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What Are Volatile Oils?

You’ve no doubt heard of essential oils. Maybe you’ve heard the term “volatile oils” too to describe the distilled plant essences that many of us use for aromatherapy or in massage oils or as a way to add pleasing scents to homemade toiletries.

The definition of a volatile oil or volatile compound is “a rapidly evaporating oil of plant derivation”. Sometimes volatile oils are referred to as “aromatic oils” too, especially in the context of spices used in cooking.

Oddly, volatile oils or essential oils aren’t oils at all! They are, however, fat-soluble and hydrophobic (i.e. they don’t mix with water), which is why they were mistaken for oils when they were first discovered centuries ago.

Many volatile oils have potent and distinctive health benefits, which is partly why they have been so widely used in medicinal traditions across cultures and throughout history. Often these benefits can be obtained from the flower or seed or leaf that contains the volatile oils but by distilling them, they can be isolated and rendered even more powerful.

But there are downsides.

A word of caution

Essential oils can be so strong that they may burn the skin if applied undiluted or if added to bathwater without being properly blended with a salt or other substance. These burns can be uncomfortable at best and quite severe at worst.

Plus, you can’t safely ingest pure essential oils. Although many people may tell you that you can mix essential oils in water, it’s important to realize that essential oils do not mix with water, which means that you are still drinking them undiluted if you do this. While ingesting undiluted essential oil may not cause harm the first time you do it, studies have shown that repeated oral use can cause mouth sores, stomach problems and even pose potentially fatal risks.

If you are going to use essential oils orally, you normally need to consult a licensed practitioner who can advise you on how much to use and how thoroughly they need to be diluted (usually in a vegetable oil).

If you’re an Activation Products fan, you probably know that we don’t distill essential oils. So why are we telling you all this today?

Well, we know that many of you out there are big fans of the health benefits of essential oils and you might be looking for a way to get some of those great benefits, without all the risk and there is an incredible way to do just that, without having to seek out a practitioner.

Expertly pressed seed oils.

Not distilled. Pressed.

Volatiles in pressed oils

Take coriander oil, for example, Coriander essential oil has garnered a lot of attention recently due to the antimicrobial action of many of the volatile oils within the coriander seed that make up coriander essential oil. Mainstream publications like Time Magazine and the NY Times have even published stories about the impressive findings of  studies that looked at coriander’s effects on antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

This is obviously exciting news for medical researchers but if you can’t swallow coriander essential oil safely, that makes it hard for the average person to benefit directly right now.

This is one reason why we are so proud of our Perfect Press® Coriander Oil.

By pressing organic, non-GMO coriander seeds using our proprietary seed presses, we are able to produce coriander seed oil that is a natural mixture of the healthy fatty acids in the coriander seeds and the essential oils in them too.

The results are products that are safe to eat (or put on your skin) and that can still provide you with the many health benefits of the volatiles found in coriander seeds (and there are a lot of them! Check out our bonus by sharing this post below to see the list of volatiles in coriander and the benefits that they are known for).

Not only that but we specifically source Russian coriander seeds because they are known to be the highest in volatile oil content. The more potent your raw seeds, the more potent your oil.

Don’t mess around with diluting your coriander or black cumin essential oils in low-quality vegetable oil — use Perfect Press® Coriander Oil and get undamaged essential fatty acids complete with the volatiles that they are paired with in nature.

Discover more about our Coriander Oil, pressed with Perfect Press Technology, today!

P.S. Coriander isn’t the only Perfectly Pressed oil that is a great source of beneficial volatiles — Perfect Press Black Cumin Oil contains some of the most well-researched volatiles, along with some seriously healthy fats. Discover more!

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