How to Get Perfect Eyebrows

They were thin and circular in the ‘20s, pointed and arched in the ‘50s, and ample and exaggerated in the ‘80s. Right now it’s Cara Delevingne or bust. But whatever the era, the eyebrows have always been an important part of making a statement about our personal style and making our faces look their best.

“The right brow will help open up the entire eye area and work to improve the face’s overall symmetry,” celebrity eyebrow stylist Joey Healy said to Stylecaster. “The perfect brow will make you look fresh, rested, young, healthy, and overall, more attractive.”

Here at Activation, we’re lucky enough to have an on-site brow expert, our Human Resources Administrator, Lindsey Weeks. Lindsey has supernaturally superb brows, and we were excited to have an excuse to ask her a ton of questions about them.

Questions like, why are brows so important to her? “I think your eyes are probably the most important part of your face in terms of drawing people in,” she said. “It’s the most intimate part of your face. So having something that compliments them well is important.” And when it comes to the brows themselves? “I think personally they make or break your face, because they’re the foundation of your natural expression. If your eyebrows are off, you’re going to have an off day.”

Duly noted. So how do we get those perfect brows?

Find the Right Shape for Your Face

There are some brow shapes that naturally go best with certain face shapes. Wondering what kind of brows might suit you best? We love this handy guide below to help you get started. 

Image by Visually.

But remember, they’re your brows. So at the end of the day, if you want brows that are shaped like semi-circles or arrowheads or stop signs, it’s up to you. If you want to leave them to grow completely naturally, that is fine. Your brows are another way to express your individuality and taste, so make them your own.

And if you want a set style but aren’t sure if it would look right, don’t hesitate to ask for help or to play around. “I went through a lot of trial and error with my brow shape,” said Lindsey. “I don’t think anyone ever gets it right on the first try. It progresses over time.” Lindsey actually went to a local Sephora and asked for help to figure out her ideal shape.

Grooming Your Eyebrows 

Once you decide what brow shape calls to you, you’re going to need to look into how you’re going to achieve it. There are three classic brow grooming techniques: tweezing, waxing and threading.


Tweezing is the classic, at-home, DIY option. It’s especially great if you have a more natural shape going and you want to be able to just clean up those stray hairs as they appear. This method is entirely in your control, so enjoy that freedom, but also proceed with caution! We’ve all known that person (or been that person) who’s gone to town with the tweezers and removed half their eyebrow. Do not be that person.

For this method, you’ll want to invest in a solid pair of tweezers plus a little pair of scissors to trim any extra long hairs.


Waxing is an in-between option; you might do it yourself at home, but going to a professional is also a great idea, especially if you want to define that brow shape and want a professional’s opinion. Waxing is a personal favorite of mine for one lazy-person reason: it lasts a long time.

“Above all other techniques, waxing tends to have the longest period in between regrowth,” Natalia Romanenko of New York’s Strip Ministry of Waxing told Teen Vogue. “So if you have thicker, coarser hair that grows back quickly, waxing is the best option for shaping. It also encourages thinner, softer regrowth.”

If you’re going to do this one at home, make sure to do your research before purchasing your supplies. One of the most common complaints with waxing is it can irritate the skin, causing swelling and redness. If you’re at home, have a soothing lotion or some vitamin E oil to rub over the skin after you remove the hair. If you go to a salon, they should do that for you as part of the service.


You’ll definitely want to get threading done by a professional, unless you are a certified brow wizard. Threading is great because it’s quick and very precise.

According to Threads Beauty Bar & Spa, “Perhaps the biggest benefit that threading has over other techniques is the ability to shape eyebrows with stunning precision. Individual hairs can be targeted, but multiple hairs can still be removed at the same time. It is like having the accuracy of tweezing and combining it with waxing’s ability to remove an abundance of hairs simultaneously.”

You definitely want to get a practised hand with threading, though. The skill level required is higher than waxing or tweezing, so do some research and make sure you trust your technician.

Filling Them In

Not all of us were blessed with perfectly filled in, not-at-all-patchy brows. In fact, some of us (and by some of us I mean me) were blessed with great big bare spots in the middle of their brows.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution: filling them in. We turn back to Lindsey, who was kind enough to share her morning routine for filling in her brows. Take it away, Lindsey!

Lindsey’s Advice

First, you have to remember it’s time-consuming. Don’t expect to get them done in three seconds. I’ve been doing my brows for years and it takes the same amount of time to do them now as it did in the beginning. It’s a commitment you need to make in the morning.

I use an eyebrow brush (called a “spoolie”) to brush my brows up first. Then I brush them in the direction the hair grows. The point is to get them untangled and going in the same direction.

Then I take a small angled brush and wet it so it’s a bit damp, and dip it in my brow paint. I start by outlining the bottom of my brows, and then an outline of the top. I do a defined line on the bottom, but try to be softer with the top line so it’s not too harsh. Then I fill in the middle.

Finally, I brush up the inner corners of my brows, using little strokes with the brush so it’s a bit less harsh. Then just repeat on the other side, and end by using the spoolie to brush everything together again.

Getting the color of the paint right is important. If the color is too dark your brows will look too harsh, but if it’s too light they’ll look completely drawn on –– and not in a good way!

Thanks, Lindsey! You may find that, like Lindsey, a brow brush and dippable ink is what’s right for you. But there’s a whole crew of product options out there, from brow pencils to gels to paints. Make sure you experiment with a few products to find the one that’s right for you.  

Eyebrows Hair Care

Just like the hair on your head, you want the hair on your brows to be healthy, and that means taking care of it. For Lindsey, the best way to care for the brows is to use oil. “I use a castor oil or pumpkin seed oil, which make the hair thicker and healthier.”

Lindsey dips an eyebrow brush in the oil and brushes it over her brows. “With consistent use, the individual hairs grow in thicker. When I have used the oil for three or four days in a row, I’ve noticed a real difference in the thickness and health of my brows.”

We love using pumpkin seed oil for helping hair grow thick and healthy. A study done by the US National Library of Medicine found that male patients dealing with hair loss saw 40% increases of hair growth when they used pumpkin seed oil.

Pumpkin seed oil contains zinc and magnesium, which are two essential minerals for hair care. Zinc is particularly great, since it both thickens the hair you already have and speeds up growth of the new stuff. Pumpkin seed oil also contains vitamins A, E and K, and four fatty acids including omega-6.

The Best Pumpkin Seed Oil

Of course, when it comes to caring for your brows, you want to use the best products available. And for pumpkin seed oil, the best product out there is our Perfect Press® Styrian Pumpkin Oil. We use the seeds of Styrian pumpkins, which are known in particular for their nutritious seeds, and the oil is absolutely teeming with vitamins and minerals.

Every bottle contains the oil of thousands of perfectly pressed organic seeds, and our special pressing process ensures there is no damage to the nutritional properties. You can take the pumpkin oil either by eating it (straight off the spoon or mixed into your smoothies or salad dressings) or by rubbing it directly onto your eyebrows. Putting it on the eyebrows is extra fun, since the carotenoid and porphyrin phytochemicals (known for their antioxidant properties) make this oil a deep green color. You never knew how much you wanted to look like the Grinch until you put pumpkin seed oil on your brows.

Get the perfect brows now with Perfect Press® Styrian Pumpkin Oil!


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