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Discover one of the most powerful things you can do before bed to improve your sleep each night.
Sprinkle on one of nature’s most well researched health boosters, known to make you fall asleep fast and wake up feeling refreshed!

Father’s Day is just around the corner and there hasn’t been a better time all year to grab a bottle of our signature bedtime magnesium spray. Right now you can save up to 40% on the spray that over 100,000 people (many of them fathers) trust to help them sleep better at night and feel better during the day.

This cliche ‘Dad Curse’ is spreading!

I don’t know about you but I remember my dad always being tired! It was like he was cursed with bad sleep! Today it’s no longer just dads who this problem hurts. Grandparents, mothers and even young people in their 20’s and 30’s are reporting trouble consistently getting a good night’s rest (whether they have kids or not).(1)

164 million Americans have problems sleeping every week(1)
An estimated 88 million Americans have problems sleeping every night(1)

Why? Because things like stress, night cramps and hormone imbalances disrupt our sleep and keep us all from getting the sleep we need. EASE eliminates all these problems. And it has the added benefit of supporting over 600 healthy functions in the human body.

I can’t think of a better natural remedy to offer you this Father’s Day. If you’re lucky enough to have been sent this page then please, enjoy the savings and take advantage of the time sensitive discounts before they disappear.

EASE magnesium is the only spray of its kind. Spraying it on your skin before bed each night will improve your sleep immensely. It only takes 90 seconds for the solution inside each bottle to be completely absorbed by your skin, and for the magnesium to start working its magic. This stuff works! It’s the best natural sleep remedy I know and I wouldn’t offer you anything but the best.


Experience the miracle of EASE magnesium for yourself!
Celebrated and used around the world for sleep, stress and pain!

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In Honour of Father’s Day
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How EASE Helps You Sleep…

The magnesium in EASE naturally activates neurotransmitters in your brain that reduce stress and relax muscles. (3) Your body transitions into a deep state of calm, and you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

  • It optimizes sleep cycles by controlling the release of melatonin before and during sleep. (4)
  • Just like Ambien, this mineral aids neurotransmitters (GABBA receptors) that reduce unwanted nerve movement during the night. (5, 6, 7)
  • Powerful magnesium even helps suppress hormone and mood disorders like stress and sadness that inhibit quality sleep. (8)
The main reason EASE helps with sleep can be explained in much simpler terms though.

EASE helps you sleep because it’s the most effective way to give your body a natural supply of magnesium each day and night. Not getting enough magnesium has a disruptive and negative effect on your ability sleep. (7, 9, 10)

Magnesium is a mineral that many people are deficient in. Some estimate that nearly 80% of Americans are deficient in this sleep and pain-remedying mineral. (11)

The link between sleep and imbalanced levels of magnesium is clear.

Like I said before — magnesium supports over 600 healthy functions in the human body. (2) So when you can’t sleep it’s usually because you’re suffering from one or more symptoms of magnesium deficiency that attack at night. (14)

These symptoms (stress, dreamless sleep, excessive movement, muscle cramps, etc.) are all easily fixed by simply getting enough magnesium before bed with the help of EASE.

More Benefits of EASE

EASE does way more for your health than just improve your sleep! The mineral inside each spray bottle also helps remedy...
  • Pain - 90 seconds and your pain disappears. Magnesium is one of 18 minerals that play a major role in your joint and muscle health. How does it soothe stiff painful joints and muscles? That’s thanks to its ability to reduce swelling and boost your natural healing timeline.(15, 16, 17)
  • Stiffness - Magnesium is responsible for keeping your muscles and joints limber and flexible. Magnesium fights lactic acid build-up, which causes your muscles to become tight and sore. It also fights calcium build-up, which causes joints to becomes stiff and immobile.(12, 21)
  • Stress - Magnesium has a calming effect on the mind and body. Studies show it’s an effective natural remedy that you can use to reduce feelings of stress quickly. Working with your nervous system, this mineral (that each bottle of EASE supplies you with) lowers stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. On the flip side, magnesium deficiency (not getting enough of this mineral) is linked to spikes in these hormones.(8, 13)
  • Balance - Magnesium balances the calcium you get from food and water. Magnesium and calcium need to be balanced. If they’re not, your body moves into a state of over calcification. Over calcification lurks behind a lot of unnecessary health problems. (18, 19, 20, 21)

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  • Over 158,000 bottles delivered to happy customers around the world
  • 100% pharmaceutical-grade pure magnesium solution
  • Magnesium sourced from the Dead Sea
  • Safe for children, adults and dogs
  • Absorbs fully in under 2 minutes
  • 60 day money back guarantee
In case you were wondering if EASE is right for you…
Let me introduce you to just a few (of the thousands) of people who EASE was right for
Denise… I’ve been using the magnesium spray for a few months. It’s changed my life. I now sleep so much better and have more energy. *
Marilyn F… I have ordered and I am big fan of magnesium. This gets absorbed thru skin. Especially good after bath, before bed. Instead of waking up 2-3 am I am now able most nights to sleep to early mornings hours. *
How was your sleep last night?
Spray on EASE before your next sleep and start getting the sleep you deserve.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How big is each bottle of EASE?

    Each bottle of EASE contains exactly 8 ounces of pure, bioavailable magnesium.

    One bottle of EASE, used every day, should last you one month. We also have travel-sized bottles available that are small enough to take on an airplane, keep in your desk drawer or carry in your purse.

  • How long do I have to wait before I feel EASE working?

    Unlike other supplements, EASE begins working almost immediately. Within minutes of spraying it on your skin, you'll begin to feel its powerful soothing effect.

    Using EASE consistently on a daily basis will reverse your deficiency over time.

  • How much EASE should I use per day?

    We recommend 30-40 sprays daily (depending on your level of deficiency and your sensitivity to the product).

  • What makes EASE so easy to absorb?

    In general, magnesium chloride hexahydrate (MCH) is much easier for your body to absorb than other types of magnesium. When you put magnesium chloride (MC) and MCH in open containers side by side, the MCH will actually absorb water from the ambient air and melt into a pool of water. This is because the hexahydrate part (which is six water molecules attached to each magnesium chloride group) attracts more water to itself. When our product contacts your skin, the same thing happens, though much more quickly, because of the high water content of the human body.

    By contrast, magnesium chloride will not dissolve if exposed to open air. Getting MCH through your skin, rather than through an oral supplement, also ensures greater absorption because the digestive system can have a hard time processing magnesium. With our EASE spray or Deep Soak, the magnesium gets into your bloodstream directly through your skin.

  • ls EASE made in North America?

    EASE is made in North America.

    Every single bottle of EASE magnesium is mixed and packaged in a modern facility in Canada. Our facility maintains the highest of standards. EASE is a product you can trust was made with quality ingredients and special care.

  • What if l don’t like EASE?

    While most people absolutely LOVE EASE, if you don't that is okay. You are completely covered under our 60 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't absolutely love the way EASE makes you feel just give us a call and we will refund you the price of the bottle.