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SAVE BIG on Perfect Press Milk Thistle Oil

Nature’s #1 Way to Protect Your Liver from Toxins & Alcohol Damage

Protect your liver and you transform the way you look and feel

Details below.

Protect your liver and you transform the way you look and feel

Details below.

When It Comes to Your Health, Your Liver’s Performance Is EVERYTHING

First of all, to understand the importance of milk thistle, it’s imperative to understand how critical liver function is to our health.

As an organ, the liver is as nearly as critical to survival as our brain or heart—indeed, virtually nothing happens in the body without the liver’s involvement in some way. Consider this:

  • Your liver receives 30% of the blood circulating in your system every minute
  • Your liver performs chemical reactions to remove harmful toxins and distribute and store essential nutrients
  • Your liver helps process fat, ensuring optimum metabolism vs fat storage
  • Any time you eat, nutrients enter your blood, which are taken straight to your liver for processing
  • Your liver is also responsible for regulating your energy, primarily because it stores excess glycogen

Bottom line: the importance of your liver in your body’s health cannot be overstated.

It’s the difference between looking young, strong, vital, glowing and being full of energy... and looking tired, old, exhausted, and sick.

Why Milk Thistle Is Your Liver’s Best Friend

Now that you understand how critical your liver is, let’s discuss the single most important plant for keeping it well: Milk thistle.

Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) has been used for 2,000 years as an herbal remedy for a variety of ailments, particularly liver, kidney, and gallbladder problems.

Many scientific studies suggest that substances in milk thistle protect the liver from toxins, including certain drugs, such as acetaminophen (Tylenol), which can cause liver damage in high doses.

These compounds have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. And it may help the liver repair itself by growing new cells.

This is why milk thistle is widely used in the treatment of viral hepatitis (particularly hepatitis C).

In one study of 16 patients who didn't respond to interferon and ribavirin therapy, milk thistle significantly reduced the viral load of hepatitis C. In 7 of the subjects the virus decreased to undetectable levels after 14 days of therapy.

How Do You Know Which Source of Milk Thistle Is Best?

Of course, with so many proven benefits, there are hundreds and hundreds of milk thistle supplements out there. It can be overwhelming to know what’s best.

Here at Activation Products, we’re firm believers in the healing power of oil.

Through tens of thousands of extractions and lab assays, we’ve seen time and time again how the most active healing components of most plants are most abundant in the oil.

(Assuming it’s pressed correctly and not rancid.)

Milk thistle is no different.

Many of its most critical nutrients are extracted from the seeds.

This includes special groups of flavonoids thought to help repair liver cells damaged by alcohol and other toxic substances... as well as protecting new liver cells from being destroyed by these same toxins.

Milk Thistle Oil...
a Wonder Elixir for Your Liver

If these essential nutrients are abundant in milk thistle seeds, then the purest, most potent source of them would be a seed oil.

Forget all the extracts, powders, potions and other supplements out there that are no longer alive... and often loaded with fillers and additives.

Instead, you want to go straight to the source of healing — THE OIL.

The only catch is... it takes VERY special processing to separate this delicate oil from dry milk thistle seeds without damaging.

The oil must not be exposed to excess light, air, or heat... otherwise, instead of healing your liver... it becomes a toxin that damages your liver.

The good news is that we’ve PERFECTED the process of oil extractions.


Perfect Press Milk Thistle Oil

The Ultimate Liver Protector & Rejuvenator!

Raw, organic & pure

This week only, enjoy massive discounts on this premium liver-protective, restorative oil before it’s gone.

The bottles on this page have been marked down and are ready to ship. Whether you use it for general liver health and rejuvenation or for your skin... this one-time sale is the perfect time to stock up.

Milk Thistle Oil

Don’t leave your liver vulnerable.

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Perfect Press, Milk Thistle Oil
We recommend consuming 0.5 teaspoons per day. This oil can be taken on its own, added into a cold beverage, or topped on prepared foods. This oil should not be applied to heat.

Servings per bottle: Approximately 30 servings

Ingredients: Milk Thistle Seed Oil (Silybum Marianum)

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Why Milk Thistle Oil Is the BEST Tonic for Your Liver

Already you learned how special types of flavonoids found in Milk Thistle Seeds help protect and rejuvenate your liver.

You also learned why oil, when properly extracted and NOT rancid, is the best way to deliver active nutrients from seeds to your body.

Plus, you learned why Perfect Press—our proprietary oil extraction method, which takes the BEST seeds and extracts all the delicate oils... WITHOUT damage from air, light or heat... is THE most effective way to get healing oils.

And then, on top of all that, milk thistle and oil is a match made in heaven... because ALL oils must be processed by the liver...

Which means that this healing oil is shuttled DIRECTLY into your liver for processing, ensuring you get all of its nutritive and healing benefits — almost immediately!

Bottom line...

Milk Thistle Oil Is Nature’s #1 Source of Liver-Protecting, Liver-Healing Nutrients

Whether you drink or not, we’re all exposed to toxins.

And all those toxins must be processed by the liver.

Perfect Press Milk Thistle Oil is a simple way for you to start healing, repairing and optimizing your liver health.

Every drop of milk thistle seed oil is overflowing with liver-healthy fatty acids, fat soluble vitamins and flavonoids — in a totally pristine, absorbable form — ready to go to work in your liver.

If you want a natural way to start protecting and transforming your liver health, Milk Thistle Seed Oil is the best superfood to do it with.

This Is The Best Opportunity You’ll Ever Have to Help Protect Your Liver

While these bottles of Perfect Press Milk Thistle Seed Oil being offered at our lowest price ever, this is THE perfect moment to take your liver health to the next level.

This is a premium Milk Thistle Oil Perfectly Pressed™ from thousands of the world's best milk thistle seeds.

Our signature Perfect Press Technology™ took years to develop and allows us to carefully press this oil without heat and without compromising the nutrients inside our milk thistle seeds.

That means each drop of oil contains raw, undamaged essential fatty acids and healing flavonoids – critical nutrients your liver can use immediately.

It’s pressed and bottled in Canada.

It’s raw.

It’s organic.

And it’s a non-GMO oil you can trust.

Zero light damage. Zero rancidity. Zero risk.

It only takes 1/2 a teaspoon a day to help repair, rejuvenate and recharge your liver’s health and functioning — ensuring that pollution, toxins and alcohol NEVER tax your liver the same way they do to everyone else.

Save big... AND keep your liver functioning perfectly in the process.

Learn from my experience... protect your liver with Milk Thistle Oil!

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