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Our Team

We are dedicated health enthusiasts with a shared passion for elegant simplicity and authenticity. We believe in the power of nature and the importance of clean, fresh and pure raw ingredients. We are always searching; seeking out new information, discovering new superfoods and developing new formulations.

Our highly specialized production processes are the results of years of research and a concern for protecting the integrity of our nutritional sources. Our customer care reps are deeply committed to providing clients with meaningful, one-on-one support and reliable, evidence-based information about our products. Our entire team shares the vision of a healthy, happy future for our customers, our families and ourselves.

The Founders

Ian Clark

When he was just 46 years old, a number of life-threatening health issues hit Ian all at once and he was forced to start searching for solutions. Refusing to accept the dire circumstances in which he found himself, he decided to pursue a natural path to fixing his health.

Ian traveled the globe, uncovering potent remedies and whole foods with powerful natural health benefits. After five years of intense research and learning what it takes to support the body’s natural ability to heal itself, Ian set out to share that information with others. With his sons and the support of a team of innovators, Activation Products was born with Ian as a Trustee and quickly grew into a company that helps tens of thousands of people achieve their health goals every day.

Anthony Clark

Anthony Clark is the Co-Founder and a Trustee of Activation Products. At the age of 19, Anthony started Activation with his dad (Ian), when Ian was going through a serious health crisis. The two spent years researching natural health solutions and discovering the fundamental whole foods that truly enhance people’s lives.

Since that time Anthony has poured his energy into Activation Products, using the business as a megaphone for sharing everything he and his father have learned. Anthony has a deep-seated desire to help other people better themselves, both physically and emotionally, in a world where the odds are stacked against them.

Anthony also spent six years in the military, which taught him self-discipline and enhanced his natural talent for organization, design and strategy. He’s passionate about building a world-class company and creating products that add real value to people’s lives.

Allan Clark

Allan became a part of the family business at the age of 18 when his father Ian began to explore natural approaches to health. Allan immediately took an interest in the science behind the remedies and became obsessed with learning everything he could about a how these products work with the body. Allan is known for his technical skills and has been coding and building IT systems for 14 years, and is both the Chief Technology Officer, and Trustee at Activation Products.

Allan is passionate about security and data integrity and uses his skills in these areas to provide a safe and secure web environment for our customers to enjoy. Allan has received some mentorship over the years, working in different agencies but is primarily self-taught. Allan continues to improve our systems and to provide the highest level of service to our customers.