Are Bacteria Evolving?

How A Natural Remedy May Be Our Only Hope.

When you get an infection, you don’t think twice. You head to the pharmacy or to a doctor to get something that will kill the bacteria that are harming your body. But what if those solutions stopped working? What if our most advanced methods for fighting bacteria became less effective?.

It’s not a hypothetical question. It’s happening as you read this.

Conventional methods like antibiotics are beginning to fail.

Today, several harmful strains of bacteria are becoming more and more resistant to the mainstream methods that we rely on to kill them.

They’re evolving.

And while we struggle to keep up, research shows that one of the most powerful elements in nature may be a valuable weapon in this fight.

When you get an infection, you don’t think twice. You head to the pharmacy or to a doctor to get something that will kill the bacteria that are harming your body. But what if those solutions stopped working? What if our most advanced methods for fighting bacteria became less effective?.

It’s not a hypothetical question. It’s happening as you read this.

Conventional methods like antibiotics are beginning to fail.

Today, several harmful strains of bacteria are becoming more and more resistant to the mainstream methods that we rely on to kill them.

They’re evolving.

And while we struggle to keep up, research shows that one of the most powerful elements in nature may be a valuable weapon in this fight.

The Science Shows Silver Can Offer
Protection When Other Methods Can’t

Silver was one of the first elements known to mankind that could fight bacteria. Human beings figured out that it could discourage the growth of bacteria before we even knew what bacteria were.

For centuries people used silver to protect themselves from getting sick and as recently as the early 20th century, doctors used silver to fight infections. But when antibiotics could be widely produced, they became the premier way to fight bacteria within the body.

30% to 60% of the antibiotics prescribed in intensive care units (ICUs) have been found to be unnecessary, inappropriate, or suboptimal. 1

As people have been taking more and more antibiotics, certain strains of bacteria have developed a tolerance. And now tests show that silver is one of the only things that can kill some of these super bugs. 10,11,12,13,14

It’s led to renewed interest in this powerful metal. Combine that with all of the other benefits of this metal and you’ll see…

It’s No Wonder So Many People Have Once Again Turned To This Sacred Element For Protection.

I say “sacred” because even the Bible speaks of this powerful metal many times. It has a rich history of keeping people healthy for thousands of years. 2

But today it’s something most people don’t fully understand the health benefits of.

People forget that doctors used to use this metal to fight infections. 3

This Precious Metal Was Used For Centuries To Help Keep People Healthy.

Did you know that early American settlers tossed silver coins into wells and barrels of water? They believed it would clean the water and make it safe to drink. 4

Dairy farmers also used silver pails to collect milk. The fresh milk could apparently be kept for hours without spoiling... unrefrigerated! 5

Physicians used silver to keep their patients safe from harmful bacteria — it has a long history of use in medical instruments, bandages, and treatments. 6

Silver leaf was actually used during World War I to prevent infection and heal troops’ wounds.7

And, in some cultures, moms added powdered silver to their newborn's first bath... a protection against this harsh world.8

Now Silver Is In High Demand Once Again Thanks To Its Many Uses.

Silver has never stopped being a staple in at home remedies.

But now it’s mainstream use is rising. As modern science has discovered, it can be used in many powerful ways to protect the health of humans and animals.

This is confirmed by more than 217,000 published articles involving silver that you can find in the United States Library of Medicine. 9

It’s also no surprise that in the last 10 years alone, there have been nearly 5,000 new silver related products registered for medical, agricultural and personal use. 10


Here Are Some Reasons So Many People Use Silver


To Discourage the Growth of Many Kinds of Bacteria

Silver is a known bacteria killer. It’s been shown in many test tube studies to kill and discourage the growth of a wide variety of germs — even some that are highly resistant to other methods. 10, 11, 12, 13, 14


For Discouraging The Growth of Biofilms (Cities For Bacteria)

Animal studies show that silver may be effective at breaking up cities of bacteria known as “biofilms”. A BIOFILM is a thick & slimy gel that groups of bacteria hide inside to shield themselves from your white blood cells. 21


To Soothe Inflammation

Animal studies show promising benefits of applying silver to inflamed areas of the skin. It could be a useful remedy for dry skin conditions or reducing swelling in wounds. 24


To Support Clean & Healthy Skin

Much of the research and use of silver has been focused on the benefits of using it topically. It’s said to be good for burns, cysts, scrapes, fungus and pimples.15, 16, 17


For Relief From Nasal Congestion & Sinus Issues

Studies show that silver nasal sprays are extremely effective at clearing mucus and bacteria from the respiratory system and alleviating folks of sinus issues. 22


As a First-Aid Tool To Keep Cuts, Burns & Scrapes Clean

Silver has long been used in bandages to manage infected wounds and support the skin as it heals. 3, 18, 19, 20


To Help Support Eye Health

Silver is used in certain medications to prevent eye infections in newborns. 23

These are just a handful of the benefits that have people recommending the use of silver.

It’s truly a versatile remedy that many swear by.

Here’s what Josh Axe, a medical doctor and leading health and nutrition expert had to say about it on his blog...

"Silver benefits the body in numerous ways, including providing numerous medical uses." 25

— Dr Axe.

But how does silver work?

Why is it used for so many antimicrobial purposes?

And why do people supplement with silver daily to supercharge their immune systems?.

The answer is simple...

Silver has one main function that makes it so useful for so many purposes.

Silver Is Bacteria’s Worst Nightmare!

It harms bacteria in multiple ways:

  1. 1. It attaches to the bacteria

  2. 2. It interferes with the bacteria’s ability to collect sulphur and breathe

  3. 3. It rips a hole in the bacteria’s outer wall

  4. 4. Once inside, it poisons the bacteria

  5. 5. It changes the bacteria’s DNA to the point that it can‘t replicate

Here’s how it all works:


Silver particles (called silver ions) have a positive electrical charge that naturally pulls in the negatively charged cell membranes of bacteria. So when a silver particle comes near a bacteria, the two are drawn together like magnets. 26, 27


Once attached, these silver ions start blocking the bacteria’s ability to attract sulfur. 28, 29, 30

Sulfur is important for bacteria because it acts like a glue that holds bacteria proteins together. It's a key component that helps the bacteria breathe, take in nutrients and get rid of waste.

When silver particles get in the way, the bacteria can't use the sulfur anymore and it starts to starve.

By comparison, most other cells are left alone, because they either have a neutral charge that doesn't attract the silver ions or their outer membrane is too thick for the silver to fully puncture it.

Which brings us to the next way that silver harms bacteria.


Silver punctures a hole in the bacteria’s single layer, outer membrane. This alone can kill the bacteria, causing it to burst like a water balloon or cause its elements to seperate. 3, 27, 31, 32, 33


Silver enters the bacteria and causes it to produce poisonous substances called reactive oxygen species that rapidly destroy the bacteria from the inside out.

Essentially, it's like starting a fire inside the bacteria. 26, 27, 30


Once inside, if the bacteria has not already died, silver ions can disrupt the bacteria’s DNA and make it impossible for the bacteria to duplicate. 27, 30, 34

Unlike healthy human cells, which have a thicker outer wall, stronger bonds and more advanced repair systems, bacteria have no way to deal with any of this.

It completely wipes them out!

Silver attacks bacteria in so many different ways that the germs don't stand a chance!

Some might get lucky and survive the first attack.

One or two might survive the second one...

But none are going to be able to withstand everything.

And while that alone is impressive, here’s something even more incredible:

Silver Turns Bacteria Against Each other!

This is the most amazing thing…

Silver turns the bacteria it kills into silver leaching sponges. Effectively making them lethal to other bacteria. 35

As you now know silver is deadly to bacteria, but something even more impressive happens after the bacteria die. They keep soaking up the silver ions and it makes them act like infected zombies.

These zombie bacteria start working for you rather than against you — by protect the area that they die in from other living bacteria.

It’s called “the zombie effect”. 35


It’s yet another reason why silver solutions are so effective at keeping bad bacteria from building up on places like your skin or even surfaces like wood cutting boards.

Silver doesn’t just kill bacteria, but it makes bacteria kill each other.

Silver Can Be Your #1 Weapon In Health.
But Not All Silver Solutions Are Created Equal.

Now that you know the true health benefits of this element, it will come as no surprise that people have been finding ways to ingest silver for centuries.

One of the best ways to do this has always been using a mixture of water and silver.

It’s a solution commonly known as colloidal silver.

Colloidal silver was invented in the 1800s by a surgeon to use as an antibiotic and has gone through several upgrades throughout the decades. 28

Thousands of people attest to its health benefits.

It has been said to…

Support a strong and resilient immune system... Help your body cleanse and restore itself... Leave you feeling energized and fully alive…

But for all these potential benefits, there's a less-than-desirable side-effect, because of the way that some colloidal silver products are made.

The Wrong Silver Solutions Can Build Up In Your Body.

It’s not toxic, but it can stain your skin if, for years, you consistently ingest extremely high doses of a poorly made silver solution.36

Your skin can develop an irreversible bluish hue to it.

The evidence is mixed on just how big of a risk this actually is... and some research suggests that if you take it in low doses, you might be ok.

But the potential risk is what has led many government health agencies to stop recommending silver for use outside hospitals.

They even shut down funding for research on the immune-supporting properties of silver.

But that didn't stop many incredible engineers and scientists from researching anyway, and making great advancements in the delivery of silver.

In fact, just in the last decade, a breakthrough discovery showed engineers a new way to create …

A Safe Supercharged Liquid Silver Solution That Flows Through Your Body

Do a little research and you’ll see that colloidal silver solutions vary vastly in quality.

And it’s exactly why we worked with industry experts to solve the problems around silver and create one of the most bioavailable silver solutions possible.

In the beginning, colloidal silver solutions were essentially just crushed up silver powder, mixed into water (and many still are).

  • • They contained too much silver for your body to process at one time

  • • The silver particles were also often too large

  • • And the silver could easily separate from the water it was mixed with (increasing the risk of it staying in your body).

As advancements were made, some people began using electricity to bond the water and silver together, which can work, but many did it the wrong way.

Instead of mixing silver particles with water and shocking the resulting solution with electricity, many chose to not use any silver particles at all to cut costs. Instead they made their solutions by sticking a small rod of silver into a large vat of water and shocking the rod.

The result is what’s known as ionic silver. The solution contains unstable silver atoms, these unstable silver atoms are more likely to cause the chemical reaction in your body that can turn your skin blue.

Why New Structured Silver Is Different

Engineers and scientists have worked together to find a way to deliver true colloidal silver particles in a safe size, dosage and structure that is stable, will not separate from the water it is suspended in, and will not build up in your body.

What they’ve discovered is specific electromagnetic pulses that can bond silver particles with water molecules permanently while also making the water pH balanced.

They created a solution that combines the perfect amount of nano silver (extremely small particles of silver) with water molecules in a unique crystal shaped structure that will not break apart.

The nano silver and water molecules are electrically, magnetically and chemically bonded through a proprietary process that is permanent — they will not seperate.

Research shows that these methods may improve silver’s effectiveness in the body. 37

The solution is also completely alkaline. This is important because most other silver liquids are acidic and acidity impacts silver's effectiveness against bacteria. 38

This new form of liquid silver is the most advanced and stable liquid silver solution available. It allows you to enjoy all of the benefits of silver in the safest form possible.

It combines the best aspects of both colloidal and ionic silver but doesn’t suffer from their problems (like large particle sizes, sediment, acidity and instability).

Here’s a summary of what makes it superior to the rest:

  • • Smaller particles of silver

  • • Silver has a stronger bond to the water molecules

  • • Water is structured and pH balanced

How We Make A Structured Silver Solution That Never Fails


It Starts In The U.S.A.

The nanoparticles are so small that they have no problem binding to water molecules and flowing through your body.

The best part? We do it all the U.S.A. to ensure no risk of contamination.

Don’t be fooled by other companies who order their silver solutions from cheap manufacturers in countries with few regulations.


Using Industry Leading Methods We Bond The Nano Silver With Purified Water Molecules

Our magnetic and electrical processes allow us to create a true bond that won't break. It’s the most advanced method in the industry and the best way to create a truly stable colloidal silver solution that won’t detach from it’s carrying liquid.

In our super-tech lab, we combine nano silver particles and distilled water at the molecular level. We manipulate the electrical and magnetic charge of the microscopic silver particles until they combine with the water molecules. It’s a clean, pure and safe method that allows us to make a structured silver solution that is safe to take every day.

This isn’t ionic silver. It’s a true colloidal silver that we’ve made safer and more effective using specific methods of electromagnetism.


This Structured Water Is Put Through A Process To Remove Any Acidity

We not only use distilled water (purified steam water) but we also shock our water with specific electromagnetic pulses that make it less acidic to your body.

This is one of the many ways that we go above and beyond other companies offering structured silver solutions. Ours is pH balanced which makes it much easier on your body. Acidity can take you out of homeostasis and impact the effectiveness of silver. 38

That’s not an issue with the structured silver solution below.

Experience The Superb Benefits Of This New Liquid Nanosilver Solution!

If we haven't met, I'm Ian Clark of Activation Products.

Years ago, I became severely ill; I was overweight and burned out from living an unhealthy lifestyle and working round the clock.

That's when I started connecting the dots and discovering natural and holistic health practices.

I experimented with all the natural medicines that I could get my hands on and liquid silver solutions were one of the most effective things I tried on my journey back to health.

I’m a true believer in silver’s ability to help the body. I use it, my family uses it and we always have a bottle in the house.

I’ve sold other forms of liquid silvers in the past that at the time were excellent and to be quite honest, still are.

But I’ve always been committed to sharing the latest and most advanced natural remedies with people who trust me. That’s why when I first tried this new structured silver and saw how it was made, I knew that I had to get it into the hands of as many people as possible.

So I immediately reached out to the inventors of this amazing silver liquid and we worked together to bring it to Activation customers. I’m happy to say that all of our hard work has finally paid off with a product that I call Perfect Silver.

Try This New & Advanced Silver Delivery System

I want to share the gift of silver with the world…

I truly believe it’s one of the best tools that nature has put at our disposal.

That’s why I’m inviting you to try a bottle of Perfect Silver today.

Advanced silver solutions like this could cost you a fortune. And for good reason — they are expensive to make and support the most important part of your health.

But Perfect Silver only costs roughly $1 a dose. It can help you support your skin, maintain a strong immune system, and rid your body of the bacteria that are holding you back.

All it takes is just a small amount per day to help you feel invincible. You can add it to juice, water or even take it straight (it has a very slight metallic taste that many don’t even notice).

Try it for 60 days and if you're not satisfied with your results, contact us for a full refund.

Order today and try it out for yourself. If you don’t notice a huge shift in the way you feel, just let us know you weren’t satisfied and we’ll make it right. It doesn’t matter if it’s next week or two months from now.

Backed By A 60 Day Money back Guarantee!

Again, you'll have 60 days to put Perfect Silver to the test. This is how strongly I believe in it.

After taking a daily dose of Perfect Silver for a full 60 days, or using it on problem areas of your skin, I promise you, you’ll understand why it’s so amazing.

You will feel refreshed and clean. You'll find that you're more confident in your immune system. You'll notice a new-found level of energy. Your skin will flourish. You'll feel more alive and comfortable in your own body.

It will be like you reclaimed the resilience and energy of your childhood.

So here's the deal:

If you hold up your end of the bargain – taking a daily dose for 60 days – and you don't feel that Perfect Silver is everything I've promised you…

I'll refund you the full price of any bottles you purchased. No hassle. No drama. I want this to be completely risk-free for you. You have absolutely everything to gain here and nothing to lose.

Just act quickly.

Silver solutions are hard to find right now due to the increase in demand. You’ll find many sold out across North America. If you would like a bottle of this miraculous new kind of liquid silver, then order below today.

“I switched to using this kind of silver the second I discovered It.” — Ian Clark

Made In The U.S.A.

Uses Distilled Water

Contains Pure NanoSilver

Quality Controlled

pH Balanced

Each Batch Is Tested

Great For Skin

Supports The Immune System

Safe For Daily Use

30 ppm Of Silver

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Enjoy ALL Of The Health Benefits Of Silver

Using This New PH Balanced Solution For Maximum Immune System Support







This Is An Extremely Powerful Way To Support Your Immune System Naturally.

Our bodies are vulnerable to so many invisible enemies. It seems that around every corner there is a nightmare of health problems waiting to happen. Our immune systems can easily be weakened. And sometimes the very things that we use to fight off illness can leave us even more vulnerable. Silver is a natural solution that never fails. Make sure you have a bottle in your home to maintain good health.

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