Top 20 Coriander Oil Home Remedies

I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for helpful home remedies that can save me a trip to the pharmacy and keep what I’m putting into my body as natural as possible.

Whether it’s deodorant, mouthwash, or something to heal a wound or clear up digestive issues, it’s nice to know that instead of buying a product with potentially harmful ingredients, it’s possible to make something at home with ingredients from your own cupboard!

Modern medicine and pharmaceuticals are obviously necessary sometimes, but it’s nice to keep them to a minimum for simplicity’s sake, for economic reasons and to avoid unpleasant side-effects.

We hear reports from customers who use our coriander oil for a wide variety of common conditions and ailments all the time. A list of our favorites is below. Update: we’ve added 5 more to our top fifteen! We now have 20 different ways for you to use coriander oil at home. (08/10/17)

We believe that you should ideally only use organic coriander oil, especially if you’re looking to maximize health benefits. Want to know why? Check out this post.

Our Top 20 Coriander Home Remedies

1. Got bad breath? Coriander has anti-bacterial properties that make it a safe and effective mouthwash. Dr. Mercola notes that: “Coriander seed oil acts as deodorant by eliminating bad breath as well as body odor. It inhibits the odor-causing bacteria in the mouth and sweat glands.” For our easy and effective coriander mouthwash recipe, click here!

2. Put away the painkillers. Instead of popping pills, try taking coriander to relieve pain caused by inflammation. Fight off toothaches, menstrual pains, muscle aches and more with coriander oil applied topically to the area in question.

3. Dealing with athlete’s foot? Try rubbing coriander oil onto your clean, dry foot to fight off the infection and get back in the game. University Health News referenced a study on coriander oil that showed that “after 28 days of topical application of coriander oil or placebo to the infection site, those participants using coriander oil had significantly lower signs of infection.”

4. Tummy trouble? Coriander has excellent digestive properties. To ease indigestion, upset stomach, constipation and flatulence try sipping on some coriander oil mixed with water or juice (avoid anything too acidic).

5. Spice up your love life. Historically, coriander has had a wide reputation as an aphrodisiac. It was used by Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans for making love potions and tonics. Gourmet Sleuth reports that “The book of The Arabian nights tells a tale of a merchant who had been childless for 40 years and but was cured by a concoction that included coriander. That book is over 1000 years old so the history of coriander as an aphrodisiac dates back far into history.”

6. Avoid the travel bug. The antibacterial properties of coriander oil make it an absolute must when you’re traveling. Taking it ahead of time is a great preventative measure, but even after you begin to feel the symptoms of food poisoning you can take coriander oil to put an end to your suffering. It fights off the aggressive bacteria that are making you sick.

7. Say farewell to fungus. One area where people often get fungal infections is on their toenails. Coriander oil can be applied directly to treat or prevent these infections. It’s effective for fungal infections anywhere on the body.

8. Clean cuts and scrapes. One of the best ways to ensure fast healing is to ensure that the wound is clean. Coriander oil will kill harmful bacteria that might cause an infection and will reduce inflammation as well.

9. Beat the blemish blues. The antibacterial effects of coriander oil are helpful for acne too. Mix the oil into a homemade face mask (you can use honey, oats and other ingredients, depending on the results you want and what you have on-hand). The coriander will attack the bacteria that cause pimples and blackheads without stripping away the natural moisture in your skin.

10. Relieve Stress. Coriander is great for improving your mood, helping you to cope with stress and other tough psychological issues. Dr. Axe writes that: “A recent study published in the Indian Journal of Pharmacology found that high levels of cilantro extract produce the same levels of anti-anxiety effects as the popular prescription drug, Valium (diazepam).”

11. Treat cracked lips. Either on its own or mixed with lemon juice, coriander oil can help to put moisture back into cracked lips and encourage faster healing. If you’re using lemon juice, use fresh and mix one part lemon juice with two parts coriander oil.

12. Clear up dandruff and have beautiful hair. Applying coriander oil to your scalp in the form of a hair mask or by adding it to your conditioner can help to eliminate dry scalp and can also get rid of fungus that may cause dandruff. It also strengthens your hair and leaves it shiny and healthy looking. There is even some evidence that it might help reduce hair loss

13. Subdue skin issues. Coriander oil can be used to ease itchiness and irritations on your skin. According to it is “a natural antiseptic and antifungal agent (and) can be used in the treatment of skin disorders such as dermatitis and eczema.”

14. Soothe sunburns. Applying coriander oil to your sunburned skin will soothe and moisturize it and encourage faster healing.

15. Shed some excess weight. Coriander promotes lipolysis, which according to Livestrong, is the breakdown of fats to generate energy. Instead of taking a weight loss supplement, add a few drops of coriander to your smoothies or even a salad dressing to support your weight loss journey.

16. Banish body odor. Try a coriander-infused deodorant. Mix coriander oil with a few other natural ingredients (many of which you probably already have at home) and you’ll be smelling terrific in no time. The coriander gives the deodorant an antibacterial edge.  We’ve got a great recipe for you to try. Check it out.

17. Low vitamin D levels? Coriander oil can give you a boost. This seed is a great source of vitamin D and since vitamin D is fat soluble, coriander seed oil is a great choice to boost your levels. 28.4% of the total weight of coriander oil is healthy fat.

18. Boost your immune system. If you’re feeling under the weather, take a few extra drops of coriander seed oil. Bad bacteria in your body can stress your immune system but coriander has powerful antibacterial properties.

19. Pacify your PMS. Be Well Buzz tells us that “the natural stimulant in coriander helps to regulate the secretion of hormones from the endocrine glands. A regulated secretion means that the menstrual cycle will follow a regular process and the pain felt with menstrual cramps is reduced.”

20. Make the most of other nutrients. If you add coriander oil to a smoothie, for example, you will increase your body’s ability to absorb and use fat soluble nutrients in the other smoothie ingredients. Recent studies also show that coriander oil can be effective at helping your body to convert ALA — an omega–3 —into EPA and DHA, which you can read more about by clicking here.

 Obviously, if you’ve been prescribed any medication, don’t stop taking it. If you’re trying to decide between an over-the-counter drug store remedy or something you can make at home with what you’ve got, though, trying the home remedy might be a more appealing place to start.

You might be surprised. Many people find that recurring issues go away for good when they use herbal or otherwise natural products to treat them. This is often because these plant sources get right to the root of the problem, rather than just alleviating symptoms.

Stock your pantry with coriander oil so you’ve always got it when you want it. Our Coriander Oil is Perfectly Pressed from thousands of organic seeds and stored in protective Miron glass bottles, which keep it pure and fresh for a long, long time.

Discover the oil that could revolutionize your medicine cabinet today!

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