What is Milk Thistle?


Milk thistle is one of the most widely researched plant medicines today.

The Mayo Clinic website reports 18 different areas of health research involving milk thistle that has yielded good scientific evidence for its use or scientific evidence that is unclear but promising. 18!

Milk thistle seeds are loaded with beneficial nutrients. For years, this plant has been used for promoting detox, but the benefits list goes beyond that, with some impressive perks for your liver and other vital organs.

Protecting and Healing your Liver

The most powerful and well-known health benefits of milk thistle are for your liver.

Reagan Linton at lifeextension.com explains: “Milk thistle has been used to detoxify the liver and even help liver cells regenerate themselves for over 2,000 years. Studies confirm that milk thistle can protect liver function, prevent liver damage, and normalize elevated liver enzyme levels.

Milk thistle can reduce liver inflammation, prevent liver fibrosis and can even reverse liver damage caused by drinking too much alcohol.

What makes milk thistle so effective at healing your liver? Silymarin, the active constituent of milk thistle. It’s a unique flavonoid complex, made up of silybin, silydianin and silychrisin.

Jack Chellam at betternutrition.com provides the details: “Silymarin has frequently been used to treat the liver complications of alcoholism, including cirrhosis. Excessive intake of alcohol or pharmaceutical drugs (including acetaminophen) injures liver cells and impairs liver function. In addition, obesity increases the risk of steatosis (fatty liver), which can impair this organ’s ability to break down chemicals. Chronic liver infections, such as hepatitis, also reduce liver function. Silymarin protects the liver by reducing inflammation, enhancing production of glutathione (an antioxidant), and stimulating the production of new liver cells by accelerating protein and DNA synthesis.

Your liver is key for detoxing your body of toxins, pollutants, etc. It has over 500 critical functions. If milk thistle can protect and heal this extremely important organ, it’s already proved its worth. But the benefits don’t stop there…


Protecting your vital organs…

Dr. Axe explains the benefits for your vital organs: “The liver is a major digestive organ, helping process nutrients and toxins that enter our body through foods, water and air. Because the liver and other digestive organs — like the gallbladder, pancreas, intestines and kidneys — work closely together to improve liver health so much, milk thistle is also able to help prevent gallstones and kidney stones.”  It is also effective at managing bile levels in your intestines and preventing buildups.

It benefits your heart because of the fatty acid content, specifically the omega–3s, which help to balance your cholesterol and blood pressure levels and prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Healthy cell growth and regeneration…

There is evidence that milk thistle can help inhibit the growth of cancer cells and can help prevent cell mutations and disease. It is also great for promoting cell regeneration and healing. The antioxidant content in milk thistle makes it a powerful weapon against oxidative stress, which can lead to disease when it gets out of hand.

Angela Deckard at healthyfocus.org elaborates on milk thistle’s disease fighting powers: “One particular antioxidant, silymarin, is especially powerful, helping to protect against cancer by protecting against DNA damage, preventing tumor growth, and by boosting the immune system. Meanwhile, the antioxidant silybin encourages protein synthesis, and creates a sort of shield on the outside layer of healthy cells, protecting them from mutation and damage. These antioxidants prevent toxins from languishing in the body and reverses the damage done by such harmful toxins such as air pollution, chemicals, and heavy metals.

This seed oil may prevent the build-up of plaque on neurons that can lead to dementia, memory loss and Alzheimer’s. More research is required, but testing on lab mice has shown that milk thistle has a place in the prevention and treatment of these kinds of neurological conditions.

Dealing with hormonal issues…

Milk thistle helps to balance hormones and has been used to prevent and treat symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes and mood swings. It is also sometimes used to encourage better milk flow for breastfeeding mothers.

Blood sugar balance…

The whys are also not completely clear when it comes to diabetes, but organicfacts.com notes that “Although the exact pathway is uncertain, it appears that the mixture of antioxidants, fatty acids, and silymarin in milk thistle extract can actually work to regulate insulin levels and maintain even blood sugar levels for people who suffer from or are at risk of developing diabetes.”

Poison antidote…

Certain poisons, specifically those found in certain mushrooms (e.g. ‘death caps’) can be counteracted by milk thistle. Obviously, seeking medical treatment immediately is essential if you ingest a poisonous mushroom, but it’s nice to know that having a little milk thistle on-hand can stave off death while you wait for EMS to arrive… 

(Please don’t eat any mushrooms you don’t recognize! While this is an interesting fact about milk thistle, we really don’t want anyone testing it out.)

Ooh la la! Beauty benefits…

Finally, the beauty benefits of milk thistle are not to be overlooked. You can use it on your skin to moisturize and prevent signs of aging, and it can help to clear up skin irritations and blemishes. It can encourage hair growth and prevent loss, while leaving your hair shiny and manageable. Damage from UV rays can be avoided by applying milk thistle seed oil to your skin, hair and scalp.  

Milk thistle can even encourage hair growth and prevent hair loss while leaving your locks shiny and manageable.

Damage from UV rays can be avoided by applying milk thistle seed oil to your skin, hair and scalp both before and after sun exposure.  

So much more than just a common weed.

This is a powerful little plant and the oil from the seeds has so many important benefits for your overall health. From simple topical applications for beauty enhancement to life-saving liver healing and protection, milk thistle has you covered on each end of the spectrum.

Where can you get this powerful oil?

This is a somewhat rare seed oil, and it is just as important as ever to make sure that you source it from a company that takes the time to press it properly ensuring maximum nutrition and freshness. You want Perfectly Pressed oil bottled in Miron glass to protect it.

Panaseeda Milk Thistle Oil is the only milk thistle oil that meets these standards. Act fast before supplies run out!

Discover everything you need to know about what Milk Thistle Oil can do for your health now!


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