Your Heart Can't Break
if it's Healthy

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Fuel your heart for optimal performance.
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Flax oil

It loves, breaks and beats but most importantly your heart keeps you healthy.

Whether it's through regulating your blood pressure, blood sugar, or cholesterol levels — a strong, healthy heart = a strong, healthy you. When you take into consideration all the things it's responsible for, you could argue that your heart is the most important organ in your body.

The shame is that as you get older, your hearts take a beating. It's not long before your heart starts working poorly and, if you're unlucky, your heart breaks — for real (not in the emotional way).

So.. what can you do?

The surprising thing here is that the actions you start taking today can have a lot of impact on the future of your heart-health. Young and old. The amount you move, the way you live and especially the things you eat can all either hurt or help your heart in surprising ways.

So this week, while everyone is eating chocolates and heart shaped candies, I thought I'd offer you something better. Something that can help protect your heart from the beating it takes everyday...

Introducing Perfectly Pressed Flax Oil

Flax oil
The best oil for your heart!
Raw, organic & pure.

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Save from $59 to $145 today!

Up to 3 free extra bottles with your order.

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Here's why...
Eating Flax oil everyday is a proven, natural way to protect your heart
  • The heart-healthy ALA found in Flax oil fuels your heart for optimal performance.
  • The University of Maryland Medical Center said that one of the best ways to prevent heart problems is by making sure that your diet is high in omega–3s — particularly alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).
  • Researchers found that by eating more of these plant based omega 3s every day, large groups of people were able to significantly lower their risk of developing life-threatening heart conditions.
  • You can help protect your heart the same way those people did by eating Flax oil every day.


Flax oil is nature's #1 source of heart-protecting ALA and plant-based omega 3s.

Whether you're ‘over the hill' or not, it's a simple way for you to start reinforcing your heart every day with these special omega 3's (ALA), completely on your own. Every drop of Flax oil is overflowing with alpha-linolenic acid — the kind that your body can actually absorb.

If you want a natural way to start protecting your heart, Flax is the best superfood to do it with.

Flax oil
There's never been a better time than now to start protecting your heart with Flax oil!

While these bottles of Flax are being offered at bargain prices, the oil is far from ‘bargain' quality.

This is a premium Flax oil Perfectly Pressed™ from thousands of the world's best Flax seeds.

Our signature Perfect Press Technology™ took years to develop and allows us to carefully press this oil without heat and without compromising the nutrients inside our Flax seeds.

That means each drop of oil contains raw, undamaged ALA omega–3s your heart can actually use.

It's pressed and bottled in Canada.
It's raw.
It's organic.
And it's a non-GMO oil you can trust.
Flax oil
Zero light damage.
Zero rancidity.
Zero risk.

It only takes a couple of teaspoons a day to reinforce your heart, maintain healthy blood pressure and stop your circulatory system from deteriorating as you age.

One small investment today. Huge rewards tomorrow.

From my heart to yours!

Ian Clark

Not convinced?
Here's what other customers are saying about our flax oil...

I've been using the activation flaxseed oil for just over a fortnighth now and my fuzzy head seems to have disappeared. Amazing what natural products of excellent quality can do. *

Miami, FL

Another great product that means that I can be healthy without having to gag down another pill. I add this Activation flaxseed oil to my morning protein drink and it blends quite well. Flaxsaedoil is good forthe heaft and helps you to have beautiful skin as well.I do believe that it doesn't matter how much make up you use if you am not healthy lrorn the inside. Glad to find this product. *

Sharyl D.
Sacramento, CA

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the flax seed oil. After using it for just 3 days. my skin is softer and smoother — amazing! I bought the flax seed oil hoping that it will help me [...] i have changed my diet [...] but there is still a lot of healing to do. If the flax seed oil is healing my insides as much as improving my skin, this will be wonderful. After 6 days I noticed an increase in energy which is wonderful and one of the reasons I was able to do today's hallenging hike. Other improvements may take longer to notion but I am really happy with the flax seed oil. *

Oak Hill, WV
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