Researchers Discover Natural Plant Molecules That Help You...
Win the War Against Bad Bugs...
Maintain Good Gut Health, Support Your Immunity, and Energize Every Cell in Your Body
If you have any enemy in your body... it’s harmful cells

The probiotic craze has led tens of millions of people to believe that if they get special strains of good bacteria—everything will be okay.

But in reality, it’s MUCH MORE effective to kill the bugs that are hostile to your gut microbiome and entire body.

This allows the native good bacteria you already have to thrive and do their job.

The term “gut microbiome” refers specifically to the microorganisms living in your intestines.

A person has about 300 to 500 different species of bacteria in their digestive tract.

Most people don’t need more of these, what they need is to kill the “bad guys” that are preventing the good guys from supporting your immunity, metabolism, energy, skin health, sleep and more.

How to Know if You Need to Protect Yourself From
Harmful Cells
If you can answer yes to one or more of the following, you probably do:
  • Have you ever taken antibiotics? They can kill the “good guys” along with the “bad guys”, which means you need to rebuild your microbiome...
  • Do you eat fish, have old dental fillings or live near the freeway? Your system may be fighting more bad guys than it should have to...
  • Have you consumed simple sugars in foods and beverages? Those can affect the balance of your microbiome (and not in a good way)...
  • Do you eat starchy carbs like bread and rice? Your body breaks these down into sugar, which feeds the bad guys…
  • Do you have regular stress in your life? That can make it hard to keep your immune system strong...
  • Have you ever used or been exposed to toxic cleaning products? Many of the common chemicals in household cleaners are hard on your healthy gut flora...
Sadly, these factors are just the tip of the iceberg.
There are many more reasons to protect your gut microbiome.
Why Most Natural Remedies Don’t Work
Why Most Natural Remedies Don’t Work

You probably know that antibiotic medications are often necessary for killing bacteria that can cause illness and disease.

The problem is that antibiotic-resistant bacteria— bacteria that are not controlled or killed by antibiotics—are rising FAST.

They are able to survive and multiply even in the presence of an antibiotic.

On the other hand, most natural solutions for killing bad bugs simply aren’t strong enough to take out all of the bad guys that are out there.

Luckily, researchers discovered a way to synergize bug-killing plant molecules to create powerful NEW compounds for fighting harmful cells... compounds that have never existed before.

They have been included in a single formula, which could easily be THE most powerful microbiome balancing solution ever created.


Incredible results from independent scientific studies have revealed this unique formula’s powerful effect on bad bugs.

It was shown to protect healthy cells and deport unhealthy cells AND bad bugs from your body at such an aggressive rate—we aren’t legally allowed to publish our findings without becoming approved as a pharmaceutical medication.

But the science behind this product is real and it’s why so many doctors have been recommending Solaris to their patients for years.

It’s a game-changer for anyone who wants to balance their gut and rapidly increase energy, eliminate brain fog, support their immunity, get better skin, deeper sleep, and EVERYTHING that comes with a balanced microbiome.

Lab-Tested Results Against
the Most Common Bad Guys

Solaris was tested by a respected American medical university laboratory to see if it was effective against the most common bad guys out there.

And guess what?

The Solaris formula achieved 100% KILL RATE while using standardized laboratory testing protocols!

This is beyond shocking and something that’s never been achieved with any other natural compound before.

Let’s take a closer look into how it works...

The Stunning Science
Behind this Effective Solution

Once a virus enters a cell, it either destroys the cell over time, or leaves the cell weak until the foreign protein is destroyed.

Solaris can destroy strange proteins without being quickly used up, thus returning weak cells to a healthy state... while preventing the growth of harmful cells.

In a nutshell, Solaris reacts with the unhealthy proteins and prevents harm to healthy cells by recognizing the salt base marker within their proteins.

Proteins that do not have a salt base cannot put up a resistance to Solaris.

Powerful New Technology That Synergizes Four Top Immunity Protectors

Solaris uses exclusive, proprietary technology to synergize four of nature’s most potent plant molecules—into totally new compounds that have never existed before.

Let’s take a closer look at each element in the formula and how it works:

Clove Oil
Clove oil is primarily known for its numbing ability. It’s often used to relieve toothaches, fight harmful cells and eliminate bad breath. But you may not know about a few other key things it can do for your body…
It Can:
  • support your immune system, dramatically
  • soothe an irritated throat
  • promote your body’s natural healing processes
  • help keep your blood sugar levels optimized
  • support your liver’s ability to pull even more harmful toxins from your body
  • support healthy blood circulation

Clove oil is mostly made up of an incredibly powerful super nutrient:


This is an extract that dentists, physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals use on a daily basis for many reasons. It’s nature’s answer to pain and BAD BUGS.

It has been used for hundreds of years to prevent swelling, to promote healing and to numb sore areas while they heal.

Clove oil is about 85% eugenol.

Eugenol makes clove oil such a powerful way to stay healthy naturally and support your body’s ability to heal that we added even more of it to our signature formula. You’ll see eugenol listed as an extra ingredient in Solaris further down the page.

Peppermint Oil

With all the benefits this incredible oil has, it’s baffling that more people haven’t been told to use it by their doctors. Not only does peppermint oil produce a soothing and cooling sensation on your skin (when properly diluted), it’s also a powerful way to support your gut.

There is a lot more evidence behind peppermint oil as a key component of the proprietary Solaris formula, but here are just a handful of reasons to keep peppermint oil in your medicine cabinet…

Peppermint Oil:
  • fights embarrassing bloating
  • eliminates even the most painful headaches with ease
  • blows bad bugs out of your body
  • minimizes muscle cramping and joint pain before they even happen
  • promotes sinus and nasal health
  • supports a healthy inflammation response
  • keeps skin cells healthy
  • stops free radicals from stunting your natural hair growth
  • helps soothe occasional digestive symptoms like nausea
Rosemary Oil
Through testing different formulas, we found that adding rosemary oil had a significant impact on reducing the number of bad cells that we all have in our bodies and that spread the older you get.
Rosemary oil is a key ingredient because it…
  • fights free radicals that can shut down hair growth
  • keeps brain cells healthy and promotes memory function
  • helps your liver detox naturally
  • supports your gallbladder function
  • lowers your body’s primary stress hormone — cortisol

What you’re probably noticing is that the natural ingredients in Solaris are all powerful liver function supporters and thereby improve your ability to keep your system healthy.

Rosemary, in particular, doesn’t stop there. This powerful super nutrient targets your brain, optimizing neural function and promoting emotional and cognitive health.

Thyme Oil
This oil is added to many natural health products and there’s a good reason why… It’s a powerful natural weapon against bad bugs. Especially those that spread through your chest and throat. Thyme oil protects you from them. Here are a few other reasons why it’s so important to the Solaris formula…
Thyme oil is a key ingredient because it…
  • has aromatherapeutic properties that aid in keeping sinuses clear
  • promotes healthy bacterial balance
  • encourages healthier, softer skin and prevents minor skin problems
  • strengthens teeth and supports overall oral health
  • helps to maintain normal blood flow and circulation
  • eases stress
  • increases progesterone production and promotes normal hormonal balance

Name a system in your body and there’s a good chance that thyme oil helps to support it on a cellular level.

The Sum is 100X Greater Than the Individual Parts

Now each of these ingredients taken individually would do incredible things for your health. They each have known benefits with the potential to change your life... imagine what combining them can do.

We’ve created the ideal formula that maximizes all of these benefits in one bottle. The perfect solution that compliments your body and is absorbed by your system with absolute efficiency.

The problem with most supplements and all-natural remedies is that they overload your system; they give you so much at once that your body can’t absorb it all and most of the vitamins and essential nutrients end up getting flushed away.

With Solaris you only need a small, potent serving each day. It delivers the right components in exactly the right quantities. It scopes out abnormal cells and free radicals in your body and destroys them. Here’s how…

Why Free Radicals (Caused by Bad Bugs)

Solaris is known by another name among the doctors we work with: The Free Radical Scavenger.

Each of its ingredients have one thing in common: they find and destroy the free radicals hiding in your body.

A difficult task, thanks to how fast free radicals spread.

Free radicals (age-accelerating molecules that can damage healthy cells) grow and spread at an alarming rate — affecting cells all throughout your body.

They are unbalanced molecules that sour everything they touch.

When a free radical comes into contact with a healthy molecule it literally rips an electron out of that molecule. That makes the healthy molecule unstable and it turns into another free radical. They spread fast this way.

You need to stop them before that happens.

Beating the Bad Guys
is Always the First Step

Supporting every single one of your body’s systems requires promoting balance at the cellular level.

Making sure you take out the bad guys AND give your cells exactly what they need on a day-to-day basis... is the secret to maintaining radiant health and wellness.

Solaris provides that nourishment and support.

It’s the simplest natural way to keep your cells healthy.

When the nutrients in Solaris come into contact with a GOOD cell, they reinforce its cellular wall and essentially make it stronger.

Helps Keep Your Cells Healthy

The real magic of Solaris occurs when its compounds come into contact with a BAD cell…

The nutrients in Solaris smash a hole in the cell wall, causing it to implode and inevitably be flushed out of your body by your immune system.

And as you read above — Solaris is also a free radical scavenger which means that it doesn’t just attack abnormal cells, it attacks bad molecules that can lead to more abnormal cells down the road.

Every cell is made up of molecules. Every second of every day, those molecules are under attack by free radicals.

Free radicals are age-accelerating molecules that exist in your body because of the food you eat, the air you breathe and the water you drink, not to mention stress.

They are unavoidable. The powerful nutrients in Solaris find free radicals that are hiding in your body and neutralizes them.

That means stable molecules. Stronger cell walls.

Solaris finds these harmful molecules hiding in your body and stops them from spreading.

It’s a powerful, all-natural formula that keeps you healthy on a cellular level.

Previously ONLY Available to Doctors...

Up until now, Solaris was available exclusively to health care practitioners.

If you were not a doctor or a patient of one of these forward-thinking healthcare workers, you wouldn’t have been able to get your hands on a bottle of this life-changing formula.

Doctors and healthcare professionals like…

Dr. Paul Finucan, MD:
“My Skin Improved and Everyone Started To Notice!”
My name is Dr. Paul Finucan. I have been a physician for over 33 years and I am constantly researching health and nutrition products for my family and patients. Recently I was introduced to a scientific breakthrough in nutrition called Solaris. With all products after I do extensive research on the product and ingredients, I start testing the product myself, then with family and patients. Almost immediately I saw amazing benefits and results! I recommend Solaris for every Patient now. I used Solaris diluted on my skin and took Solaris internally, my skin improved fast and everyone started to notice. Since then I cannot keep it I stock in my Clinic. Almost every condition I see improves.

Until recently these were the only people in the world that Solaris was available to.

Not anymore…

Today You Can Get a Bottle of Solaris Without a Visit to Your Doctor

It only takes a few drops to start completely optimizing your cellular health. This potent formula contains some of nature’s most powerful plant molecules and you only need a little to get started.

5-10 drops daily will change your life. To support every system in your body with only those few drops you’ll end up paying about 80¢/day.


That’s less than most people spend on coffee every morning.

80¢/day to give your cells the evidence-backed nourishment and support they need. This formula is firmly supported by tests and hard science.

In fact, it’s helped so many people get their health back and we are so confident that it’s going to help you too that…

You Can Have Solaris

If for any reason you are not happy with your first order, you are covered by our 60 Day Guarantee.

A refund will be issued for one unit of any product without having to make any return.

If multiple bottles were issued in that order, these would need to be returned unopened and in the same condition that you received them.

Start feeling the difference that Solaris makes. Unlock your body’s true potential and finally experience your optimal level of health.
Don’t believe us?

Try Solaris Today, Guaranteed
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Solaris is made entirely of botanical extracts and is free of any artificial ingredients, pesticides, fillers or preservatives of any kind.

Specifically, it contains…

  • clove oil
  • rosemary oil
  • plant esters
  • peppermint oil
  • thyme oil
  • plant-based eugenol

Each ingredient in the formula is a powerful antioxidant, preventing cellular damage from free radicals.

Recommended Amount

Based on your body’s needs you may require more Solaris, but our standard recommended serving is…

5 drops, 2x daily for maintaining good cellular health

Feel free to use more but keep in mind that this is a powerful formula. Add a little to a small glass of water each morning and then again throughout the day as needed.

Try Solaris Today, Guaranteed
YES! Show Me How to Balance My Gut and Support My Cellular Health!


3 Pack 105.30
(35.10 /Bottle)
SAVE 10%



6 Pack 187.20
(31.20 /Bottle)
SAVE 20%



Single 39.00 /Bottle



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Your Order Qualifies For A Free Item