Discover Why the Two Most Ancient and Highly Respected Medical Systems Recommend THIS ONE HEALING OIL More Than Any Other

Sesame Oil is Revered by 5,000+ Year-Old Traditions, like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine and, As You’ll Soon See, Perfect Press Black Sesame Oil is LIGHT YEARS Beyond Anything Our Ancient Ancestors Ever Imagined...

Sesame oil has been celebrated for its nourishing and health-giving properties for literally thousands of years.

And black sesame seeds and oil have all the benefits of normal sesame — with even more antioxidants and benefits, as you’ll discover here.

Now, thanks to innovations in the way black sesame oil can be made (see below)... you can get UP TO 10 TIMES MORE BENEFITS from black sesame oil... especially when compared to typical store-bought sesame.

This is a story of ancient wisdom and modern innovation
coming together to produce a true miracle in
cellular nutrition and rejuvenation.

The Top Nourishing, Healing Oil for Over 5,000 Years

According to the 5,000-year-old tradition of Ayurveda, sesame oil normalizes vata (which is the “wind” element) and soothes kapha (the “water” element).

Translated: this helps explain how sesame can be warming, calming and can even stimulate the metabolism (more on this in a moment).

Ayurveda also believes that sesame has properties of “Yogavahi.”

Yogavahi is a substance that has the quality of being able to penetrate even the deepest tissues.

This is why it’s one of the most prized massage therapy oils in Ayurveda, and used in ancient Ayurvedic healing practices like Panchakarma. It penetrates your cells deeply and delivers “warm” nourishment that your body soaks up.

The Most Balanced Oil in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Balance between Yin and Yang is a key health concept in TCM.

Eating too many "hot" (Yang) ingredients can lead to an imbalance whereby one has a Yang excess.

The inverse is true as well: too many "cold" (Yin) ingredients can lead to a Yin excess.

The balanced nature of black sesame seeds means they give you the best of both worlds, helping warm a cold person, but also soothing someone who is too “hot” internally.

Black sesame seeds are also considered “sweet” and according to the Five Elements Principle of TCM —sweet foods like black sesame seeds tend to slow down acute reactions and detoxify the body. They also have a tonic effect because they replenish Qi and Blood.

Lastly, black sesame seeds are thought to target the kidney and the liver.

Both the liver and the kidneys are organs of detox and are highly involved in maintaining youth and good health in the body, so it’s easy to understand how Black Sesame Oil became prized for its many healthful properties.

Respected by Ancient Traditions, Validated by Modern Scientific Research

The benefits of sesame oil and black sesame oil aren’t just ideas dreamed up by these ancient traditions.

Sesame has also become one of the most studied oils in existence, with a wide variety of human studies conducted over the years.

The results are mind-blowing—and not only back up everything these ancient traditions knew about this miraculous oil... they take it even further.

Modern medicine has uncovered how black sesame oil can support your heart... your nervous system... your metabolism... help maintain normal blood sugar balance and more.

Let’s quickly review some of the many benefits modern science has uncovered when it comes to black sesame oil...

Maintain Healthy Circulation and Encourage Your Metabolism

Black sesame seeds are one of nature’s richest sources of copper and zinc. These minerals are responsible for the production of red blood cells, which carry oxygen to the lungs and ultimately to all the tissues of the body.

Healthy red blood cells promote good circulation and ensure that toxins are filtered out of the body. Sesame oil, like any oil, is mostly made up of fat. The fats found in sesame oil are unsaturated, ‘omega’ fats that help to keep your heart healthy when you eat them every day!

Deepen Your Sleep Quality (and Sleep Longer!)

Sleep is extremely important for peak bodily function for maintaining wellness. Regular lack of sleep has been linked to many health issues, so getting plenty of shut-eye is key.

Black sesame oil contains high levels of magnesium and calcium, which are known to relieve stress both mentally and physically and help you to get deep, restful sleep.

Diana Herrington at Care2 identifies two additional nutrients in sesame oil that can improve sleep quality:

“Sesame also contains the calming vitamins thiamin and tryptophan that help produce serotonin, which reduces pain, assists moods, and helps you sleep deeply.”

Getting better sleep, and more of it is definitely one way to maximize your overall health.

Transform Your Cellular Health, Look and Feel Younger

Black sesame seed oil can also work to encourage healthy cell growth.

Sesame seeds contain phytate, which is beneficial for normal cell growth and they also contain sesamol, another important compound for maintaining cellular health.

Vitamin E is also found in black sesame oil, and it’s a powerful antioxidant.

You need antioxidants to help keep free radicals in check, or they’ll run rampant and damage other cells.

Free radical cell damage can lead to symptoms like fatigue, memory loss, inability to sleep and worse. Antioxidants sacrifice their electrons to free radical cells and stabilize them, supporting your immune system and reducing oxidative stress.

Strengthen Your Bone Health has a post about the Ayurvedic tradition of using sesame oil for bone health: “Sesame oil is the only oil that has the power to penetrate all seven layers of the skin, deep into the body’s organs and tissues, ultimately strengthening the bones.” This makes sesame a great choice for massage. We know that sesame seeds are loaded with magnesium and calcium (more calcium than any other seed, in fact), which work together to maintain strong bones, and they are also high in zinc which is important for bone mineral density.

And that’s barely scratching the surfaceblack sesame oil also delivers:

Anti-Aging Properties

Chinese herbal medicine recommends the use of the seeds to delay, and even reverse, common signs of aging like loss of hearing, poor memory, gray hair, and poor eyesight. The iron and B vitamins in the seeds (and oil) help fight these age-related symptoms, and fight the formation of unsightly pigments and wrinkles too.

Heart Health

Black sesame oil is rich in sesamolin and sesamin, substances recognized for their ability to promote healthy cholesterol levels. Research shows that of all the seeds and nuts commonly consumed in the United States, sesame seeds contain the highest amount of phytosterols, which are useful for cholesterol regulation and more.

Comfortable Digestion

The lignans in black sesame seeds and oil relieve indigestion and occasional constipation. The oil, in particular, contains healthy fatty acids which help lubricate your intestines. This means black sesame oil is also an excellent fat for gut health.

Reduce Stress

The magnesium and calcium in sesame oil help relieve stress. The tryptophan and thiamine help with the production of serotonin, a compound present in the human body that helps reduce pain, balance moods, and make deep slumber possible.

Pain and Inflammation

Black sesame oil can support the body’s normal inflammation response and contains multiple antioxidants. The copper found in sesame seeds also helps the enzyme lysyl oxidase to cross-link elastin and collagen, the substances that provide elasticity, strength, and structure to joints, bones, and blood vessels.

Bottom line: more and more people are recognizing the nourishing and health benefits that come from the use of black sesame oil. Now it’s your turn...

A Healthy Oil That Tastes Delicious in Your Favorite Recipes

One of the best things about black sesame is that it’s not only HIGHLY therapeutic, it’s also delicious!

At Activation Products, we specialize in sourcing and producing the very best, most therapeutic oils in the world.

And while we have many oils in our line that deliver an incredible range of health benefits, they often are not what you might call delicious or “culinary” oils.

But black sesame is unique: it not only does everything we’ve shown you on this page—it’s also tasty and can be used in salad dressings, stir fries, dips, and countless other recipes.

It’s one of the safest, best oils to use in your diet on a regular basis — including light cooking—ESPECIALLY if you avoid grocery store sesame oils and stick to Perfect Press Black Sesame.

Why Most Sesame Oils Are Potentially Harmful to Your Body: Oil can be your body’s best friend or your worst enemy...

The right oils can help your body clear toxins... repair and even reverse aging… keep your heart healthy... activate activity in your brain... even fuel your ability to burn fat...

The wrong oils can lead to low energy... brain fog... weight gain...


Even most “cold-pressed” sesame oils are still subject to heat... and will fail to deliver all of the benefits you’ve learned about today.

On the other hand, the Perfect Press method extracts every single drop and beneficial nutrient from black sesame seeds.

There is literally no other black sesame oil like this on the planet.

Perfect Press is more than just revolutionary oil-extraction technology...

It’s an entire system, beginning with the soil from which the seeds originate.

How PERFECT PRESS Gives You the Best Black Sesame Oil in the World

Fats are highly sensitive to heat, and therefore heating or toasting sesame oil—which is high in delicate polyunsaturated fats— and then storing it for long periods ISN’T advised.

This can lead to rancidity, which is why many of the sesame oil products on the market are not recommended.

The good news is, the MOMENT your body has the opportunity to access pure, high-quality oils from raw, unheated black sesame seeds... health benefits begin to emerge.

That’s why we pioneered the PERFECT PRESS process that we use to make the best Black Sesame Oil in the world. Here are the steps:

STEP 1 The Best Black
Sesame Seeds

Top quality seed oil can only be pressed from top quality seeds. We carefully select our black sesame seeds from around the world using 38 non-compromising criteria. Once we believe we’ve found Perfect Press-worthy seeds, we order samples and run test batches for quality assurance. And finally, our 15-point checklist ensures that our seeds arrive at our pressing facility clean and undamaged.

STEP 2 Extracting Black
Sesame Oil

Our proprietary presses are designed to extract every drop of black sesame oil out of every single seed without causing any damage to the fatty acid chains or other nutritional components found inside. Hundreds of tons of pressure applied help ensure all the oil is extracted—WITHOUT any heat or light exposure generated during the Perfect Press extraction process. That means zero rancidity—and maximum therapeutic benefit.

STEP 3 Your Black
Label Bottle

Miron glass guarantees that the precious oil is completely protected from air as well as UV light, which can damage fragile fatty acids. Samples of every single batch we press are kept and tested for stability. Lab results have clearly shown that our unique methods lead to long shelf-lives without worry of oxidation.

The Result? The Purest, Most Potent Sesame Oil Ever Created—and All the Life-Changing Benefits of Black Sesame in One Bottle

There are absolutely no pollutants, toxins, heavy metals or bacteria. We take every precaution to ensure the essential fatty acids present are untainted, fresh, and maximally bioavailable for your cells.

You get 100% black sesame oil with all of its proven health benefits and rich, nutty flavor—with NONE of the issues that plague oils processed with less effective methods.

And since it’s plant-based, it’s also perfect for vegans.

There is nothing else like black sesame oil, and no better version of this miraculous oil.

If you want to benefit from this ancient healing oil, this is your best path forward.

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To make you feel good about your purchase today, we want to make it clear that it comes with our exclusive 60 Day “It Works or It’s FREE” Money-Back Guarantee.

Perfect Press Black Sesame Oil WILL deliver all of the benefits the ancient practitioners of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine knew about... and all of the benefits modern researchers have uncovered...

If for any reason you are not happy with your first order, you are covered by our 60 Day Guarantee. A refund will be issued for one unit of any product without having to make any return. If multiple bottles were issued in that order, these would need to be returned unopened and in the same condition that you received them.

We want to see you thrive, and we also believe that HAPPY CUSTOMERS are the best advertising.

So again, in the extremely unlikely event you’re not blown away by your investment in Perfect Press Black Sesame Oil, just let us know — your results are protected, there’s no risk at all.

Sesame Oil Was Revered by the Ancients for a Reason...

and Perfect Press Black Sesame Oil is Light Years Beyond Anything They Ever Imagined— All the Life-Changing Benefits of Black Sesame in One Bottle

As you just learned, there’s a reason why sesame oil has been so prized by Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda practitioners for thousands of years: few oils have so many powerful, health-enhancing properties.

But Perfect Press® Black Sesame Oil is beyond anything they had access to, because this pressing technology and packaging solutions like Miron Glass didn’t exist back then.

Which means YOU can get even more...

More internal warmth and nourishment...

More skin and hair rejuvenation...

More energy and better sleep...

Healthy bones... normal circulation... and beyond...

You deserve to experience all of this and more—
and it’s possible when you take advantage of our
exclusive Savings on Perfect Press
Black Sesame Oil.

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3 Pack 105.30 USD
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