Over 741 Studies PROVE

This Is the Most Therapeutic Oil Ever Discovered



  • The Broadest Spectrum of Health Benefits of ANY Therapeutic Oil Ever Discovered
  • Up to 10X More Pure and Higher Bioavailability than Any Other Black Cumin Oil
  • More Thymoquinone—the Active Healing Nutrient in Black Cumin—than Any Other Food
  • Helps with Acetylation and Thus Renews Your Cells, Repairs DNA and Turns Back the Clock
  • Loaded with Essential Nutrients Like Omega-3s, B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Zinc, Calcium and Potassium.
“Every time you take black cumin you are stimulating your immune system to fight on your behalf and increase natural killer cells.”
- Dr. Gary Null, Ph.D.
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L. Myers

Best Stuff for My Chronic Pain!

“This is the best stuff I have ever found for my chronic pain and I have a lot of it. Nothing worked. Totally annihilates inflammation. I rub it on my sore joints. It works both internally and externally and even lowers blood pressure substantially!!!! A best product all the way around!!!”

- L. Myers on June 15, 2018

Emily Sandstrom

White Hair Turned Back to Original Color!

“I have used this product for more than a year anyway. My hair returned to its original color, beginning (for most of it) with the ends. (I liked it the way it was, though.) Now the hair continues to be this interesting unique color and I quit the other supplement”

- Emily Sandstrom on May 23, 2018


I Like the Energy It Has Given Me!

“I got the 100 ml bottle to save money and to test it out. So far I like the energy it has given me, I don't have major health issues but this stuff could definitely heal a sick horse with one tsp lol. I've taken 1 tsp 3x a day with the 100ml bottle.”

- Lyric on April 16, 2018

Barbara Jones

Each Day Gets Better!

“This product heals my bones from the inside out . This is a wonderful Journey ,each day only gets better”

- Barbara Jones on February 8, 2018

Li An

Love It for Hair and Face!

“Love it for hair and face and in pills for internal use. Good quality and amazing product. Oh, don’t forget to shake!!”

- Li An on August 20, 2018

Tallevette Mueller

Better Sleep, More Energy, Less Pain!

“I've used it twice so far. The first night I slept better. The second day I had less pain in my leg. I have more energy. And to me the taste isn't all that bad.”

- Tallevette Mueller on February 17, 2018

No Other Oil Has So Many Researched Health Benefits

Research Images Research Images

As you’ll discover throughout this page, there are over 741 studies published on PubMed illustrating the benefits of Nigella Sativa (black cumin).

These studies reveal how black cumin seed oil can…

  • help stabilize blood sugar levels
  • defend against harmful cells
  • promote a healthy inflammation response
  • support a healthy immune system
  • support your cardiovascular system
  • protect your digestive system, starting with your stomach
  • keep your liver strong and healthy to help it filter toxins from your body
  • improve lung capacity and function
  • allow you to go from feeling dull and tired to alive and vibrant, fast

But the good news is, you don’t need to take our word for it. Because the research is undeniable...

Top researchers ALL AGREE
Black Cumin Is the ULTIMATE OIL for Healing and Rejuvenating ALL Aspects of Your Health:

Boosts metabolism, which could allow you to shed

Supports the body’s natural detoxification process [3]

Can help to reduce abdominal fat, maintain healthy blood pressure balance, support healthy cholesterol levels and promote blood sugar stability. [5]

Opens up airways, allowing you to breathe more easily [2]

Reduces the secretion of stomach acid, eliminating occasional acid

reflux and digestive problems, including stomach pain and constipation [4]


Loaded with a Super Nutrient that

Fixes the Most Critical Function in Your Body

You’re only ever as healthy as your gut — it’s the center of your digestion (which affects your nutrient absorption)... your energy levels... immune system... even your brain function!

According to several studies [6] performed on thymoquinone (TQ) [7] (the main active ingredient in black cumin seed oil), researchers found this extract actually increased mucus levels and prevented acid secretion inside the gut.

This means acid reflux, excess gas, bloating and stomach pain all become a thing of the past.

If you’ve ever suffered from any of these uncomfortable conditions, you know how debilitating and downright embarrassing they can be. People who haven’t had acid reflux don’t understand how truly tormenting it can be. And if you’re always bloated, you’re constantly walking around feeling heavier than you really are, so it crushes your self-esteem.

By increasing mucus levels and preventing acid secretion inside your gut, black cumin oil has the remarkable ability to relieve all of these embarrassing and painful issues.

Is there any wonder our customers report an immediate boost in energy, vitality and well-being?

Healing Oil Images

History’s ULTIMATE

Healing Oil

No other oil in history has been so extensively used and revered for its healing properties:

  • Cleopatra used black cumin as a beauty treatment.
  • Queen Nefertiti used black cumin seed oil to bring luster to her hair and nails.
  • Hippocrates used it to assist with digestive and metabolic disorders.
  • Archaeologists even confirmed that King Tut had a bottle of black cumin seed oil in his tomb for use in the afterlife.
  • It has been used by practitioners of Ayurveda and Chinese Traditional Medicine for thousands of years to treat an extensive list of mild to extreme health conditions.

And Perfect Press Black Cumin Oil is THE purest, most bioactive version of this miraculous oil.


Heavy Metals and Chemical Exposure Have Created a

“Toxic Gut” Epidemic

Toxic Images Toxic Images

Sadly, the world we live in has never been more toxic.

Every single day, we’re exposed to literally tens of thousands of chemicals — 80,000+ according to a recent EPA report published by PBS.

Sadly, though, those are just the chemicals we’re TOLD ABOUT.

There are many more “untested” chemicals being dumped into our environment every single day.

This is one reason why more people suffer from gut health issues and yeast overgrowth conditions (such as candida) than at any point in history.

Because these metals and chemicals are so toxic, they kill our friendly bacteria — and set the stage for pathogenic mold and fungus to take over.

The good news is that Black Cumin Oil is a potent anti-fungal and helps us rebalance the gut and digestive system.

The result? No more brain fog, better digestion, improved energy, immunity and more!


Candida, Mold and Weakened Gut Health Is Only One Problem

These Issues Lead to a Highly Compromised Immune System

Problem Images Problem Images

Research shows the strength of our immune system is DIRECTLY tied to our gut health. And yet, because our tummies are under attack by yeast and other bad bacterial life forms... poor gut health leads to weakened immunity.

This means getting sick more easily, lower energy, more food sensitivities (which leads to more digestive issues), brain issues and even chronic disease.

Luckily, Black Cumin Oil can help here, too!

In 1989, an article about the phenomenal properties of black cumin was published in the Pakistani Medical Journal.

Then in 1992, research into the antibacterial properties of Black Cumin—as compared to strong antibiotic drugs—was carried out by the medical department of the University of Dhaka, in Bangladesh.

The facts were very fascinating: black cumin oil demonstrated itself to be a MORE EFFICIENT remedy against certain types of bacteria including those which most strongly resist antibiotic drugs.

The Most Miraculous, “All in One” Healing Oil Ever?

Miraculous Images

There is NO OTHER OIL that has exhibited so many healing properties. For instance, Black Cumin Oil has been shown to:


The Internet Journal of Pharmacology states that this ‘mystery’ seed oil can help to reduce abdominal fat, maintain healthy blood pressure balance, support healthy cholesterol levels and promote blood sugar stability. As little as 2.5ml per day has been shown to dramatically improve waist-to-hip ratios, HDL cholesterol, triglyceride levels, fasting blood glucose levels and blood pressure!


In one study [8] testing the effectiveness of black cumin seed on nasal conditions, 42 patients, suffering from painful nasal symptoms participated in a 7-week study. The end results revealed that black seed oil significantly helped these patients improve their nasal and respiratory health, compared to the saline solution.


According to several studies [6] performed on thymoquinone (TQ) [7] (the main active ingredient in black cumin seed oil), researchers found this extract actually increased mucus levels and prevented acid secretion inside the gut. What’s more, fungal issues like candida thrive off of moist, mucus-rich environments. This means digestive issues, candida, excess gas, bloating and stomach pain all become a thing of the past.


thymoquinone (TQ) instigated a process called acetylation, which involves your nervous system systematically programming the death of those cells running down your immune system and block them from duplicating themselves. This is essential to rejuvenating your body on a cellular level, and explains why Black Cumin Oil helps in this regard.


Because Black Cumin Oil gives your immune system added support when fighting things [15]. Second, it regulates the release of cytokines, which are released by your body to fight off anything trying to invade your system.


The power it has over the inflammatory response is incredible. Studies have even shown that both black cumin oil and thymoquinone alone strongly protect the delicate stomach lining against harmful substances and the inflammatory effects of stress [14].

Why Most Black Cumin Oils Are Rancid and Therefore Toxic to Your Body

Oil can be your body’s best friend or your worst enemy...

The right oils can cleanse and detoxify your cells... repair and even reverse aging... heal damaged areas... activate activity in your brain... even fuel your ability to burn fat...

The wrong oils will clog, damage and even destroy your cellular health, leading to low energy... brain fog... weight gain... even disease.

Unfortunately, bad oil is EVERYWHERE... because any oil exposed to heat, light and excessive air will go rancid... taking it from healing to HARMFUL in the body.

That’s the case with nearly every other black cumin oil on the market. Even those which claim to be “cold pressed.”

Because most “cold-pressed” oils are still subject to heat... will congest your cells and upset the balance of your brain.

That’s what allows the Perfect Press method to produce THE purest, most nutritionally potent oils in the world today.

Perfect Press is more than just revolutionary oil-extraction technology...

It’s an entire system, beginning with the soil from which the seeds originate.

Why the PERFECT PRESS Process Unlocks ALL of Black Cumin Oil’s Benefits for YOU

Rancid oil — which is all too prevalent, takes a major toll on every biological system.

The good news is, the MOMENT your body has the opportunity to access pure, high-quality oils from living, unheated seeds... it sucks it up, and this good oil begins to displace the bad fat across your cells and tissue.

That’s why we pioneered the PERFECT PRESS process that we use to make the best Black Cumin Oil in the world. Here are the steps:


Step #1
Seed Selection

Top quality seed oil can only be pressed from top quality seeds. We carefully select our seeds from around the world using 38 non-compromising criteria. Once we believe we’ve found Perfect Press- worthy seeds, we order samples and run test batches for quality assurance. And finally, our 15-point checklist ensures that our seeds arrive at our pressing facility clean and undamaged.


Step #2

Our proprietary presses are designed to extract every drop of oil out of every single seed without causing any damage to the fatty acid chains or other nutritional components found inside. There is no heat or light exposure generated during the Perfect Press extraction process, and that means zero rancidity—and maximum therapeutic benefit.


Step #3

Miron glass guarantees that the precious oil is completely protected from air as well as UV light, which can damage fragile fatty acids. Samples of every single batch we press are kept and tested for stability. Lab results have clearly shown that our unique methods lead to long shelf-lives without worry of oxidation.

Result Images

The Result?

Free of Impurities...

Right Down to the Last Drop

There are absolutely no pollutants, toxins, heavy metals or bacteria. We take every precaution to ensure the essential fatty acids present are untainted, fresh, and maximally bioavailable for your cells.

You get 100% black cumin oil with all of its proven health benefits and rich, peppery flavor—with NONE of the issues that plague oils processed with less effective methods.

And since it’s plant-based, it’s also perfect for vegans.

There is nothing else like black cumin oil, and no better version of this miraculous oil.

If you want to benefit from this ancient healing oil, this is your best path forward.


Our “It Works or It’s FREE” Money-Back Guarantee

To make you feel good about your purchase today, I want to make it clear that it comes with our exclusive 60 Day “It Works or Its FREE Money-Back” Guarantee.

Perfect Press Black Cumin Oil WILL put you back in control of your health and vitality like nothing else or you get a prompt, courteous, no-questions-asked 100% refund of your money, even if the bottles are empty.

We want to see you thrive, and we also believe, “HAPPY CUSTOMERS” are the best advertising.

So again, in the extremely unlikely event you’re not blown away by your investment in Perfect Press Black Cumin Oil, just let us know — your results are protected, there’s no risk at all.

Transform Images Transform Images

The ONE HEALING OIL That Will Transform Your Health and Change Your Life

BUT, all of this can be avoided, beginning today, simply by taking Perfect Press® Black Cumin Oil and benefiting from its powerful health-boosting properties…

Picture right now the moment when you’re finally living the life you’ve been looking for, as you begin your journey towards better health and well-being…

You feel alive…

Full of hope and optimism…

You’re living a totally healthy lifestyle and enjoying every second of it…

You’re experiencing the true vitality you deserve… at last!

That’s what we want for you, and that’s what you deserve to feel. However, the only way that can happen is if you decide, right now, to say YES to a better life.


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FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you take Black Cumin Seed Oil?

A. Depending on the results you’re looking for, there are two ways to use Perfect Press® Black Cumin Oil:

  1. Drink it
  2. Rub it on your skin or into your hair

Suggested Use: 1 teaspoon, twice daily.

Drinking Perfect Press® Black Cumin Oil has a whole range of benefits. Rubbing the oil on your skin or into your hair has a moisturizing and nourishing effect. (Be aware that if you do use it in your hair, you will need to shampoo it out).

Q: How will it help me lose weight?

A. Black cumin seeds contain high levels of phytosterols. Phytosterols are plant fats that resemble animal fat cholesterol. When ingested, phytosterols limit how much cholesterol is absorbed by the body.

Black cumin has also been proven to balance blood sugar levels. It does this by increasing how sensitive cells are to both insulin and glucose, thus ensuring that your body responds well to them.

Anyone who is diabetic is aware that low insulin levels create cravings for carbs and sweets and high insulin levels can cause nausea, extreme thirst and fatigue.

In addition to phytosterols, black cumin also contains CLA — conjugated linoleic acid. This fatty acid seems to speed up fat burning and appears to lower the melting point of fat.

Black cumin is especially effective because it combines phytosterols with CLA in one natural food source. Studies have shown that combining these things is effective for lowering body weight, even in extreme cases.

Simply by consuming black cumin regularly, you can balance your blood sugar, control your cravings and watch excess weight fall off. Please make sure that you consult with your physician if you are diabetic before starting a regimen that includes black cumin.

Q: Where are the seeds from?

A. We source only the highest grade, certified organic black cumin seeds from Egypt or India, depending on which has a higher quality and more abundant supply at the moment.

Q: Does Black Cumin Seed Oil have a strong taste?

A. Black Cumin does have a very strong taste. Many people take a straight spoonful but others mix it into a little water. Some find that if they mix it with honey, the 2 flavors compliment each other quite nicely. You can also add to dips or salad dressings.

Q: Why does the color vary sometimes?

A. Batches can vary. This is very common. It just means one might have more sediment than the other. In darker batches, there is more sediment.

It more golden batches, it just means that the sediment had a chance to naturally settle.

All batches are of equal quality. You will receive the same potency and benefits from every batch.

Q: Can I use it topically?

A. Of course! Many people have also added a small amount to their face and body creams, with phenomenal results. Also beneficial topically for dry, itchy skin and minor irritations. You can even use it on your hair, by itself or mix it into your shampoo.

Q: How is your black cumin seed oil made?

A. Perfect Press® Black Cumin Oil is Perfectly Pressed® from nothing but 100% pure, raw, non-GMO, certified organic Nigella Sativa (black cumin) seeds. There only two places in the world where these high-quality seeds are grown: India & Egypt.

Depending on the time of year, we source our seeds from one of these countries and then bring them to our facility in Canada to have the oil extracted. Absolutely no heat is used to extract the seed oil and therefore no nutritional value is lost.

This process is very expensive and it’s why our product is not only unique, but better. Perfect Press® Black Cumin Oil is simply some of the best, most nutritious black cumin seed oil available in the world.

Q: What nutrients are found in black cumin oil?

A. Black cumin seeds are packed full of vital nutrients. There are over 100 chemical compounds in black cumin seeds (some of which are yet to be identified). The main active compound in black cumin seed oil is crystalline nigellone. Other nutrients in this seed oil also include:

  • beta sitosterol
  • palmitic acid
  • oleic acid
  • proteins
  • folic acid
  • zinc
  • thymoquinone
  • stearic acid
  • linoleic acid
  • vitamins B1, B2 and B3
  • iron
  • phosphorous
  • myristic acid
  • palmitoleic acid
  • arachidonic acid
  • calcium
  • copper

All of these essential nutrients make this seed oil an all-natural multi-vitamin.

Q: What if I don’t like this product?

A. While most people LOVE Perfect Press® Black Cumin Oil, if, for any reason, you do not enjoy the product or do not experience the results you are looking for within the first 60 days, you are COMPLETELY covered under our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. Just call or email our friendly customer service team.


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