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Thank you  Ian,

I really like all your products. I have been using Oceans Alive for quite some time now and I’ve also tried some others too, Amaranth Oil, Magnesium.

They are awesome, thank you so much!

- Cathy

POSTED ON: Apr 14, 14:01

Please thank your president (Ian) and tell him how much I adore him and how he searches for such wonderful products. I am fascinated by his ability to find a person who has been able to provide him with pecans to make a very promising product. I can’t wait to try it and I think I will be ordering much more. I hope you develop a wonderful relationship wth the Pecan grower so we can keep this product going.

- Shirley N

POSTED ON: Apr 14, 13:59

I began using the Flax Seed Oil after watching “The Truth About Cancer, A Global Quest.” Then tried, Ease, Chia Seed, Oceans Alive & Black Cumin Oil. I was well pleased with all the products.
One month ago my husband had a minor surgery and also a stroke in the recovery room. As soon as he was allowed to return home he started taking the new 5 Seed Oil and Oceans Alive. He is making great progress in his recovery and now we are adding the Wild Pecan Oil to our daily routine. We love the taste and I also add it to my skin and hair!
Thank you so very much for these wonderful products, we much appreciate your diligence in providing a quality product.

- Jill B

POSTED ON: Apr 25, 10:08

So last night I decided, what they heck, and added all the oils I hadn’t started yet and today I increased the OA, black cumin, and 5 seed. I added the coriander, flax, Amarinth, and pecan. I put them in a strawberry lemonade juice and can’t taste them at all. The only ones I don’t have are the chia and panasilver (I will miss this supply since my bank account has to cancel my card since it was used by who knows who. Bummed about missing this one.) The chia is my next one to get. Hopefully the panasilver will be back soon and not a one time supply. So I have all my oils set up and have been keeping a journal of what I take and eat and when and how I feel. So far so good. Thanks everyone for your help and support and getting me this far and for adding and providing me with extra information, tips, etc.

- Alicia

POSTED ON: May 12, 12:47

I have been taking marine phytoplankton, magnesium spray and certain seed oils from this company for a year and a half. It is the ultimate in quality and costumer service. I called them today to tell them that when i evacuated from fort mac, last Tuesday i left behind all my products from their company. I rely on them daily for good health. The lady i spoke with spoke with the owners son and he graciously approved a variety of the products i take to be sent to me absolutely free. They are a Canadian company and back up their products 100%. Thank you.

- Dean

POSTED ON: May 12, 14:13

My husband and I are moving to a new home in a new area on May 26th. Moving can often mean getting into dust and having lots of stress, both of which can affect my immune system!!
So I made really sure that I stocked up on all of my products: OA, Black cumin seed oil, pecan oil, flaxseed oil, coriander seed oil and amaranth seed oil. Each of these were added to the mix because of their very specific effects on issues I have/have had in my body!!
At this point I’m not sure to which one to attribute each positive change as there are overlapping benefits from each!
In addition, my Panasilver arrives tomorrow!!
The Bottom Line: I’m healthy and calmly going about sorting and packing and I am totally grateful for Activation Products!!
As my husband laughingly says, “I’m a gratituder”!!!

- Ellie

POSTED ON: May 12, 15:41

I was just contacting your company to let you guys know that you are doing a great job. It show your company has nice compliments. Keep up the good work and have a wonderful year with more to come.

- Tricia

POSTED ON: Jun 23, 12:24

My 20 year old best friend (cat) is in the process of crossing over. He’s blind and can’t walk anymore but purrs a lot. The Phytoplankton and five oils have been great in helping him to have a pain free couple of years. I’m a bit emotional and stressed which is giving me panic attacks. Thank goodness for your products.

- Zantariou

POSTED ON: Jun 23, 12:28

These products are great!! The fact that their benefits are 100% extracted by your patented process and marketed is very important when compared to other routine preparations that lose the majority of their nutritive value in the use of heat or fillers in their processing. Keep up the good work with these amazing products!!

- Ron D

POSTED ON: Jun 23, 12:59

Thanks for the education. I feel your research is current and more advanced than most. I believe you are reliable and often quote your research. I trust your products to be of the highest quality.

- Rohit

POSTED ON: Jun 23, 13:00

Your customer service is the best I’ve ever used….you’re quick and on the ball! I am very impressed with you guys.

- Anon

POSTED ON: December 12, 2014, 10:52

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