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You’re About to Hear How A “Terminally-III 46 Year Old Man”
Used Nature’s Most Elegant Solution to Ditch His Meds;
Normalize Blood Pressure, Balance His Blood Sugar,
Clear Brain Fog, Lower “Bad” LDL Cholesterol,
Alleviate Chronic Fatigue, Reset Hormones,
Recover From Advanced Liver Disease
And Regain Youth-Like VITALITY...

...After Discovering His Brutal Deterioration Shared a {Precise-Link}
To All Epidemic Chronic Health Ailments Today — A Link That
Can Be Remedied Using a Common Natural Resource
Most People Have Never Even Heard of.

12 years ago... I was told I had advanced liver disease.

I was preparing to say good bye to my family (at just 46 years old) when I received my dawnting death sentence…

But (miraculously) “good-bye” never came.

That’s what I’m here to talk to you about today.

In this document, I’m going to share with you how I recovered from my terminal illness and regained my health completely, using a common natural resource that reverses the inception-point of cellular stress resulting in various chronic conditions.

Conditions that could be brewing or visibly plaguing your body right now…

(…From common inflammation cycles… energy deprivation… brain fog and cognitive-decline… muscle and joint pain… Chronic infection and disorders… Endocrine issues and Hormone imbalances that affect your Thyroid/Adrenal axis, sex organs and sleep cycle… Blood sugar imbalances… Cardiovascular disease, yes— even Cancer.)

After my recovery a decade ago, I made it my life’s journey to study and research ways to best benefit from this food by founding ACTIVATION International; a cutting-edge health organization operating today out of Ontario Canada, Frankfurt Germany and Cadiz Spain…

Today, we have a team of over 100 committed individuals; including renowned scientists, chemists, top university researchers, and micro & marine-biologists working collectively to fuel our cause.

TO DATE: Our discoveries have helped hundreds of thousands of people restore their health and upgrade their well-being to the highest levels possible — allowing them to regain the most out of every day and enjoy life to its fullest…

(*I’ll gladly share some of their journeys with you shortly…)

What our discoveries revealed is —

There is one single-cascade in your body
that can cause any one of “their” conditions…

In the next few minutes, I'll explain why...

…And how our society has turned us into SITTING-DUCKS.

PLEASE — if you care about your health or about your families, read this document in it's entirety... we cut down the length by over 75% to communicate the most important facts (and make it a painless watch worth your time), so consider what you hear absolutely vital...

What you are about to learn may shock you.

But it may also save your life… It certainly saved mine.

First, realize the odds are stacked against us:

It's INSANE... According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — over 70 percent of all deaths are due to chronic disease!

Today, 48% of all Americans suffer from heart disease. (That's essentially 1 in 2 people!)

— 1 in 2 folks suffer from Diabetes, or pre-diabetes.

— 1 in 2 individuals have at least ONE chronic disease.

— The same 1 in 2 people will develop Cancer.

The good news is collectively, neither sex (man or woman) is much more susceptible than the other... for each condition.

The bad news... is that means at least you or your spouse/partner is statistically destined for unfortunate suffering or premature death.

And I should know... because in my household, I was the “unlucky” one.

12 years ago... This was ME:

...You can see - l was the unappealing “fat guy”, who choked down handfuls of gnarly meds, with a long and dirty laundry list of chronic ailments to go with them...

(— including insulin resistance, chronic pain & fatigue, high blood pressure and advanced fatty liver disease - affecting every organ in my body — resulting in countless haunting symptoms and a visual walking talking cesspool of inflammation)

Well, eventually... (and as you would suspect) the overwhelm on my health tipped my body into “breakdown” status, evolving from a downward spiral to - catapulting me into “full-blown” advanced liver disease.

And so the “cycle of death” had begun...

(...Causing me to quickly shed weight and turn into the “yellow skeleton” you see in the middle picture there.)

At this point, I had been deemed terminal — and if something didn't change, and change FAST -

I was going to DIE.

The struggle became REAL... and as any family man with household responsibility, the stress from this realization became quickly OVERBEARING. As my wife and 7 children were all depending on me...

So I expressed my concerns of desperation to my doctor... only to feel even more panicked by his general textbook reply:

“Keep taking your meds.... maintain a low-fat diet, eat more veggies and less-acidic foods to raise your “alkaline” levels, and increase your antioxidants daily to combat oxidative stress and associated inflammation. Make sure you check-in regularly...”

...Sound Familiar?

Well as my body and health continued to unravel at record pace...

“Traditional advice” certainly was NOT changing the trajectory of my outcome and I knew I needed to make a dramatic change. So I set out to do something different about it...

Since I wasn't getting the results I wanted going the “conventional” route, I decided to start exploring my “alternative” health options... thus beginning a quest around the globe for a natural solution that defied all conventional wisdom regarding all my major health challenges...


I had multiple issues and limited time to chase down each one, individually.

My much more logical hope, was to find a solution that represented a common-thread to all my problems.

(Or at least my most critical health issues...)

If I could alleviate the most threatening burdens to my body, at a very minimum, I'd buy myself more time - to figure out this whole “health restoration” and optimization thing.

So I had my plan, and I was sticking with it... Of course, the more I sought to learn, the more I found out how much I didn't know at all!

But as divine intervention would have it, I eventually found something that worked.

I discovered revolutionary truths and used them to reverse my condition and make a miraculous recovery from an against all odds situation.

How do Things Look for Me Today?

Today, over a decade later, I have:

  • An over-abundance of energy (I travel most of each month)
  • Dramatically improved brain function & clarity
  • Zero muscle or joint pain (100% GONE!)
  • Heart healthy, with normal blood pressure (110 over 78)
  • Healthy blood sugar levels
  • Zero cancers (knock on wood)
  • Normal liver function! (*zero detection of previous burden)
  • A smoothly-balanced endocrine system (hormones, etc)

I feel the best I’ve felt in my entire adult life:

…So I'm Still Alive HOW?

What was so significant that I actually UPGRADED my well being and daily performance, prior to my “healthy self” earlier in life?

Did I take more blood pressure meds?

— Nope. Actually, I stopped taking ALL my meds...

Did I start counting calories or starving myself by only eating salads?

— Nope.

Did I engage in some new intense exercise program?

— Nope... matter of fact, I rarely exercise at all, aside from walking. (I'm too busy traveling)

Did I stop eating “fun” foods and saturated fats like BUTTER?

— Nope. In fact, I ate more of them....

Did I start pounding down “omega 3” supplements, like Fish Oil?

— Nope. I actually never touch either one of them!

No fish oils. No antioxidant pills. No multivitamin tablets. No calorie-counting. No special or gluten-free diet. No meds. No pain-killers. No exercise. No intense juicing regiment. No strange herb-serums.

Nope. I didn't succumb to ANY common conventional or alternative advice...

What I discovered, is totally unorthodox from common knowledge.

Yet, so simple, it leaves you frustrated over the absent logic...

The Discovery About Our Health
That Changed My Life Forever:

We've all heard the “common-tales” of well-being, like:

- You need to oxygenate your body

- You need to get and maintain an alkaline body

- You need to combat oxidative stress (with antioxidants)

- You need to reduce inflammation...

Well over the next few minutes, I'm going to bring all these “common-tales” full-circle...

Outlining them and interlinking them (with each other) and any given health challenge.

You're also going to see why the (real solution) isn't ever mentioned...

Its the relationship across all bodily breakdown.

the enabler that connects them all...

“The Gateway to All Disease”

(*NOTE: You're going to want to PAY CLOSE ATTENTION, as we quickly run through this segment...)

So without further ado... here's the foundation of our discussion:

When a persons health becomes “lethargic” or compromised in any way... it’s because they’ve lost the ability to make new cells that work..

I'll say that again... (*This is a good one to write down!)

“...When your health becomes compromised — it's due to:
your body's inability to make new cells that work.

When your body can’t effectively make new cells that work, bodily-breakdown happens.

It's that simple.

Dr Jerry Tenant talks about this scientific assessment in his book — “Healing is Voltage”

*Where he specifically states;

“All chronic disease occurs - when you lose the ability to make new cells that work...”

~ Dr Jerry Tennant, MD

This notion is very simple…

Your body is made up of approximately 100 trillion cells.

They make up our blood, organs, bones and tissues...

They are the LIFE and existence of our bodies. Every single system in our body is piloted by them.

When your cells can’t work properly, it’s impossible for the body to stay healthy!

So Doctor Tennant applied this specific medical philosophy, to form this hypothesis:

“If you can intentionally make ONE brand new healthy cell, then you should be able to make 100 trillion — in order to restore and/or maintain your best health possible.”

...Super simple idea, right?

Get your cells working properly and health irritations should disappear or be prevented!

Years before his book, Dr Tennent used this exact philosophy to heal himself, after he also was condemned by his fellow doctors and assigned a death sentence, like I was.

This simple philosophy has not only worked for the both of us, but it has helped tens of thousands of others around the world with various diverse health ailments, geographical locations, race, sex, stages of suffering and age…

So if you want to feel better than you currently do (and ever have), THE KEY is to fix and supercharge this guy right here:

...But What Makes Your Cells NOT Work?

What is the common demoninator that links us all together?

And what is the universal solution for your health?

In Dr Tennant’s study of chronic conditions… he found 3 general commonalities always shared among all persons.

All persons with compromised health had:

1 — Low Oxygen - inside their cells. (*this is called “intracellular” oxygen)

2 — Low Voltage - (to power and be stored in each cell - *like a battery)

3 — Insufficient Materials - (to make new cells that work properly)

So to make new cells that work - you need:

1 — More Oxygen (to get inside your cells)

2 — More Voltage (to power and be stored in each cell - *like a battery)

3 — Proper Materials (to make new cells that work properly)

Your body’s inability to accomplish this results in: increased inflammation, oxidative stress… and a resulting cascade that ends in your specific chronic demise.

It could be “low energy”, impaired blood-sugar regulation, joint pain, arterial-blockage, cancer formation, and so on…

Though the symptoms are different, based on our bodies own experiences and genetics, a major root cause is the same:


It’s called this for 2 reasons:

1) Because your cells are designed to work perfectly and with precision.
*Meaning: imperfectly operating cells = health problems

2) Because it’s a super-simple acronym for you to remember/reference the problem:

OCD is an acronym for:

— Oxygen (inside your cells)

— Charge (voltage to power your cells)

— Duplication (creating new cells - that work)

When this essential complex is broken, it’s impossible for your body to stay healthy.

When your cells don’t have sufficient oxygen, sufficient charge, or sufficient raw materials to duplicate in your body — disease is inevitable!

Some form of compromised health can’t be avoided.

Somewhere in your body,
the dominoes begin to FALL....

It all starts with your inability to make new cells that work.

…And an impaired OCD complex prevents this from happening.

An impaired OCD complex handicaps your cells from:

1) Being able to transfer oxygen into them (from your blood).

2) Being able to store a charge to power them.

3) Being able to properly duplicate into healthy new cells.

For your body to regain and/or maintain optimal health, your cells each MUST:

- Have sufficient OXYGEN (inside them)

- Carry sufficient VOLTAGE to charge them. (*no charge = DEAD CELLS)

- Have necessary MATERIALS to properly duplicate into new cells that work

So lets take a quick look at each one of these issues...



Oxygen is critical for cells to work.

A commonality of chronic disease is low oxygen INSIDE CELLS. (*This is called “intracellular-oxygen”)

Meaning... the oxygen is having trouble transferring from the blood, through the cell wall.

This is largely due to defective cell membranes (- the cell wall is made up of)

Defective cell membranes are the result of damaged phospholipids - which these membranes are made up of.

Let me explain....

The membrane of our cells is called the phospholipid-bilayer.

These cell membranes become defective, because modern diets are largely void of healthy phospholipids and essential fatty acids that make up this membrane.

This is what happens when you process, preserve, heat-treat and manipulate foods, oils and fats.

...You severely damage the lipids your cells require to work and properly transfer oxygen.

An example: partially-hydrogenated oils, found in over 83% of processed foods, are plastic-fats.

They can't transfer oxygen. And they can't conduct electricity needed to function. So any cell membrane relying on lipids from common dietary sources become defective.

Here's WHY;

Oxidation via food processing is instantaneous and deemed necessary for shelf-preservation. Which is the removal of oxygen. The problem is our bodies use these oxygen-void foods to also build new cells... and then our cells can't carry oxygen either!

*So for simplicity; cell walls that can't properly transfer oxygen inside of them = LOW CELLULAR OXYGEN.

...And when oxygen can't get from outside the cells, to inside the cells, bodily breakdown and disease happen;

Pathogens takeover, and oxidative stress and inflammation result in thickening of blood and damage to cells & cardiovascular system - affecting your heart, brain, liver - and other vital organs. Circulation problems arise, your immune system becomes overwhelmed, and your health breaks down faster than your body can repair itself...

For example;

Disease; like Cancer happens due to LACK OF CELLULAR OXYGEN!

This was a discovery made by Dr. Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine, 1931 — who wrote about it in his research titled ”The Metabolism of Tumors" in Germany...

He discovered that weakened cell respiration causes cancer due to lack of oxygen at the cellular level.

For example:

Ever wonder the difference between a “benign vs active-tumor?”

...It's the degree of oxygenation deprivation!

Benign consists of “sleeping cancer cells” that consist of 20-30% oxygen deprivation.

Once that increase to OVER 30%, over time = cancer comes.

That's a good note to jot down btw...

“Decrease cellular oxygen by 1/3 over time and cancer comes...”

Now the second important factor explained by Mr OTTO, is —

“The amount of oxygen in your cells is determined by the voltage of the cell.”

~ OTTO Warburg, Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine

This is called “Bohr's Law”...

MEANING: When voltage is low, oxygen is low.

So if you take a glass of water... the amount of oxygen that will dissolve in the water, will be dictated by the voltage of that water...

And guess what.... Your cells are 70% water!

...So what does this mean?

*It means... to fix “an oxygen problem”, you must fix the voltage problem...


Voltage (in the form of electrons) is what gives your cells their “charge”.

In other words... it's your cells “battery-pack”...

...And if you live with negative symptoms of any kind, you have low-voltage.

Voltage, like oxygen - is a problem of the bodily state of alkaline-retardation.

Because like oxygen, the amount of voltage that can be stored in your cells is also dictated by the integrity of phospholipids your cell membranes are made up of.

The same damaged phospholipids that prevent oxygen transfer, also prevent the storage of voltage.

Because your cells store the voltage in these membranes.

...And you can't store voltage in damaged cell membranes.

(Which is another reason the Oxygen/Voltage problem goes hand it hand...)

Which brings me to the last part of Dr OTTO's findings...

*In 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for showing that cancer thrives in anaerobic (without oxygen), or acidic conditions...


It's widely known today that the presence of high acidity is a sign there is likely disease in the body.

Here's why...

The part you likely haven't been told: (High Acidity = Low Voltage)

...Which means, high-voltage = alkaline.

In other words... “an alkaline body”, which is represented by your PH (*or potential hydrogen) level - is an alternative representation of sufficient cellular voltage!

A naturally-high PH in your body is due to an oxygen rich environment with sufficient voltage. On the flip-side... attempting to “raise your PH” is practically useless if you can't store voltage.

This is why many folks try to binge on “alkaline foods” and can't seem to remedy a damn thing!

Here's how voltage in your body works...

*A “normal PH”, which is 7.35 — is what you naturally get when you have a “normal” cellular voltage of -20 millivolts.

*On the opposite end of the spectrum... cancer occurs at +30 millivolts.

-50mv - during healing

-20mv - normal operating

-15mv - tired

-10mv - sick

-5mv - organ damage

-(below 0) ...reversal of polarity and damaged DNA in the cell. Cancer happens

(*You can actually measure voltage in your body using things like an “OHM meter” directed at problem areas or your organs & chakras…)

Now, you may have also heard from your own Doctor, or otherwise common rumors that illnesses such as Cancers, are “genetic” conditions....

But this was actually disproved by Thomas Seyfried, who in his book “Cancer is a Metabolic Disease” — demonstrated that genetic changes are SECONDARY to LOW VOLTAGE in cells!

...So what you REALLY WANT to improve your health isn't “PH” per se.... it's voltage!

And your body stores and uses voltage in the form of electrons.

(*Electrons possess an amazing healing capacity - including supplying cellular voltage, anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory effects.)

When you can't properly store voltage (electrons) in your cells, your body is in —

A State of Alkaline-Retardation!

Alkaline-retardation — is the common-bodily state, when cell membranes are void in the necessary phospholipids & materials required to store electrons, transfer oxygen, and properly duplicate.

*I'll repeat that —

“ Alkaline-retardation — is the common-bodily state, when cell membranes are void in the necessary phospholipids & materials required to store electrons, transfer oxygen, and properly duplicate.”

This results in the body using more electrons than readily available.... causing a drainage of necessary voltage.

(Especially when “bodily stressors” are introduced… more on that in a moment.))

This is the truth about alkalinity.

— *If you can't store electrons, you are suffering from alkaline-retardation

— *If you can't store electrons, your body will always be ACIDIC.


*If you fix your ability to store voltage (electrons), and you restore necessary electrons, then your body will be ALKALINE.

ALKALINE = Electrons present.

ACIDIC = Electrons void.

Cellular voltage is what truly achieves “alkalinity” in your body, not simply raising PH.

AGAIN: This is why guzzling “lemon juice” or baking soda, isn't going to cure all problems... because your cell membranes are still not addressed!

This is why countless folks with health ailments can't breakthrough by simple “consuming alkaline foods”...

Because they can't properly store voltage in their cells!

To store proper voltage in your cells - you need to repair and build healthy new cell membranes. Then you need to put tons of electrons in your body to restore & maintain sufficient voltage!

*This is how REAL “alkalinity” is achieved in your body!

...This is why you can't get needed phospholipids from lemon juice or baking soda!

Nor can you from your favorite “green-juice”... or even decent electron-donors like vitamin C alone.

Because they don’t remedy an impaired cellular “OCD” complex:

— they don't supply necessary undamaged phospholipids and essential fatty acids!

— they don't fix your cells' ability to store voltage!

— they don't provide all necessary materials to build new cells that work!

Sufficient voltage (in the form of electrons) is essential for your health...

Your Body uses Voltage to:

- control hormones

- heal infections

- deflect pathogens

- neutralize toxins

- regulate emotions

And remember: as voltage drops, oxygen drops


Low-Oxygen & Voltage (due to Alkaline-Retardation)
Causes This to Happen In Your Body...

Your body is home to over 1 trillion “sleeping” microbes.

When your oxygen is low it results in the awakening of dormant microbes.... which begin to proliferate and thrive.

When oxygen drops, these bugs WAKE UP... putting out digestive enzymes that digest your cells and suck the nutrients out of them!

When your voltage is low:

—> your body makes more toxins

——> which lowers voltage more...

———> resulting in more pathologic infections

————> this cycle continues.

As this continues... these “pathogenic enzymes” spread throughout your blood and body, and cause what you know as chronic and auto-immune diseases.

Don't believe me?

Here is what “normal red blood cells” look like:

And Here is a live-blood analysis of a friend who was
in a progressive state of alkaline-retardation:

*Image recorded March 2013
(*His voltage and oxygen had reached all-time measurable lows)

As a result, he had dysfunctional thyroid & adrenals, an impaired liver, and a terminal case of Chron's disease.

TRUE STORY: His analyst, after looking at his blood, became paranoid he was gong to drop dead right there in her office.... it was the worst she’d seen in her career of 17 years of blood analyzation...

(*After I finish this explanation... I'll tell you how he used the same common natural resource I used - to achieve normal visual blood exams in just a few months...)

So know this is what can happen when you leave your body with an impaired OCD complex

An “impaired OCD complex” and state of alkaline-retardation always leads to;

— Thickening of the blood

— Full body overtaken with pathogens, infiltrating every crevasse of your gut, blood, and organs

— Inflammation via immune response, feeding more and more pathogenic activity.

— (*Choose your symptoms and disorder...)

And this always leads to —

The Inability to Create New Cells That Work.

We need to create new cells that work, when our cells divide.

This brings us to the 3rd part of an impaired OCD complex...

3) Division.

Cell-division, the process where we actually “create new cells”, is both where LIFE and DEATH happen...

And cells with membranes that can't store voltage are going to replicate into new cells that also - can't store voltage!

Because during cell-division, the current cell must contain enough electron-capable phospholipids and fatty acids in it’s surface, to divide off and create the new cell!

When this process is handicapped, your body begins to slowly die.

...And when cell-membranes become too-inactive before division of cells take place — it results in the formation of tumors.

This is why destroying cell membranes and lowering voltage in our bodies results in chronic and terminal diseases.

In addition to integral cell membranes, and sufficient electrons.... our body also requires an abundance of essential nutrients and raw materials at once — to successfully create new cells that work!

This is a MAJOR KEY:

Your body most successful creates new cells when it receives all necessary materials AT ONCE!”

Remember that last note... it's vital

But everything is only possible - with the cellular inability to transfer oxygen and store voltage first...

So What Causes Low Oxygen and Low Voltage?

Well as I stated, if you have low voltage, then low oxygen is inevitable.

But how does your body get deprived in the first place?

1) Damaged cell membranes (which can't store electrons and prevent oxygen transfer).

2) Electron insufficiency.

3) Your body is leaking electrons: Ultimately; OXIDATIVE STRESS
(—Chronic infections, root canals, metals in teeth, toxins in body, etc…)

I've explained the first 2.

Now let's cover #3.... because this is where things get out of hand.

If you've heard things like - oxidative stress and inflammation are the leading culprits of bodily breakdown... You're about to see MAJOR REASONS why...

THE BIG HURT = *Oxidative Stress*

Here's Where the Rabbit Hole Goes Deeper...
Toxins are electron-stealers!

(*meaning toxins STEAL our cellular-voltage!)

The modern day epidemic affecting our health (in addition to the absence of quality dietary phospholipids) is TOXINS.

And today MORE TOXIC ASSAULTS burden our bodies than ever before…

…From the contaminants in our tap water, to processed foods, pesticides & herbicides, air pollution, ocean contamination, hormone-disruptors like BPA in plastics, off-gassing furniture in our homes and mattresses we sleep on, to the constant radiation and electromagnetic fields were all getting bombarded by via modern day technology, power plants, antennas and cell-towers….

And here's the result:

1 —> We take in toxins.

2 ——> The toxins create harmful free-radicals in your body.

3 ———> Oxidative-stress results, when your body can't neutralize free-radicals fast enough.

4 ————> Excessive inflammation destroys your body from the inside OUT...

...Ever wonder why all epidemic conditions are referred to as “inflammatory diseases?”

Picture this...

Every cell in your body gets approximately 10,000 free-radical attacks each and every DAY...

Now multiply those 10,000 attacks — by the many TRILLIONS of cells in your body!

10,000 attacks, times 100 trillion cells in your body, to exact.

That's a LOT of free radicals that produce damage and modify cell functions, mitochondria, and DNA - disrupting the harmonic life-processes taking place in your body that keep you healthy and ALIVE!

This is why diseases begin to develop as more and more oxidative stress accumulates in your body.

...When a critical amount of inflammation and damage occurs to any bodily region of genetic vulnerability, then it eventually earns itself an assigned label of disease (— such as diabetes, kidney disease, cancer, etc.)

This is why the "free radical theory" states: Accumulated free radical damage - (as a result of oxidative stress), causes cellular processes to fall apart and our insides begin aging & decaying RAPIDLY.

This means, a prolonged oxidative stress burden eventually leads to death.

Why is this particularly relevant?

Because low voltage + low oxygen causes your body to get caught in a “washer machine action” type of oxidative-stress trap.

...So you can't EVER feel great and be incredibly healthy with insufficient voltage & oxygen.

“Low O+V = The ultimate OS Accelerator”

Because Low Voltage + Low Oxygen = “Oxidative-Stress ACCELERATOR!”

Here's how it works...

As I stated a moment ago... “toxins are electron-stealers”.

1 — Toxins in the body drain voltage

*Lowered voltage results in lower intracellular oxygen (inside cells)

2 — Due to alkaline-retardation, the body can't store proper voltage and enters a state of oxidative-stress

*Oxidative Stress further depletes electrons (voltage), and therefor oxygen

3 — As oxidative stress continues, inflammation rises

*Inflammation consumes oxygen as fuel — decreasing oxygen even further


— IMPERFECT CELL MEMBRANES = Low Voltage & Low Oxygen.

— LOW V+O = inability to properly neutralize toxins.

— TOXINS = damaging oxidative stress & inflammation.
(*which lower oxygen & cellular voltage, further)

Each time the cycle repeats, things get WORSE and health generally declines...

Over time, this compounds - creating a “butterfly effect” and your body begins to breakdown rapidly, towards death via disease.

Oxidative-StressSPEEDS-UP the deprivation of cellular Voltage & Oxygen!”

You see — as free radical damage occurs and cells and tissues are damaged, our bodies attempt to clear away the damage... this results in necessary inflammation to break down the damaged tissue needing to be “cleared.”

The problem — is the inflammation also unintentionally damages surrounding healthy tissue — leading to more damage!

Meaning, inflammation that is attempting to aid your body — leads to new secondary inflammation and oxidative stress..... destroying your body in the process!

Which results in more and MORE voltage and oxygen needed for repair! (*further draining your cells of voltage & oxygen!)

In addition to this...

A continued-cycle of inflammation damages our cell membranes even further!

Here's why: An ongoing cycle of oxidative stress leads to further oxidation of lipids that make up each cell membrane!

The result? An even DEEPER state of alkaline-retardation! (*and even-LOWER ability to store necessary voltage!!)

...Now you then have an even greater disability to produce new cells that work!

Oxidized Lipids = DEAD CELL WALLS —> Oxidative Stress —>

Starved Cells —> Inability to produce new cells that work

As This Cycle Continues,
It Shortens Your Lifespan Potential By The DAY...

Oxidative-stress is commonly referred to as the “aging-accelerator”.

This is because your longevity is dictated by the length of your telomeres

Telomeres are part of human cells that affect how fast we age and how long we live. They are caps at the end of each strand of DNA that protect our chromosomes.

And Oxidative stress shrinks your telomeres!

So standard aging and aging-acceleration from oxidative stress shortens your telomeres — which represent your general life expectation, outside of life-stopping disease.

“Oxidative-Stress = The Ultimate Aging-Accelerator”

The longer your body is trapped in this cycle... the more your longevity-potential is cut short.

(i.e.: The sooner you die.)

One handicap that allows this to happen… is a free-radical called superoxide; the most disastrous free-radical wreaking havoc in your body RIGHT NOW…

And it accounts for over HALF of all free-radicals in your body!

…And they are ONLY neutralized by an antioxidant that you do NOT receive in your diet or any of your various supplements!

Superoxide is only neutralized by an internal antioxidant in your body called superoxide dismutase

*Or “SOD” for short.

Because of it’s critical role in oxidative stress, SOD has even been documented as —

Your #1 Longevity Indicator!

It's your most effective weapon against “accelerated aging” from oxidative stress.

*Here's a best (and quickest) explanation I can give you - so we can move on...

In research conducted by Richard Cutler — at the Gerontology Research Center, at the National Institutes of Health — individual animals and animal species (that produced higher levels of SOD) all lived longer than those with lower levels.

His research showed that rodents like mice have the lowest SOD levels and that SOD levels are highest among longest living mammals — like humans.

His investigations also strongly highlighted — that SOD is a primary indicator of longevity across various species — and that increased SOD production plays a determining role in longer lived creatures, also with the longest life spans on Earth.


SOD is NOT significantly found in your diet, nor in antioxidant supplements!

Here's why:

It's destroyed by stomach acid via the slow digestion process.

(*and bio-available forms are very limited...)

There are a few synthetic SOD supplements, but many well-respected physicians like Dr Joe Mercola warn against this — as they state “synthetic forms” of internal antioxidant like SOD - may “shutdown” your body from producing it's own!

That would be a DISASTER for your health.

However, I’ve found one significant solution that allows you to solve all cellular issues of alkaline-retardation — by repairing your cellular OCD complex — which includes a completely NATURAL way to get LOADS of SOD in your body!

But the goal is to prevent an oxidative stress trap all together by reversing and preventing alkaline-retardation by fixing your cellular OCD complex…

Because if you’re living with any sort of symptoms of bodily disharmony, you’re experiencing some level of alkaline-retardation!

(*Which again; means your body is suffering from some degree of low voltage and low oxygen… and therefor internal bodily breakdowns and accelerated-aging…)

The Solution?
To Live Your Best Health Possible You Need to:
Be Able to Make New Cells that Work Properly!

This requires escaping a condemning state of alkaline-retardation.

To supercharge your body back to it's highest potential —

You'll need these 5 things:

1) Healthy Cell Membranes! (transfer and store oxygen in your cells)

2) Raise your Oxygen levels! (by increasing your Voltage)

3) Increase your voltage! (by putting electrons in your body)

4) All materials & nutrients to create New Cells that work properly!

5) Powerful Antioxidants to escape deadly oxidative stress cycle!

Is Positioned To Solve These Problems:

We’ll call this solution OCD + SOD.

When I discovered it, there was very little known about it. But I was ill and growing desperate... and I had met an individual who had some and suggested I try it....

It was a single food I’d never even heard of consuming... before that day.

A single food that is:

— The greatest natural source of bio-available SOD on earth! (#1 longevity indicator)
— A great electron contributor! (*voltage to recharge your cells!)
— Loaded with undamaged phospholipids & EFA’s to build healthy cell membranes!
— Contains every single nutrient & material needed to make new cells that work!

In addition it’s...

— LOADED with real concentrated sea minerals!
— A supplier of all nutrients needed to create more neuro-chemicals!
Instantly absorbable micro-nutrition - (even for compromised guts and livers!)

...And in my dire state of health, for a body like mine “cycling-toward-death” — it represented every thing my quest had revealed I needed!

The Greatest Natural Resource on Earth!

It was the first time I’d ever consumed it… it began to heal my body almost like magic.


Marine-phytoplankton is one simple-solution that saved my life, restored my body and transformed my health forever...

And I take it religiously, over a decade later... to this very day. And I'll continue doing so for the rest of my life.

It's 100% NATURAL, organic, from the Earth, safe, living, raw, and more nutrient dense than anything on the planet!

*In fact, not a single living creature would be here on this Earth, without it!


It's a living food, found in all our oceans — and is the beginning of the life cycle, here on Earth.

Marine-phytoplankton are self-proliferating micro-algae that use photosynthesis to convert the sun's energy, and available compounds into a self-birthing life-form.

In essence, marine-phytoplankton are where life begins on planet Earth, and is the active cornerstone for ALL LIFE.

Without it... none of us exist.

....It's the Single Oldest-Known Food Source
Responsible for More Human, Land and Sea Life
Than Any Other Living Food on Earth!

(...Yet, EVERYONE isn't nourishing their bodies with it!)

Now what's astonishing, is this incredible foodhas been on our planet for millions of years, since the very first life forms... we just never had an efficient way to consume it, until recently.

It's also the most abundant self proliferating living food here on Earth.

All possibilities for better health change when you understand —

The Power of Marine-Phytoplankton...

MP is the most powerful natural substance on Earth:

  • Marine-phytoplankton feeds over 99%+ of all sea life!
  • So nutrient dense even the largest mammals like the blue whale thrive on it!
  • Keeps the plankton eating whale shark alive for over 150 years, which is sexually active until it dies!
  • Marine-phytoplankton creates the oxygen we breathe (*Over 90% of all oxygen on Earth, according to NASA — That's 10-TIMES all rainforests on the planet!)
  • Created our habitable atmosphere through photosynthesis (We wouldn't be alive today without!)
  • Makes up a quarter of all vegetation on the planet!
  • Absorbs over 10% of the suns energy on Earth! (*capturing and providing naturally-sun-infused Vitamin D)

And most importantly and impressively...

European scientists have discovered marine-phytoplankton to be an explosive source of macro-nutrition—Containing every single life-giving nutrient found in the plant, animal and human kingdoms!

Making it the most nutrient dense food & life source on the planet.

Every evolutionary cycle has a “proliferation of life” and a “decay/breakdown” process...

So when you increase the base of the life cycle, all life EXPLODES IN GROWTH!

...And the SAME THING happens in our bodies!

Phytoplankton are microscopic yet extremely POWERFUL.

WHY Marine-Phytoplankton is The #1-Thing
You Should Put In Your Body Each Day...

Marine-phytoplankton contains everything needed to restore and optimize your health and daily performance...

Let's take a look...

1) OXYGEN MP provides an ocean of phospholipids - that your body needs to build healthy cell membranes that transfer oxygen into your cells!

(*Remember: Marine-phytoplankton is also the greatest innate oxygen-creator on Earth! *According to NASA)

2) VOLTAGE MP uses the suns energy to naturally attract an abundant supply of cell-charging & free-radical neutralizing electrons!

Further, MP provides the nutrition & lipids your body needs to build healthy cell membranes that can effectively store voltage!

“Your health is based on shifting electrons to maintain electrical neutrality.
This is the mechanism of old age and death...”

~ Duane Graveline MD MPH
Retired Doctor, USAF Flight Surgeon & NASA Astronaut

3) MATERIALS (to build healthy new cells) — MP contains every single known nutrient needed to build new cells that work!

*According to European scientists & researchers at the University of Spain; Marine-phytoplankton contains ALL nutrients found in the human, plant and animal kingdoms!

“Marine Phytoplankton makes available to us — every amino acid, vitamin, mineral, polysaccharide, or healthy sugars and essential oils that the body needs”

~ Hugo Rodier, MD, Nutrition Professor
University of Utah Medical School

4) OXIDATIVE STRESS — MP contains the greatest micro-available source of SOD (superoxide dismutase) — to combat oxidative stress and slow aging!

(*Remember, SOD is your body's #1 longevity indicator! *According to extensive life-span and life-extension studies)


Remember: Oxidative stress is when you have too many “free radicals” to handle.

So what is a free radical?It's an atom that has an unpaired electron!

So when you FEED YOUR BODY ELECTRONS - you donate the missing electrons and neutralize the free-radicals!

Meaning: *Electrons from marine-phytoplankton are even more protection against oxidative-stress!

For health-compromised individuals:

*MP restores your body with all sufficient sea minerals and nutrients to build neuro-chemicals that control brain, nervous, and endocrine systems!

*Because it's comprised of micro-nutrition (nanno-sized particles), MP and all it's nutrients can enter your bloodstream without pre-assimilation by the liver! (*So nutrition gets in - even with compromised guts or stressed livers!)

...And remember we discussed how your health cascades downward when you can't make enough neuro-chemicals? (*like serotonin, etc)

Well, Dr Jerry Tennant, author of Voltage is Healing states —

“To maintain proper health, you must produce sufficient neuro-chemicals.
The best way I've found to do that is with Marine-Phytoplankton.”

~ Dr Jerry Tennant
Tennent Institute for Health

So What Happens When People Consume MP?

Here's a few of them that contacted me early on, after taking a marine-phytoplankton supplement called Oceans ALIVE:

“I've been taking all kinds of green food like wheat grass, alfalfa, kelp and seaweed, but I got to tell you, nothing beats this product. I've experienced sustained energy and overall general health. I've also noticed better bowel movements and I think this product is really cleaning out my insides too... yeah!”

~Thomas V.

“I am very happy with the results. I feel refreshed and “clean” after 5 drops of this in filtered water. I can literally feel my electrons being re-charged.

~Amy C.

“I've been singing the praises of this product. I've received compliments on my skin, people have commented on how young I look, I've noticed an incomparable alertness and cognitive sharpness, and a well of energy that's made afternoon coffee unnecessary.


I can honestly say I have never felt better, my energy levels are through the roof, I don't 'catch every bug going' anymore & I am impressively mentally astute. It has completely changed my life.

My health has improved dramatically, but added bonuses are that my skin looks amazing, I feel and look so much younger, my prominent facial mole has faded as have a few liver spots, my eyesight has improved and the list goes on & on.”

~Beverly W.

“I had underarm skin issues for over a decade. I tried everything under the sun and couldn't get rid of it until I tried Oceans Alive.

The rash completely disappeared.

~Aaron F.

“I can say without a shadow of doubt taking “Oceans Alive” has taken my mind from being continuously in and out of depression to a state of being where I just don't get depressed anymore.”

~Noel P.

The Results Were Simply Incredible...

After the shocking results I started seeing, I'd decided to go “all-in” and pair-up with a leading team of MP (marine-phytoplankton) marine-biologists & researchers...

I wanted to know the best type of marine-phytoplankton to take for optimizing human health.

Here's what my grassroots team and I found:

There are a lot of types of MP on the market... especially “dried” powders.

And there are over 40,000 strains of MP - most of which, will do almost nothing for a human.

So we tried every type on the market...

What we found is a raw, living-liquid MP is far and away provides the most noticeable results and changes.

PROBLEM: the only facility producing the real, raw-living pure phytoplankton, I had tried and was getting from a friend — was all the way over in Spain...

However, we loved the product so much, that I set a meeting with the production facility, flew over to Spain, and we formed an official partnership - to find a way to bring it to people worldwide!

We knew it was the only option our team could fully get behind... after testing every phytoplankton to hit the market over the years... because we always found the raw liquid phytoplankton seemed to provide the best results.

Which surfaced a new problem: Raw liquid phytoplankton was being produced, but there was no way to preserve it for shelf-stability to get to the mass public.

(...And I wanted it in the hands of every person I could get it to!)

The facility in operation (at the time) was only able to produce shelf-stable DRIED phytoplankton!

Well, based on my experience and the real-life results I’d already seen in myself and some people around me… anything but a “real-liquid” phytoplankton wasn’t good enough for me.

Well, the solution came to me months later from a friend of mine, that was growing natural sea minerals in outdoor ocean ponds, in Australia...

= Bottle them in light-protective glass, with real grown sea minerals — from their naturally occurring environment.

...So we headed to our lab facility in Spain to test it out.... and PRESTO!

OCEANS ALIVE is an exclusive and proprietary multi-strain real-liquid Marine Phytoplankton, suspended in real ocean trace minerals!

The first strain that makes up OCEANS ALIVE, is called Nannochloropsis Gaditana. (...or "Nanno" for short).

A Marine Biologist named Dr. Luis Lubian, who was involved in an extensive study of more than 43,000 types of marine phytoplankton, discovered a strain of phytoplankton perfectly compatible with the human nutritional profile.

(*This means is it has just the right ratios and balance of amino acids, enzymes, fatty acids, minerals and pigments — the building blocks our body uses to repair DNA, produce glutathione, generate growth hormones, stem cells and MORE!)

Bottom line?

OCEANS ALIVE - Contains Everything You Need
to Make New Cells That Work!

OCEANS ALIVE - Also Contains Exactly What You Need To Combat Oxidative-Stress And Slow Aging!!

Our second strain, is a proprietary formulation - called the “GALA”. (*named after the “Galápagos tortoise” for it's unparalleled SOD (antioxidant superoxide dismutase) content. (*SOD is known to be your #1 longevity indicator!)

(*The "Gala" strain is so high in SOD, it contains active-levels HUNDREDS of times higher than any other natural source!)

SOD is not only the most powerful antioxidant in your body (approximately 3,500 times more powerful than Vitamin C!) — but it's also the hardest one to obtain and absorb through any outside mediums, such as diet or supplements...

Not with OCEANS ALIVE! Because OA is naturally nanno-sized and absorbed instantly without needed digestive breakdown or liver assimilation!

This is vitally-important, as SOD counteracts over HALF the oxidative-stress producing “free-radicals” in your body!

That's why its been PROVEN: *the higher SOD levels you have in your body, the longer your lifespan:

OCEANS ALIVE; Phytoplankton That's
8,000 Times More Powerful Than
Any Phytoplankton On Earth...

OCEANS ALIVE - has been naturally “supercharged" using a proprietary innovative process called "Genetic-Selection".

Genetic-Selection is a completely-natural process. (*NOT to be confused with “genetic-modification”)

Let me explain… Imagine you are growing organic-watermelon in your backyard:

Each season, you take your watermelons - and a multi million dollar laboratory tells you which watermelon seeds were 10% better than all your other watermelons. You then, re-plant only the 10% better watermelon seeds = and you get UPGRADED WATERMELONS through the genetic selection process year over year!

...In “20 or so years”, you have SUPER WATERMELONS!

Well, with phytoplankton, the genetic selection process can be applied DAILY, rather than YEARLY!

So every 3 months, we get the most-nutrient dense “naturally genetically-gifted” phytoplankton in the world!

THE RESULT? Marine-phytoplankton that contains upwards of 8,000 TIMES the nutritional potency!

...This would take you roughly 90 YEARS with watermelon in your backyard! Pretty neat, right? :-)

OCEANS ALIVE — 100% Contaminant Free!
(*Thanks to Pristine Growing Conditions)

OCEANS ALIVE has ZERO ocean water contamination.

We simply didn't want air pollution or environmental contaminants like heavy metals and radiation from things like Fukushima fallout mixing with the seawater where the Marine Phytoplankton grows.

That's why OCEANS ALIVE Marine Phytoplankton is carefully grown in perfect, pristine conditions in a photo-bioreactor.

A photo-bioreactor is a sealed growing environment, with the perfect ingredients. Ultra pure ocean water, pure CO2 and natural sunlight - providing the exact conditions to grow marine phytoplankton at its best.

(*In other words, you are creating a "closed off" mini-ocean without the pollution, waste, toxicity, heavy metals and bacteria of the real one!)

This is how we ensure OCEANS ALIVE consists of nothing else — aside from our proprietary strains and natural sea minerals!

It takes 90 days of careful attention to every detail to complete a full growing cycle. We take every step, from harvest, to stabilization, to packaging... with utmost scientific care... so you enjoy the full impact of life energy in OCEANS ALIVE.


...The Purest, Most Powerful Phytoplankton
— In The World!

When you take OCEANS ALIVE...

➡ Your cells with LOADS OF ELECTRONS so your
body feels all the energy it needs to conquer the day!

➡ Supplies materials to build healthy cell-membranes
that transfer Oxygen in — to keep you feeling your best!

➡ Supplies all materials needed to build new cells that work!

➡ Supplies SOD to combat Oxidative Stress at its core!

➡ Supplies everything you need to build Neuro-chemicals
for a healthy brain, nervous and endocrine system!

Sea Minerals replenish your gut with “redox” signaling!

Significantly improves your brain function!

Supports healthy cholesterol and blood pressure balance!

Helps all your organs work optimally!

Increases vision acuity!

Encourages & promotes a healthy liver!

➡ You will notice a deep sense of contentment.

➡ You will get much DEEPER, restful sleep.

➡ Your senses will HEIGHTEN...

➡ Your memory and focus will improve!

➡ You won't get tired as easily...

You'll experience more power, strength and stamina!

➡ You will feel more energy surging through your body!

The Most Amazing Natural ENERGY.

(...And unlike “artificial-highs”, you feel it throughout the day so you can enjoy life more, spend more time with your loved ones and participate in additional activities...)

And because every part of your body is balanced properly and getting the full-spectrum of nutrients it desperately needs...

You'll feel less stress, sleep better at night and wake up FRESH AND READY each day!

...Where every system in your body -- your circulation, digestion, respiratory, immune and neurological systems all "LIGHT-UP" and run optimally...

— Experience a <sharper> mind.

— A younger look & feel...

— The greatest optimum-boost in VITALITY you've probably ever felt.


(*I've actually kept a computer-log... over 98% of the people I've made these claims to agreed I was right!)

How many people we talking?

Over 250,000 People Have Experienced Oceans ALIVE!
...Now It's YOUR Turn!

“...Thank God for this product! The most noticeable experience I had from taking the Oceans Alive is that it has regulated my bowel movement. I've suffered with constipation for years, so I'm definitely loving this product. I'm also sleeping better.”

~Trace W.

“...I listen to Ian Clark as much as possible and I believe he is brilliant and a trustworthy person. I have learned a lot about health just from listening to him. These products do what they say!!! I trusted my decision to take the products and now I am amazed!!!

I am consistent with every dose every day! I feel better than ever!!! In July 2015 I went to a functional medicine doctor and she was amazed at my blood work. She told me to continue whatever I was doing.

We are very thankful for Oceans Alive!”

~Lisa A.

“...I started taking Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton. As a result, my general health has improved and I find that there is more clarity in my thinking. I used to experience extreme brain fog and had difficulty with my memory. Well... no more.

I give this product not a five star but a ten star rating!


“...My wife and I also take the Oceans Alive daily. The Oceans Alive cured my fatigue and I feel smarter than before and my mind is way clearer than before. What the Oceans Alive does for my wife is a little bit hard to believe. She had low back pain and couldn't sit on a chair for a long time. After she started taking Oceans Alive, her back pain was GONE. It didn't make sense to me.

All our family members take it dally. The Oceans Alive is a miracle for us. We can't think of living a single day without it. We feel very grateful to Ian and his team for this miraculous product! Thank you!”

~Jong C.

“...This product is...simply put....awesome! These past 3 months taking Oceans Alive, have truly been a God-send. Not only do we have more energy, better mobility, even fewer aches and pains the day after strenuous work are gone and we sleep better and no longer have to take an afternoon nap.

We have discontinued taking all 17 other daily supplements, but 2.

All in all, we are thrilled to report we are very pleased with Oceans Alive and how it has put the “aging process” on hold for us. The compliments continue. Our sons are truly amazed at our stamina, strength and endurance (yep, we were “hanging” with them) and our youthful appearance. Plus, we feel great! We will remain loyal customers.”

~Bill & Marilyn L.

“...Ocean's Alive is awesome! This is the best supplement I've ever tried,

and the only supplement that I will never stop taking!”

~Brenda S.

LOOK, Here's the Deal...

— *You've moved through almost this entire page.

— *You've heard how your well-being is dictated by your body's ability to store voltage & oxygen and make new cells that work.

— *And you know marine-phytoplankton can help supply your body with the materials needed to optimize your “OCD complex” and make new cells that work.

OCEANS ALIVE is the ultimate health & vitality solution you've been waiting for!

So try OCEANS ALIVE below and let's get you the MOST out of each day!

When You Order NOW...
We'll Make You an Offer You Can't Refuse!

For a limited-time, we're sweetening this deal beyond belief...

When OCEANS ALIVE hit the market, we had to charge $59 per bottle - which thousands of people happily paid for years...

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If You Choose To Join Our Monthly Auto-Delivery Program, We'll also Throw In a FREE BOTTLE of EASE Magnesium With Every Shipment!!

EASE Magnesium is our proprietary all-natural magnesium sprayfrom The Dead Sea!

It's critical your cellular kreb-cycle can run off enough magnesium to work — and magnesium is helpful in high-dose during times of replenishment, and unlike other minerals, is best absorbed through the skin!

(*Every once in a while, I come across someone so chronically-depleted in Magnesium, that it slows-down the progress of OCEANS ALIVE... so it's a worthwhile sacrifice for us, if you discover enhanced bodily-comfort!)

PLUS, you can spray in directly on “sore areas” or use it to relax or fall asleep!

Either way... we know it's a valuable aid for many reasons we don't have time to discuss here.

Just know... it's the only other supplement I took religiously shorty after my recovery!

So we're giving you a bottle - because it helps speed up wellness-optimization and you'll LOVE IT!

I do want to clearly state though that this incentive is for a VERY-LIMITED TIME as part of an experiment.

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Look, if you take OCEANS ALIVE daily... there's no way it doesn't improve your life!

There's a REASON our company refund rate is an industry low of less than 2% — which means we have an unheard of percentage of customers happy and seeing results!!)

But in case you don't.... NO WORRIES: We've got you covered!

Simply contact our customer service by email or phone — and we'll refund your entire order!

HECK.... we even let you KEEP THE BOTTLE!!

Were here 100% to support you! You have absolutely ZERO-RISK!

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The “Get Healthier” REWARD:

So if you are still waiting to click the button below and get your OCEANS ALIVE today...

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Try OCEANS ALIVE daily for at least 60-days.... and send us some proof and/or explanation of your positive results — (via text or video) — along with before/after pics or your improved medical results that your health has gotten BETTER, and

we will PAY YOU all your money back for your entire 60-day supply!

YES! You heard that RIGHT — *If you FEEL MUCH BETTER after taking OCEANS ALIVE for 60 days — just send us your results in the form of medical tests, video or images - and we'll refund your 60-day supply!

Either way... YOU WIN!!

= It doesn't work: you don't pay!

= It works WONDERS: you don't pay!

How's that for FAIR??

You may even say it sounds “RISKY” on my part....

*But here's the truth: *Most folks that feel great and tell us their success story don't “cash-in” their offer, because they feel truly indebted.

...And while we certainly are happy to honor our promises; creating appreciation in valued customers is what we THRIVE on here at Activation!

Believe it or not, that's why were here... and if we can help improve your health and quality of life, then we're ALL-IN!

That's why were sharing the risk with you...

You can grab your OCEANS ALIVE below knowing you have the most confident guarantee in the industry...



We call it that for 2 reasons:

1) You'll ALWAYS be ensured your order of OCEANS ALIVE!

2) When OA is always in you, you ALWAYS FEEL ALIVE!!

Our “ALWAYS ALIVE” members are always pre-accounted for, so they always get priority for new upcoming FRESH-STOCK!

PLUS, it allows us to pass-additional-savings-on to you, because our ALWAYS ALIVE members make financial calculations easier and yield less marketing-costs in our ongoing attempt to “get the word out” about OCEANS ALIVE!

So invest in your health now and select your option below...

Let's Face Reality:
The Cost of Not Taking Care of Your Cells
Can Be Personally & Financially Devastating!

If you aren't feeling your ABSOLUTE BEST — then you are suffering from insufficient oxygen and voltage inside your cells!

And the problem only gets worse....

BETTER HEALTH is too tangible to pass up!

...It takes just months of cellular replacement before you have - A WHOLE NEW BODY!

Take OA to supply your body with the raw materials to build new cells that work!

— You replace your skin every 6 weeks!

— You get a new liver every 8 weeks!

— You replenish minerals and neuro-chemicals in 4 months!

— Your entire body replaces itself every 8 months!

8 Months = Whole New You!

Your health is too important... avoid stress, suffering and unnecessary financial misfortunes...


Protect your health from “harsh cellular assaults” with just 1 dropper of OA a day!


~ Heavenly ENERGY... a reset focus (*no caffeine/stimulants needed!), you'll feel more youthful... and you'll experience a much better and deeper REM sleep....

*It doesn't require refrigeration, and it's a small-bottle you can take anywhere with you!

Seize the opportunity, take advantage and get the absolute most out of life that you can.

I promise, your life will never be the same!

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Thanks for listening! We appreciate it... and I'm going to leave you here with some folks that were contemplating the same decision some time ago — that you are right NOW....

I hope to hear from you and how OCEANS ALIVE has changed your life as it has mine!

Until then....

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Reviews for OCEANS ALIVE:

“I LOVE this product!! Please keep making it. I've tried other formulations and Oceans Alive is by far the best product on the market in my very humble opinion. My husband loves Oceans Alive too!”

~Magda F.

“I started taking Oceans Alive when it launched two months ago, around that same time I was asked to participate in Seniors Games, (I am 55 years old and blind). I had to compete in several athletic events and I won all gold medals and one silver medal that day. Not only that, but over the last two weeks, my sleep has really improved and so has my energy level! Thank you!”

~Allie W.

“After using Ocean's Alive for one month I can say it works!

This stuff WORKS!

Also, EASE works GREAT!! Started getting excellent sleep the second night and I only use half the recommended amount but I also put it on my carotid artery and whole neck as well as the pulse points on my wrists. Thanks for some great products.”

~Jeff D

[*PETS —]

My little dog Daisy, a 16 year old Jack Russell, was diagnosed with heart failure and sadly her prognoses was 6 months to a year but with the severity of her condition.

I was encouraged to put the Oceans Alive in Daisy's water and it would help increase her quality of life. WOWZA! Absolutely Amazing!!! She started being the silly, funny Jack Russell again; she wanted to chew on a bone again, seemed happier, slept better and looked brighter.

Daisy's veterinarians are amazed at how stable she is and just better in all aspects since starting and constantly taking the Oceans Alive. “

~Lisa A.

“I developed some pain in one of my pinkie finger knuckles. It was red and sore—not horrible, but I didn't want it to get worse, or to find myself riddled with it. I tried changing my diet, using other supplements and there was no change. So I started using MP 3 times a day. In 2 weeks' time the pain was completely gone. I was thrilled. It is now about a year later, and there has been no recurrence. I continue to use it regularly.”

~Michelle D.

“I have respiratory issues since I'm in my teens. Last December I was very sick and when I came home I couldn't function. I couldn't go up a short stair. I got on the internet and started looking. I decided on Ocean's Alive. One week later, I was 200% better. My stomach is fine, my cholestrol, the bad one has dropped way down and the triglycerides and are perfect.Thank you.”

~Sean T.

[*PETS —]

“I have a young cat who was suffering from bowel inflammation and was hoping that nature can help heal her. Then I read about this Oceans Alive and decided to give it a try. I've been adding the marine drops to my cat's water bowl. It's now been 11 days since I started giving her the drops and I'm very surprised she is jumping around and playing. This definitely gave a boost to her and I'm so happy! Thanks.”

~Priya G.

OA has now got me back to exercising- that is a God send alone -plus I am starting to really feel healthy -Activation Nation is an answer to my prayers for products that doooooo Work! Thank you all for the great products You produce.”


This stuff is life changing! I've been on Oceans Alive for about 3 weeks and I now have the energy that I've been desperately searching for a long time. Everyone who is ready to make that SHIFT in their life NEEDS to try these products. I truly feel sorry for the people who ignore such a revolutionary leap in our health and well-being. Thank you Activation Products!!!”

~A Cruz

“I'm a repeat customer and rely on the oceans Alive everyday because it is very very good for myself and my family. It increases my energy, I'm more alert and have an overall improvement in my health.”

~Renato U.

[*PETS —]

“This really helped my sick cat, he was at deaths door. He wouldn't eat and was lifeless. I've been giving him this now for about a month, just a few drops every morning. His appetite came back and sometimes he'll get up and trot through the house.

He perks up after he gets this.”

~Larry R.

“Oh my goodness! I can't tell you just how much this has helped me! I started I started taking the Oceans Alive last Friday. I had no energy since 2006. I just had so much energy I haven't felt in years that I was able to clean my entire house by myself, did the laundry too and have been going, going, going ever since like the energy bunny.

I also had neck surgery when I was younger and ever since have had the worst migraines imaginable. I also notice lately that those headaches are gone. I'm so happy I could squeal!! I'm so thankful that my body don't ache like it used to before. I'm taking 5 drops per day every morning and whatever I was lacking in my body, well this thing is putting it back!!

I'm going to stay on it.”

~Alice C.

“I underwent knee surgery to replace a ligament and within a month I'm now back to normal, my physical therapist and surgeon are amazed that I've healed that fast and I know without a doubt that this product is responsible for my accelerated healing because being 57 years old and having had other surgeries before I've always had weeks and weeks of convalescing after surgery.

This stuff really works!

~Michala P.

“I work in a hospital as a medical coder. I used to get tired, and my eyes would feel strained and heavy from the computer screens. Oceans Alive gives me a nice level of energy all day and now the day ends before my energy does! My ability to remember things more clearly has improved for sure.

Thank you for making this available!”

~Audrey D.

“Some mornings I would miss taking Oceans Alive and end up pretty exhausted in the afternoon. When I would get back home I would have a shot and my energy was back in a few minutes! Now I keep it with me and take a shot if I feel tired and it makes quite a difference.”

~Ann V.

“I really have to tell you Ian that your product Oceans Alive has really changed my life. I've been in so much pain for the last several years that at times I could hardly walk. I broke my ankle in 2002 and the swelling over my toes and in my ankle has never gone down until about day 4 of taking Oceans Alive.

I also had a very bad back injury in 1980 and my back has pained constantly since that time until approximately day 10 of taking Oceans Alive. This is an awesome product and I will be purchasing more from you soon!”

~Audrey C.

“After the first couple of days of using Oceans Alive, I noticed that I was sleeping a bit better at night and had more energy in the afternoon than normal. I didn't feel the kind of energy that coffee gives me, but I seem to have some good stamina that I haven't had for years. Another thing I am noticing is my skin has a nicer tone. I am recommending Oceans Alive to my friends.”

~Shep K.

This product is an absolute necessity for me. I have been using it for a few months and I have more energy, my memory seems to be better and I am definitely getting better sleep. I giggle about this because it makes me think I am fifteen years younger. I make sure to have it every day. I have been recommending it to some of my close friends.

~Jacqui D.

“This product is more than I normally pay but I think it is worth it so far. I definitely feel a difference by the end of my work day. I tried it the first time when one of my friends at work offered to add some drops of Oceans Alive to my glass of water.

I found it pretty strong but on the way home that evening, I felt a lot less tired than normal. I ended up buying two bottles and now I don't want to be without it. I am almost done the second bottle and when I forget to take it my energy is not the same. I will get some for my Mom on the next order.

~Margaret G.

Since I've started taking Oceans Alive I haven't had that afternoon crash and I work as a writer 16 hours a day.”

~Colin C

“My son is taking Oceans Alive while he is in the hospital after a car accident. He suffered brain damage and is now becoming more active and more cognitive after taking Oceans Alive.”

~Robert S.

“I decided to buy Oceans Alive because I believed it would help me get back some of my energy, and maybe even help my brain. One week after taking it, my energy is really good. Also, when I go to bed I drift off to sleep more easily. I really enjoy this product.”

~Darla R.

“I'm 73 and recently purchased a three month supply of Oceans Alive. After only two weeks of taking 15 drops each morning I feel the product starting to produce signs of improved energy.”

~Hal L.

“I practice homeopathy and have been taking Oceans Alive for a few months now and think it's brilliant. I could feel the change (particularly to my skin) the day after the first dose.”

~Kay W.

“The medical practice I run with my husband has us maxed out four days a week. At 65 years old, I am pushing harder now than I did at fifty. I have been taking Oceans Alive almost every day for over three years. When I miss taking my Oceans Alive I feel my energy run out earlier in the day. I admit I need it to keep this pace and I sleep better.

~Janice S.

“This stuff is life changing! I've been on Oceans Alive for about for about 3 weeks and I now have the energy that I've been desperate for for too long. Everyone who is ready to make that SHIFT in their life NEEDS to try these products.”

~Adrianne C

“I love your Ocean's Alive Marine Phytoplankton product as it has made a big difference in my family member's lives!”

~Jason N

“I love Oceans Alive, it makes me feel more energetic and I feel like I have less brain fog. On my 3rd bottle and I am going to make this part of my daily routine.”


“This product is amazing. I have tried it only for a month and the results are very noticeable.”


“Would recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone. Oceans Alive has worked wonders for me and i swear by it.”

~Leila P.

“Thank you for the quality of your work. Getting better sleep is gigantic for me. So thank you again.”

~Olivia D

“I have recently started to take the Phytoplankton. I only take 15 drops once a day. I am very pleased with the standard of your company, and have been buying the Phytoplankton for others in my family. My grandson, 23, says, he does not feel stressed, and has

no anxiety when taking it. He sleeps much better at night.”

~Diana S.

“Oceans Alive is awesome!! Thank you for developing this product. 4 of our family members are all taking it. And all of them have the benefits.”

~Richard C.

“I love oceans alive. I use all of your products. A company I fully trust and recommend. Nice to know there are still people out there that aren't trying to take advantage of people and give them great products. Thank you for what you are doing.”

~Christina L.

“It's good to know that there are companies around, like yours, that really care and strive for the best. Thank you for that, and be blessed.”

~Liam D.

“You have a great company with great products. Keep it up. You are a good provider of excellence.”

~Jose D.

“Although I cannot say exactly what benefits I receive I know I have more energy than people half my age and feel more alive and healthier than anyone around me.”

~Lisa S.

“I would like to say at this point that I have now been using your product for several weeks and have noticed a tremendous change to my vitality and in particular an easing of joint pain. I am a convincing advocate for this product.”

~Gordon L.

“It has helped us tremendously. We took 18-20 supplements before but since taking OA – it's a God send, we cleared out our cabinet and replaced it with OA got lots of energy and stamina!”

~Marylin L.

“I was not so convinced it really was helping me until I stopped taking it for a week. Boy oh boy... I immediately felt tired and listless all the time ... my waking-up every morning was taking longer and longer for my head to clear ... then i started having cravings for sugar based products ... weird!

Once I started taking my regular dose, the symptoms went right away and I started feeling good again!”


“I take a dropper full with half glass of organic pomegranate juice. Had multiple health concerns and they are all now getting better without any drugs.”

~John J.

“It gives me an energy boost and clears my head. I also give it to my husband to help with his studies.”

~Cheryl L.

“I have been using this product for a month. My energy level has increased. I am going to continue using it.”

~Pearl A.

“I seriously believe marine phytoplankton is the one supplement I can't do without. I am more energetic, my mind is more clear, and if I'm coming down with a cold, I take a few extra drops to help fend it off. I still take other supplements, but I've been able to drop a few, so this is actually saving me money. I take 10 drops a day, typically.

If you haven't tried it, take the plunge. Your body will thank you!”


“The first time I tried this it was very noticeable. It made a warm feeling inside that lasted for hours. Every time after that I haven't felt that. But now at about 8 days I am feeling very strong physically and mentally. And also mood wise. My wife is taking it as well.”

~Larry A.

“Just an unbelievable product. I ordered Ocean's Alive Marine Phytoplankton for my Mom. I recommend it highly.”

~Jiri K.

“I have never felt so good in my life after taking this product for a month. Coincidently, I had a rash on my chest for a year and

it's already 100% gone.


“I have been using the Oceans Alive product for 6 months, and it is truly rocket fuel for your DNA. The more you use it, the better you get!”

~Lee G.

“My father is taking it and the result has been amazing.”

~Jong C.

“Miracle in a bottle is how I'd describe this...”

~Michelle A.

“I have been taking your marine phytoplankton now for over 6 months. Its awesome, to say the least. I suffered some cartilage damage 4 years ago in a weight lifting exercise (done a bad lift).

Basically, I had no cartilage left there from damage, due to pigheadedness on my part. After suffering much pain I stumbled on the Oceans Alive. It has wonderful results. If I don't use it daily then I can feel the cramping and muscle pain instantly.”

~Warren C.

“I use Ocean's Alive and I share it with my daughter and we're both feeling the effects profoundly. It's really given a new spark to our day and I feel the overall benefits; I can feel it feeding my cells and I just enjoy it. Thank you!!”

~Geraldine M.

“My friend gave me the Ocean's Alive to try last month and I can hardly move across the room without it; I'm recovering from a major illness and can't do without this product!!”

~Cynthia W.

“I'm 83 and just love this product. My grand-kids are amazed that I'm able to keep up with them when we go for walks. I love this stuff, no doubt it's boosted my energy and helping me stay active. Thank you for a great product; love the auto-ship option too, very convenient!”

~Dorothy B.

“I have been taking Ocean's Alive every day for just over one year now. I put 15/20 drops into my grapefruit juice every morning and I have never felt healthier! I work long hours with new people everyday and these environments would wreak havoc on my immune system. Now I can't even remember the last time I had a cold while supplementing with Ocean's Alive. Thank you!”

~Cristina W.

“Oceans Alive has a very powerful, but also soft feeling to me. I use it with orange juice and water – 15 drops. The feeling inside my body – as well as the energy of it – is very comfy and whole. This is really a living product with great energy.”

~Dieter S.

“I have been using this product for 6 months, I take a full dropper daily, under my tongue with a teaspoon of coconut oil. I take it the morning on an empty stomach and at night on an empty stomach.

I have abundant vitality and it maintains my excellent health.”

~Alvin L.

“I'm a personal trainer. LOVE IT!!!! Part of my every day life as well as my puppies'


“I've been getting a lot of statements from people saying your hair is getting dark, giving me youthful appearance. Even my hairdresser commented on it the other day, and I told him, no need to use hair dye, just tell your clients about this product.”

~Teresa Z.

“Ocean Alive is a GREAT product. It's been a year I drink every morning with my lemon water. I live in Indonesia.”

~Tony B.

“My snoring has been reduced dramatically & is at times, non-existent. What little hair I have left, is growing at a much faster pace. I almost seems like I can feel the skin on my face tightening up.”

~Rupert B.

“I strive to look for holistic ways of staying healthy. Oceans Alive has been part of my daily supplement regimen since my diagnosis. I feel the amino acids naturally present in the phytoplankton are essential for my well being. I'm strong now and full of energy.

I'm very thankful this product is on the market!”

~Lindsay R.

“Please never stop making Ocean's Alive. My family loves it and we always want to take it every day for the rest of our lives.”

~Lynn L.

“I love your products! I've worked with a nutritionist and had food sensitivity testing done in a holistic manner. When I brought your Oceans Alive in, it tested 10 out of 10 for my system and what I should use. I loved the products before the testing but just wanted to see what it came up with. It confirmed everything I felt about loving the products. I don't go a day with out them!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

~Catherine I.



~Joni Y.

“My husband and I are very satisfied with Oceans Alive.

Thank you and God bless.”

~Helen E.

“I have been taking your Ocean's Alive daily every time I wake up. I have had this tremendous result as to my stomach has been great to my doctor's amazement. I even had my gastroenterologist try it himself... LOL!

He is still surprised about how effective this product is. 3 months after taking this have I have not been in for ANY of those problems. I love it.”

~Sean S.

“After just a few weeks noticed my joint pain was so much better.”

~Adam V.

“I have been using Oceans Alive and I can feel the difference in my alertness and energy levels.

I must admit, I was not crazy about the taste when I drank it straight, but mixing it with some lemon juice in the morning makes the taste barely noticeable. It is nice to take an all natural nutritional supplement without chemical additives to help maintain good health.”


“I started taking Oceans Alive because I had skin abnormalities. After taking Oceans Alive for about 2 months they all disappeared!”

~Felicia T.

“Love that there are companies like you of integrity that just supply top health products. I want to live until I die & quality of life is EVERYTHING!”

~Greta K.

*These testimonials are from real customers. Individual results may vary. To protect the privacy of the individuals, we reserve the right to change names or photographs.