in our house lately.

For me, that’s led me to think about my own fertility and whether there are natural ways for me to boost our chances. So, I started doing some digging and I found quite a bit of information about nutrition and male fertility. I thought it might be helpful to share what I’ve learned with all of you!

While there are a ton of delicious and common foods like tomatoes, blueberries, dark chocolate, pomegranates and even water that have benefits for your fertility, one food stood out the most. Pumpkin seeds.

Before we get into that, though, let’s have a quick chat about fertility and infertility. You may not know as much as you think and there are a few important things to consider.

A bit about fertility

Both men and women suffer from fertility issues, of course, but today I’m going to focus on male fertility. I should note that I personally don’t suffer from any fertility issues, but I do know it can be a long and trying task when trying to conceive if you do.

Male fertility issues can stem from a number of things, including low sperm count and poor sperm quality. The University of Maryland Medical Center says other than those two things, the remaining causes include “a range of conditions including anatomical problems, hormonal imbalances, and genetic defects. Sperm abnormalities are a critical factor in male infertility.”

If you’re having serious problems with your fertility, it’s important to speak with a professional, like your doctor, about treatment and potential options.

If you’re like me, though and are just trying to improve your sperm count and quality for good measure, foods, like pumpkin seeds, are a decent place to start.

Pumpkin seeds and fertility

Pumpkin seeds, in particular, are included on most lists of foods for fertility. These tiny, delicious seeds are super high in zinc and are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. Zinc is an important part of fertility.

What To Expect says that pumpkin seeds “contain a hefty dose of zinc, which (as stated above) increases testosterone and sperm count. Pumpkin seeds are also loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which stimulate blood flow to sexual organs and improve sexual function.”

Zinc makes the swimmers, so to speak, quicker and more lively which improves your odds.

Zinc and omega–3s aren’t the only nutrients that are packed into these nutritious seeds. Magnesium, iron, copper, phosphorus and vitamin E are some of the other nutrients you can get from incorporating raw pumpkin seeds into your diet.

According to The World’s Healthiest Foodspumpkin seeds also contain health-supportive phytosterols, including beta-sitosterol, sitostanol and avenasterol.”

Phytosterols are protective compounds that can both improve testosterone production and shrink an enlarged prostate. Prostate problems can also impact fertility and ejaculation problems, as this gland is responsible for creating prostate fluid and is home to a handful of muscles, both of which are important for ejaculation.

Pumpkin seeds, particularly Styrian pumpkin seeds, are often recommended for improving prostate health, which is linked to your sex organs and your fertility.

If you want to know more about pumpkin seeds for prostate health, Activation’s team has a great blog post, Signs of an Enlarged Prostate, What to Do and Why it Matters that everyone with a prostate should read.

How to work pumpkin seeds into your routine

Personally, I’ve been adding both raw pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil to my daily meals. This way, you can get all of the benefits that both the seeds and the oil has to offer.

I really recommend going the Styrian pumpkin seed route if you can, for both the seeds and the oil. Styrian pumpkin seeds have all the benefits of a regular pumpkin seed and then some (they’re especially high in antioxidants).

It’s easy to munch on a handful of raw pumpkin seeds now and then or throw a few into a salad. Equally easy, is putting some of this delicious, nutty oil into your morning smoothie. When you take the pumpkin oil, your body can absorb the omega–3s and phytosterols more easily than it can when you eat the whole seeds. On the other hand, you’ll getter bigger dose of minerals like zinc when you eat whole seeds.

Speaking of smoothies, check out the recipe I use every morning to get my day started, below. I’ve enjoyed a morning smoothie for a while now but when my wife and I started talking about ‘trying’ again I played around with my regular recipe to maximize the benefits for my fertility. That ‘optimized’ recipe is the one you can download here.

I certainly wasn’t an expert on this before I started using Activation’s oils, but since then, I’ve learned that oils pressed from organic, non-GMO seeds are the best option and pressing techniques that don’t use heat are absolutely essential. Otherwise, you wind up with oil that doesn’t have the benefits you’re paying good money for and it can even be harmful to your health.

Give Styrian Pumpkin Oil a try.  It’s quickly become my favorite oil because it tastes so good, on top of being so good for me.


Guest blogger: Ted Miller.

Ted is a 33-year-old produce manager, who recently began focusing on health and is working towards becoming a personal trainer. After experiencing success on his weight loss journey, Ted wanted to reach out and help others by sharing what he’s learned along the way. Ted lives in Nebraska with his wife and their 5-year-old daughter. He’s interested in fitness, stress relief, athletic recovery and anything that pertains to a happy, healthy life with his family. His favorite Activation Products are Oceans Alive, EASE and Styrian Pumpkin Oil.

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